Personality Development: Physical Aspects


Personality Development: Physical Aspects

All of you have the experience of salespersons who sell various kinds of household product from door-to-door. Do you first look at the product or at the salesperson? If the person is presentable, then you may talk further. But if the person is not presentable, then you tend to make some excuse or the other for the person to go away. Similarly, in tourism related business, you have to first present your personality before you can even present your idea, services or products. Remember, that your customer sizes you up within the first forty-five seconds of meeting and you never get a second opportunity to make the first impression. The first impression is the best and lasting impression, and it is here that you have to score, but in doing so you cannot afford to overdo or show-off. It has to be in a natural way i.e. a part of your personality. You should always keep this in mind that the first impression given by an employee of a company/organization is also an impression about the organization. For example, a casual approach at the reception of a hotel may lead to the impression that services would not be good here.

So now, let us take a look at some of the physical aspects which will help you improve or develop your personality.


Personality Development in Male

Hair: Your hair should be short and well-trimmed, with a style that suits your face. Long hair is not appreciated. In order to groom your hair, massage your hair once a week with warm oil; shampoo and condition it every day. Avoid oiling your hair after the shampoo. Oil attracts dirt and grime and makes the hair look limp and unattractive.

2) Shave: To look fresh and tidy, you must shave every day. Take a great deal of care when you shave to avoid nicks and cuts. Washing your face with hot water prior to applying the shaving cream will help to soften the hair of the beard and make shaving easier. You could use an after-shave lotion to refreshing you and soothe the skin. Make sure that the fragrance of the after-shave is not too strong. If you keep a bard/or a moustache, keep it well trimmed.

3) Shirt: A pastel shade or a white shirt is preferred and it should be long sleeved. It must be well tailored to give you a good fit and should match your tie, trousers and jacket. Make sure that the shirt has all the buttons, including the collar and cuff buttons. Above all, the shirt should be clean and well-ironed.

4) Tie: The tie should be well knotted and should stay fit at the collar. It should not be allowed to dangle like a noose around the neck. Its design and colour should match your shirt, trousers, and jacket.

5) Trousers: It should be simple and comfortable to wear without any fancy trappings. It should match your shirt, tie and jacket. Make sure that that trouser is properly tailored, clean and well-ironed.

6) Jackets: It must complement your shirt, tie and trousers. It should be properly tailored, clean and well-ironed.

7) Socks: Wear socks that match your shoes and the rest of your attire. Make sure that you always wear socks and that you change them daily because they tend to stink.

8) Shoes: Your shoes may either be slip-ons or with laces. The design should be simple avoid fancy designs. The colour of your shoes should match and complement the rest of your attire. It is always preferable to wear shoes that have rubber or synthetic soles and heels in order to prevent unpleasant noises. Make sure that you clean and polish your shoes every day.

It may appear to you that we are suggesting that western attire is necessary in performing your duties. This is not so, it would be better if you wear the local clothes of the region in which you are working. Foreigners want to see the 'real' Nigeria in its entire local colour. So, do the domestic tourists while visiting another region. If you are catering to foreign/domestic tourists you must keep this factor in mind.

Of course, clothes are a matter of personal preference, and ultimately you should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and which project your personality well.


Personality Development in Female

There is always a temptation for women to be flashy because the travel and tourism business is also a show business. But you should remember that in your attire, elegance is the key to attraction.

1) Hair: If you have hair that is short or medium in length, brush it well so that it stays above your forehead and behind your ears. If your hair falls over your forehead, then you tend to constantly push your hair back. This can annoy your customers. If you have long hair, comb it into a neat bun. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair regularly. You may use an herbal conditioner like henna from time to time.

2) Make-up: It should be subtle so that it adds a charm to your face rather than give the impression that your face has been painted. Whatever you use, remember that your make-up should be in keeping with your face and personality, bringing forward the best features of your face in the most natural way.

3) Perfume: Just like make-up, if you wish to use perfume you must make sure that it is subtle and not over-powering. Therefore, avoid strong and heavy perfumes which may make your customers feel uncomfortable. You could use flowery fragrances made by well-known companies.

4) Clothes: If you are wearing a sari, floral design with small flowers or a stripped design with a matching blouse gives you an elegant appearance. The sleeves of your blouse should be about one inch above your elbows and the neckline should be sufficiently modest. When you drape your sari, it should stay in place with all its folds and creases. As an example, look at the air hostesses of Virgin Nigeria, you will observe how elegant they appear in this attire.

