Nigerian States That Pays NYSC Youth Corpers (2023)


Nigerian States That Pays NYSC Youth Corpers (2023)

Are you looking for the states that pay corpers state allowance? This post discusses the best states that pay NYSC allowance you should consider while selecting states for NYSC posting.

Then this article outlines the ideal states that provide NYSC allowances that you should think about while choosing a state for your NYSC service.

There always comes that time when the just-graduated will have to fill in the four states they’d prefer to spend their NYSC service year. Most times, you’ll have to choose the states based on the geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

If this is your turn to serve your fatherland, without a doubt, security should be the first criteria you consider, after that distance to your home state, Job opportunities, Cost of living, and other relevant factors, amongst which are states that pay NYSC allowance.

Everyone utilizes a little extra allowance in addition to their allowance for NYSC from the federal government.

When it comes to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), there are always the best states to do NYSC service.


List of Nigerian States that pay NYSC Youth Corps Members (2023)


List of Nigerian States that pay NYSC Youth Corps Members (2022)

Lagos State

Lagos State, Nigeria’s trading hub is at the top of the list of governments that provide state allowance to corpers. Lagos state is the best place in Nigeria for NYSC for most corps members, owing to the presence of major international firms in Lagos.

Unfortunately, it is very competitive, and being sent to Lagos is more by chance than choice. But one thing is certain: if you volunteer for youth service in Lagos State, you will receive a stipend. The Lagos state government pays ₦10,000 per month to corps members in ministries, whereas ₦5,000 is given to corps members in local government offices. During their primary duty in Lagos, a Corp member receives an average of ₦30,000 per month.

Youth Corpers can also take advantage of a variety of options available in the state. Furthermore, the state of Lagos gives this allowance to the first 100 lucky corps members who register for the NYSC scheme, i.e. ₦15,000 per month to some lucky corps members serving in public schools and ₦10,000 per month to those serving in the state secretariat.

Even so, in order to be considered for this promotion, you must be one of the 1st 100 fortunate corpers. As soon as you receive your PPA letter, hurry to Alausa Secretariat, Ministry of Special Duties, to get your number, as it is a limited number of slots available.


Anambra State

According to investigation made by reputable sources, Anambra State is the highest paying state in Nigeria, aside Lagos. The South­eastern state pays corpers serving in public offices a monthly salary of ₦8,500, minus the usual ₦19,800 reimbursed by the Federal government.


Akwa Ibom State

This is one state in Nigeria that is a major destination for corps members.

If you serve in the state, you will understand why and definitely fall in love with the state. For a while, the state has been paying an additional Akwa Ibom State NYSC stipend to corps members on the day they’re to pass out from the camp.

According to the government, it’s to help them get to their various PPAs before their service year officially begins. Akwa Ibom is as safe as a safe house. Also, feeding is cheap in all parts of Akwa Ibom.

Transportation cost is also affordable, housing cost is reasonable, and the lifestyle is great.

If you’re asking yourself, “How much does Akwa Ibom pay corpers?” your answer is here.

The state government allowance for corpers in Akwa Ibom is ₦5,000 monthly flat rate.

However, some professional courses receive higher Akwa Ibom State NYSC allowance than others.

There are also various companies that pay corpers in Akwa Ibom State, and they pay them well.

Being one of the oil-producing states and located in the Niger Delta Area, Akwa Ibom is ideal for persons who studied courses related to the petroleum industry.

Clearly, they aren’t wrong when they claim to be the most developed state in Nigeria after Abuja and Lagos. If you’re considering serving in “AK,” you won’t regret it. You’ll surely enjoy the NYSC allowance in Akwa Ibom State.

How much does Akwa Ibom pay nurses corpers? Akwa Ibom State pays NYSC nurses in the state hospitals N60,000 while nurse corpers at Uniuyo Teaching Hospital also receive N60,000 monthly.


Jigawa State

Jigawa gives ₦5,000 Naira per month to all youth Corpers and ₦1,000 bimonthly to non­-medical Corpers, for so many individuals who are unaware. Doctors, on the other hand, are paid ₦53,000 biweekly by the state (Medical and Veterinary) Apart from doctors, all other health employees are paid ₦26,500 biweekly.


Delta State

Based on our study, we’ve established and can affirm that Delta state pays ₦5,000 per month to corpers who work in government establishments.


Zamfara State

Zamfara state pays all corpers a monthly stipend of ₦5,000. This is one of the highest amounts in the country.


Nasarawa State

This state now makes a monthly table payment of ₦5,000. This amount is paid to all of their youth corpers.


Bayelsa State

Bayelsa state only gives ₦3,000 per month to individuals in town and 5,000 naira per monthly to corpers whose PPA is near water.


Osun State

Except for the standard ₦19,800 Federal government allawee, this state provides all corpers a monthly stipend of ₦5,000. Every four months, they are given ₦20,000. It was in February of this year that they last got such a stipend.


Katsina State

Also in the list of Nigerian states that pays youth corpers is Katsina State. The state of Katsina offers corpers a monthly salary of four thousand Naira (₦4,000).


Oyo State

Oyo state is also in the list of states that pays their NYSC youth corpers. This state pays a monthly salary of four thousand Naira (₦4,000) in a very consistent manner.


Sokoto State

Sokoto government pays three thousand, seven hundred and fifty naira (₦3,750) per month to corpers working in government establishments, but you’ll only be entitled to get it at the close of your duty year. Your account will be credited with a total of ₦45,000.


Enugu State

Enugu State Government is paying corpers in the town (Enugu North, Enugu East, Enugu South) just ₦1,000 per month, whereas those working in the localities get paid ₦3,500 each month (villages).

Kebbi State

Kebbi State pays NYSC youth corpers who work with the state’s establishments. Corpers working in state government owned establishments receive a monthly stipend of ₦2,000 in this state.


Taraba State

Taraba state also makes the list as they compensate their service members. This state reimburses corpers working in government establishments only ₦6,000 for every month. They pick just several NYSC corps members working in government establishments in their state and compensate them. This was put in place in December 2018, and the state government has yet to pay.


Adamawa State

The state of Adamawa compensates NYSC corps members who are posted to their state during the POP with a monetary reward of ₦20,000.


Ebonyi State

The Ebonyi state government only paid NYSC corps members sent to their state ₦9,757. This reimbursement was just for a few months, beginning in October 2018 and ending in February 2019. They haven’t paid a single corper since then.


Abuja Federal Capital Territory

Despite the fact that Abuja is the nation’s capital, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria does not offer any allowances to corps members. Nevertheless, it is so much simpler to make money as a corper in Abuja, because there are many large corporations where you can serve, and those large organizations offer large allowances to corps members who serve there.


Conclusion on Top States That Pay Corpers State Allowance

Conclusively, it’s worthy to note that this 2022 updated list of states that pays corpers and the amount only covers corps members serving in government establishments.

Note that this list is always changing with each new batch because some states discontinue payments while others start paying.

Always check back for updates.

Corpers serving in private institutions are paid according to the private institution’s salary structure for corpers.

All these are, of course, besides the normal NYSC allowance from the federal government.

Also, we want to note here that every state is good in its unique way.

No matter where you are posted, you can still make the best out of the state.

Do you have an experience you wish to share? You can use the comment section.

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