Top Solutions to the Problems of Agriculture


Top Solutions to the Problems of Agriculture

The beginnings of agriculture reach far back into history. One of the oldest human activities, farming, developed long before the first written documents. However, the exact date of its origin is unknown.

Today, the agricultural sector is one of the most important in the country, employing about 70% of the labor force. But the sector suffers because of low productivity, and because of this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed a growing population.

We describe Top Major Problems of Agriculture. 

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Comprehensive Guide to the Solutions of Agricultural Problems 

Farming growth is one of the most talked-about issues as a major portion of our population is still engaged with the agricultural industry. The main economic objective of agricultural development is to contribute to increasing per capita.

Often their low level of education and lack of communication has resulted in a general lack of awareness regarding modern research and inventions in the agriculture sector.

Agriculture is generally characterized into:

1. Having Understanding about the type and strength of their farmland soil.

2. Having  right seeds

3. Harvesting at in right time

4. Advertising for good prize

5. Sowing in the right time

6. Water supply/monsoon

Any defect that occurs in any of these steps will be manipulated on the profit or crop yield. Farm production poses many challenges for farmers around the world.

To meet the needs of a growing world population, it is necessary to increase farm production. This is done sustainably and qualitatively to respond to the environmental and food safety requirements.

Climate changes are not only responsible for adverse weather conditions and also cause instability in farm commodity prices. 

Steps to deal with Agricultural Problems

1. Adopt and learn new technologies.

2. Depletion of natural resources due to widespread farming practices.

3. Disruptions in trade networks and fluctuations in global demand for products in agriculture.

4. High rates of food waste, which threaten to intensify food insecurity around the world.

5. Invest in farm productivity.

6. Manage with climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss.

7. Rising meet demand for more food of higher quality.

8. Satisfy consumers’ changing tastes and expectations.

9. Stay resilient against global economic factors 

10. Inspire young people to stay in rural regions

11. The looming food crisis. 

Below are the top solutions to the Problems of Agriculture:

1)  Provision of Adequate Education to Farmers

Efforts should be made to ensure that rural and urban dwellers get free or very affordable basic education. These will make it easier for them to learn about highly developed farming practices that improve efficiency. Also, continuous learning, via agriculture extension services,  and training seminars, is vital for farmers in the agricultural sector to ensure that they are currently deploying the best practices on their farms and agribusiness.

2) Provision Large Area of Land to Farmers 

Government should make it easier for farmers to access lands for starting and expanding their farms in a commercial purpose in order produces large qualities of farm product for the entire globe. 

Farmers who have proven their efficiency should be given lands to rent at reduced cost with the option of purchasing such lands at reduced costs over a period of time. 

Also individuals and organizations who have unused lands should partner with farmers who would farm their lands until such a time when the lands are ready for their original purposes.

Solutions to the Problems of Agriculture

3) Reducing  of the Cost Farmer Inputs to Farmers

Governments should reduce the costs of basic farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, herbicides etc. which farmers need and distribute to farmers. Provisions should be made to ensure that these inputs get to farmers directly without middlemen or brokers. 

If these limiting factors can be effectively tackled in the state, the prospect for economic recovery and poverty reduction will be greatly enhanced.

4) Encouragement of  the Gender and Age in Farming Sector

Both gender and age should be encouraged to participate in agricultural sector to enhance more production for commercial purpose in the state. This can be done via sensitization campaigns to encourage both rural and urban women to pursue agricultural ventures. 

Also, special grants and financial incentives should be directed to female agricultural enterprises in order to ensure that benefits from the skill and intelligence that women can contribute to the economy. Agriculture is not only for male but is for all.

5) Farmers should be Encourage to Join Co-operative Society

Farmers should come together to form more co-operative groups as this will make it easier and possible  for them to have access  to farming  input, training, equipment and capital. 

They need to take their farming operations to a higher level. Being part of a co-operative (mastermind group) will also opens farmers to learning farming practices from one another.

6) Provision of Fund to the Farmers

The average local farmers are facing the problem hardships, challenges of poverty and lack of fund. They, particularly have very little or no funds to expand their farm potentials. 

Agricultural funds really need to be made available for these farmers as this is still part of the most effective solutions to the nation's food and agricultural development. 

Another plus to funding is to provide these farmers with hybrid seeds and simple agricultural machines at subsidized rates.

7) Mechanization of Agriculture

Providing farmers with modern farm machines and simple farm equipments is another powerful solution to her problems of food and agriculture in the state. 

This is highly very important because the local farmers there are still, helplessly making use of only cutlass and hoe. 

Another Great Step toward mechanization of agriculture is to provide stable water and electricity supplies in the Farming Areas.

8) Improvement of Leaders in the State

In terms of solving agricultural problems, an honest-minded, patriotic and caring leadership is an utmost priority that can never do without. 

In fact, any real and lasting solution to the problems of food and agriculture can only be possible under an uncorrupt, patriotic and caring leadership. 

Situations where public funds are, shamelessly embezzled by government officials has always added more to the hardships, sufferings and grievances of the masses.

Just leave your comment below with us for more update of agricultural solutions that you know  it will help the entire nation.

Thank you for reading.

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