If you prefer a western style outfit, it is better to wear a business suit consisting of a skirt that reaches just below your knees, a matching short-sleeved plain or frilled blouse and a long sleeved jacket. Observe the uniform of the air hostesses of some of the reputed European airlines. Avoid western style dresses if you can do without them

5) Footwear: If you are wearing a sari skirt and blouse then choose or slippers with heels not higher than six inches. If you are wearing western outfit then wear skin-coloured stockings with matching closed shoes which have heels not higher than six inches. Wear footwear made of good leather.

6) Jewellery: Let the jewellery that you wear be simple and to the minimum. For earrings, wear studs rather than long rings that dangle from the ears. Wear a thin, simple chain around your neck if you like, and a maximum of two thin bangles. Wear tasteful and well-made rather than junky jewellery. If you wear ethnic jewellery, make sure that you are aware of the region to which it belongs, because customers could often ask you questions about it.

Several organizations may have their own uniform and you will have to follow the rules of dress specified by your organizations. For example, every airline has its own specific rules and code of conduct.


Hygiene, Habits and Fitness

In this section we deal with hygiene, habits and fitness.

i. Hygiene Personal care and hygiene are important to us as individuals. They enable us to stay clean, neat and tidy throughout the day. In the travel and tourism industry, it is also a discipline demanded by your employers and customers. Hence, you need to cultivate the following practices:

a. Have a bath daily, if necessary; even twice a day. Wash your hair at least twice a week. During your bath pay special attention to places like the ears, nose and neck where dirt can accumulate. Use a soap and/or shampoo that suit your skin and hair.

In international tourism it is not only important to be efficient in your job, but to continue to have a fresh and healthy odour throughout the day. In a hot country like Nigeria, it is perhaps advisable to use a lightly fragrant deodorant which may help you feel and smell fresh.

b. Trim the nails of your fingers regularly. If you use nail polish, then avoid gaudy colours and use pastel shades. Since your hands are on display all day long, see that your nail polish is not chipped and your hands are well manicured.

c. Wear a fresh set of clothes everyday especially under clothes. Make sure that your clothes are well tailed to give you a proper fit and comfort, are clean, well ironed and properly worn so that you look elegant.

d. As already mentioned, it is essential for men to shave every day.

If you would like to keep a moustache, then it should be properly trimmed. This requires time and effort which you should adjust accordingly.

ii. Habits: Our habits are a matter of personal concern to each person, yet they should not irritate or annoy our customers. Some of the common habits that many, people have are that of biting and cleaning dirty nails, pencil in your mouth, digging the nose, wiping perspiration, touching or scratching parts of the body-all in the presence of customers/clients. Be alert and conscious of these habits. If for any reason you must do it, then use the toilet for the purpose.

iii. Fitness: One of the important things we owe to ourselves which has a great effect on our personality development is to keep fit an slim. To achieve a desired degree of fitness we need to eat a healthy diet and to exercise regularly.

The work 'diet' has almost become synonymous with osingl weight. Strictly speaking it actually implies what one should eat to keep the body in perfect shape and fitness, but most of us immediately associate the word with eating programmes that are designed to shed weight. This is because excess body weight is probably the most common problem today.

Eating is dictated by hunger and appetite. Hunger is a basic urge that fulfils a physical need while appetite can make you eat even when you are not hungry. Appetite is stimulated by the smell and not by physical need. There are also many compulsive eaters who feel the urge to eat when they are emotionally tense or upset, or even bored. Overeating is a mean of compensating for their frustrations. So be aware of why and when you eat.

iv. A certain degree of calorie consciousness and healthy eating habits go a long way in maintaining your health and figure. Healthy eating calls for intelligent 'selection of foods and preparations that satisfy both hunger and the palate. Including fresh fruit and raw vegetables in your diet provide many of the nutrients required for your body. It would be advisable to include them in all your meals.

Another important way to achieve and maintain a good figure is to exercise regularly. This not only enables us to lose weight, but gives firmness and tone to the muscles which makes the figure proportionate. Regular exercise also improves the general health. It improves the efficiency of the respiratory system and the heart; it increases energy and stamina, improves sleep and relieves mental tension. So devote at least half-an-hour a day to either a regular routine of exercises (it could be yoga) or walking; jogging, running, skipping, cycling or swimming.

Adequate sleep (6 to 8 hours) is very important to keep fit. The tourism and hotel business, as you know, is a "show business" where one is often hectically socializing. However, a disciplined life style will keep you fit and energetic for your job.

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