List of Glo Offices in Lagos and Contact Address


List of Glo Offices in Lagos and Contact Address

Globacom Limited is one of the leading telecommunication and service Provider Company in Nigeria that was founded in the late ’90s. In this post, you will get the full list of Glo offices In Nigeria. Glo is an indigenous, autonomous, independent, and reputable network provider-owned, runner, and controlled privately by Mike Adenuga a wealthy and renowned Nigerian personality.


List of Glo Offices in Lagos

List of Glo Offices in Lagos

As Glo headquarters is located in Lagos, it also has most of its branches in Lagos State, Nigeria. However, the list includes:


1. Glo Office – Oluwole Branch

§  Address: Eshops A2-A5, Oluwole Urban Mall Nnamdi Azikiwe/Martins Street Lagos Island

§  email: [email protected]


2. Glo office – Ikeja City Mall Branch

§  Address: Shops 84, Ikeja City Mall, beside Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja.

§  email address: [email protected]


3. Glo Office – Victoria Island

§  Address: 21 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island

§  email: [email protected]


4. Glo office – Apapa Branch

§  Address: 7 Mike Adenuga Road (former Wharf Road)

§  email: [email protected]


5. Glo office – Mushin Branch

§  Address: 121 Agege Motor Road, Idi-Oro, Mushin

§  Email address: [email protected]


6. Glo office – Surulere Branch

§  Address: 41, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere

§  Email: [email protected]


7. Glo office – Lekki Branch

§  Address: Conoil Filling Station, Lagos-Epe Expressway Lekki

§  Email: [email protected]


8. Glo Office – Okota Branch

§  Address: 101 Okota Road, Beside Tantalizers

§  email address: [email protected]


9. Glo office – Palms Branch

§  Address: Shop 44, Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki

§  Email: [email protected]


10. Glo office – Ikeja Branch

§  Address: 2, Opebi Road, Ikeja

§  Email: [email protected]


11. Glo office – Ajegunle Branch

§  Address: 66 Mobil Road, Ajegunle, Lagos State

§  email: [email protected]


12. Glo office – Ketu Branch

§  Address: 131/133 Demurin Street, Ketu Alapere

§  email address: [email protected]


13. Glo office – Ajao Estate Branch

§  Address: 7 Airport Road, Ajao Estate

§  email address: [email protected]


14. Glo office – Ikorodu Branch

§  Address: 15 Lagos Road, Ikorodu

§  email address: [email protected]


15. Glo Office – Victoria Island Branch

§  Address: Mini Shop 53, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island

§  email: [email protected]


16. Glo office – Cele Branch

§  Address: Conoil Mega Station, along Apapa Oshodi Expressway, Cele

§  email: [email protected]


17. Glo office – Seme Border Branch

§  Address: Conoil Filling Station, Seme Border

§  email: [email protected]


18. Glo office – Fadeyi Branch

§  96 Ikorodu Road, ETB Building, Fadeyi.

§  email: [email protected]


19. Glo office – Yaba Branch

§  Address: 280 Herbert Macaulay, Yaba

§  Email address: [email protected]


20. Glo office – M.M Airport Branch

§  Address: Departure Lounge, Muritala Mohammed Airport 2, Ikeja

§  email address: [email protected]


21. Glo office – LASU Branch

§  Address: Conoil Filling Station(LASU), Badagry Expressway

§  Email: [email protected]



This telecommunication network happens to have the highest number of active users or customers after MTN networks who are number one. Glo has the cheapest and affordable data and tariff for the call in the country. Glo’s has their advertising sayings as “rule your world” or “world of possibilities” and “unlimited”. Their Customer Care Line is always available for any direction whatsoever and gives way out to any shortcomings from the network or sim

§  Through a call is “121” or “08050020121” from any other phone.

§  Glo Cheapest Data Plans – #1000 for 2gb, #2000 for 6gb, #2500 for 10gb

§  Glo’s official website:


Glo Offices In Lagos


Why Glo Network?

Before Glo’s startup in Nigeria, a South Africa-based network which is MTN was the leading telecommunication in Nigeria. There was no competition. The charges rate, on every tariff, calls, messages, and other related services provided by this company led to the tilting of one of the prominent and market come business moguls and at the same time, an entrepreneur who steps up the game by bringing about Glo telecommunication whose charges and tariff are very low and affordable by all and sundry. This sprung up a competition between the two telecommunication all the main goal now is to get more customers with good service and that is how the game started even up till date.


Still On List of Glo Offices in Lagos


Glo Endorsement

One of Glo’s of his goal is branding their business and bringing in more patronizes to their service. They endorse various entertainers ranging from Hollywood actors and actresses to a hip-hop artist. Basket mouth is one of the comedians, Olamide hip-hop artists, and many more have been endorsed and because they have many followers increase their patronizers.



The only limitations to this network are that their coverage is limited, not everywhere in the country has been successfully covering. Also, there is fluctuation in the time of their internet services, even though they have the cheapest data services with the largest data value in Nigeria, but there is inconsistency in bandwidth and strength of their internet signals. Even though there is every pointer that they improve on this service on a daily basis and some area has been covered but not all areas especially there are still issues with some rural area in Nigeria. The area where we have the strongest signal of this service is Lagos. In Lagos almost, every angle and street were covered and with a very strong internet signal.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the best networks in Nigeria and one of the networks that still give the race to other network providers, and what competition brings is fast development.


What is Telecommunication?

The means of communication by transmitting sounds, electromagnetic, signals, words, images, writings of any type through optical, radio, and cable systems is recognized as Telecommunication. Telecommunication also involves technological usage as communication participants share information among them. Communication information can be fairly be transferred through radiation of electromagnetic waves or visibly through wires or cables as in the electricity form. Transmission path as such is usually categorized diverse channels of communication which could take up the task for multiplex transmission advantage.

In Conclusion on List of Glo Offices in Lagos and Contacts Address, over the years, Globacom has been the only Nigerian Telecommunication company that has been consistent and successful and can draw up the competition with other non-Nigerian communication and Telecommunication network services. GLO has in countless ways contributed to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and has in one way or the other help in reducing the unemployment rate in Nigeria. Accolades to Globacom company have it is not relenting and by extending its services to other African countries.

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