The Emeritus Professors in University of Ibadan


The Emeritus Professors in University of Ibadan

The title of Emeritus Professor is usually conferred on professors that demonstrated an outstanding level of distinction in teaching, proven extensive research, and/or service during their span at a university. Other criteria may include but are not limited to longevity as a professor, occupation of a demonstrable leadership role during the duration of service at the university; manifestation of interest in postgraduate work in terms of supervision of Ph.D. students; proven integrity; presentation of valedictory lecture; and absence of indictment of misconduct during employment with the university.

The Emeritus Professors in University of Ibadan 

1. Prof. V.A Oyenuga

2. Prof. P.P.S. Nylander

3. Prof. T.O. Ogunlesi

4. Prof. E.A Yoloye

5. Prof. J.P.Ade Ajayi

6. Prof. T.A Bamgbose

7. Prof. T.N. Tamuno

8. Prof. O. Awe

9. Prof. T.P. Solanke

10. Prof. A.V. Antia

11. Prof. 0.0. Akinkugbe

12. Prof. L.A Banjo

13. Prof. S.K. Adeyoju

14. Prof. L.A. Salako

15. Prof. J.A. Akinpelu

16. Prof. R.K. Udo

17. Prof. E. O. Akande

18. Prof. M. O. Olatawura

19. Prof. A. Faniran

20. Prof. O.U.U. Okali

21. Prof. O. Olaniyan-Taylor

22. Prof. M.O. Ojo

23. Prof. Adelola Adeloye

24. Prof. J.C. Igbeka

25. Prof. M.O. Filani

26. Prof. A.A. Olaniyi

27. Prof. J.I. Okogun

28. Prof. M.A. Omolewa

29. Prof. T.A. Oyejide

30. Prof. Femi Osofisan

Dept. of Animal Science (1980)

Dept. of Obs. & Gynae. (1986) (Deceased)

Dept. of Medicine (1986)

Institute of Education (1990)

Dept. of History (1990)

Dept. of Ling. Afr. Languages (1994)

Inst. of African Studies (1994)

Dept. of Physics (1994)

Dept. of Surgery (1995) (Deceased 2002)

Dept. of Paediatrics I 995)(Deceased)

Dept. of Medicine (1995)

Dept. of English (1997)

Dept. of Forest Res. Management (1997)

Dept. of Pharmacology &Therapeutics

Dept. of Adult Education

Dept. of Geography (2004)

Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (2004)

Dept. of Psychiatry (2004)

Dept. of Geography (2004)

Dept. of Forestry Resources Management (2004)

Dept. of Chemical Pathology (2004)

Dept. of Vet. Microbiology/Parasitology (2004)

Dept. of Surgery (2011)

Dept. of Agric. & Environmental Engineering (2011)

Dept. of Geography (2011)

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2011)

Faculty of Science (2013)

Faculty of Education (2013)

Faculty of the Social Sciences (2013)

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