Major Cause of Insecurity and Solutions in a Country

 Major Cause of Insecurity and Solutions in a Country 

Security is very critical to the functions of the state. The fundamental function of the state is the promotion of good life and the creation of political conditions that would enhance the welfare of the citizenry. The state cannot perform the first primary purpose unless maintenance of law and order is achieved.

Therefore, security is quite a vital facet of national security/development. It was for lack of security that the Hobesian state of nature rendered life brutish, nasty and short. The concept goes back to the cradle of nation-states themselves. Armies for domestic peace-keeping and maintaining national sovereignty have existed since the dawn of recorded history

Insecurity in the state is a major cause why the growth and development of the country are affected. Even when the country is blessed natural resources, getting a lasting solution to this problem is still a major concern to the government, investors and its citizens.

What then are the causes of insecurity? Several factors have been found as the causes of insecurity in the state. The major of the cause and solutions are discussed as follows:

1.       Corruption

Corrupt politicians have become a turn off for international investors. Most of politician’s works are taken up in responding to insecurity after it has taken place and they do not have the resources to intervene in the circumstances which lead to crimes being committed. The traditional approaches to crime prevention also do little to address the causes of crime. They assume that the high rate of insecurity is inevitable and that the public must endeavor to defend itself against it. Corruption has already become a part of life in the some countries.


It can only come when there is   selfless and committed leaders who will go the extra mile to effect change in different all facet of government in the state.  

2.       Unemployment

The overwhelming unemployment rate in the country is capable of causing panic. The issue is especially obvious when it comes to youths. According to the statistics, every tenth young citizen of the country is officially unemployed. Statistic provided that the unemployment rate in some underdeveloped country has risen to 23.1%. If we consider unemployment in causes. In addition, the recent turn down in the country’s economy is another cause. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been laid off, while new jobs are not created. It is evident that rapid growth in population is a significant cause of this threat.


In fighting the situation, it is the duty of the government at all level to create jobs as well as the citizens to create their own opportunities through entrepreneurship and also control birth rate.

3.       Decrepit judicial system

The feeble legal system causes insecurity. People feel insecure when criminals and terrorists go free. Many evil-minded people think that money can buy freedom in the country, and unfortunately, the corrupt system proves this line of thought. Rich people can buy their freedom in the country, which the poor masses do not feel secure about.


The judicial system in the country should be properly checked. Also Government at all level in the state should make sure a judge's decision and power is transparent.

4.       Terrorist threat

What are the types of insecurity state? Terrorism in the country is not a new problem. Boko Haram and Niger Delta Avengers as in case of Africa are two prominent terrorist organizations that cause the most damage to the country.


Countries should keep fighting with terrorists by empowering armies and make strong security agencies in the state.   


5.       Narcotics

Narcotic trafficking is one of the causes of insecurity in the state. Criminal groups are involved in the smuggling of illegal substances to Europe, Asia, South Africa, and North America and African. Nigerian gangs are one of the largest distributors of opium in the world.


Citizens should fight this criminal trafficking, which is not affecting just the country but the entire world. Government should initiate cooperation with other countries to fight criminals. Opening an international investigation on the matter, and creating groups responsible for this will help.

6.       A high influx of arms

Smugglers use porous coastal borders of the country to sell arms. The corruption and weak judicial systems only help smugglers to sell even more guns. They provide pistols, shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, grenades, and explosives used against the people and military forces.


Government should understand this situation and tries to find a solution. Still, it is a complex problem. The government may need to ask help from residents of affected areas to patrol the borders together.

7.       Slavery

The Walk Free Foundation of Global Slavery reports that about 875,500 citizens in the countries are trapped in human trafficking. For instance, women in the country can be tricked into migrating to other regions in the country. They hope to find good jobs, but, instead of promised jobs, they are forced to sell their bodies for money. Some of them are even sold to foreign brothels. The situation with human trafficking and forced labour in the country is horrible.


Security agencies in country should fight these crimes. Citizen should also  report cases of human trafficking or slavery to the relevance agencies for proper arrest and investigation of the situation. Do not be indifferent to this problem. People are born free and must live free.

8.       Criminal Circumstances

In some few years ago, people have been victims of robberies, which sometimes happen in daylight. Organized criminal gangs take over the streets of the country. People do not feel safe when walking on the roads. Corrupt government officials cannot provide help to fight with these criminals.

Solution:  Government should pay attention to this problem.

9.       Unlock Boundaries

The country has boundaries that are inadequately protected. Insurgents from other countries can infiltrate the country with no problem. This situation is especially dangerous in the state.


Government cannot provide enough troops to secure the Country boundaries. Porous coastal borders are the main cause of terrorism in the country. Government should also increase the number of troops that guard borders. It should also train people to protect their regions from insurgents.

10.     Imbalance in the State

Different parts of the countries have different speeds of growth and development. Due to this, the country's oil-rich regions feel disturbed when the Federal Government use their oil and does not develop their society (in the case of the state that operates federalism). People of these regions feel cheated because of that, they want to take justice into their hands. That is why they vandalize oil pipelines.


The Federal Government should deal with this problem, and a significant way is to balance the development of all part of the country.


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