What is the Meaning of NYSC in Nigeria?

What is the Meaning of NYSC in Nigeria?

NYSC stands for Nigeria Youth Service Corps

Why Nigerians should serve in this type of programme?

What is hidden there? It’s one of the most ambitious projects of the Nigerian government. The main task of the organization is to involve Nigerian youth in the development of the country.

What is the National Youth Service Corps?

What is the National Youth Service Corps?

The NYSC scheme was actually created in the desire to reconstruct Nigeria after the civil war. The unfortunate incidents in our past helped Nigeria to realize that creating patriotic corps is necessary for our survival and unity. The national corps were created under the decree N 24 of 22nd May 1973.

The NYSC was created under the view of developing common ties between various states of Nigeria. Therefore, it can create the national unity that is able to withstand any problems.

Nigerian youth is provided to be not just in service of something, but in providing their ideas to solve the problems with poverty, under development, shortage of skill power, problems with infrastructure and facilities. Moreover, uneven distribution is also a large problem which needs to be solved in our country immediately.

Nigeria has a lot of problems which draws us back from developed countries. For instance, communication system, healthcare services, water and sewage facilities. You can find almost intractable problems that came to us after the civil war.

Therefore, when the organization was established it had the following goals:

1. The history of National Youth Service Corps started from the need for unity. Therefore, the first task to be set upon the NYSC is to support the unity and self-reliance of the nation.

2. Help to create a great economy that can be bestowed upon the nation to support an honorable way of life.

3. The Youth should also work to create bright opportunities for our people and cope with being citizens of this country. Create the future leaders of the country.

4. Nigeria had to go through different changes in leadership, and not all leaders were kind to the people. The rapid social and economic developments of our country require strong leaders who can cope with everything and even with the burden of power on their shoulders. The leadership which is motivated to achieve the common goal is the best one that can be presented in the modern world.

5. The future of our country depends on the youth. Therefore, the National Youth Service Corps is the future of Nigeria as it provides the future leaders of this country. The Nigerian Youth acknowledge this fact, and they try to be the best amongst their ranks to preserve the status of proud citizens of Nigeria.

6. A lot of people may think that leaders are born and can’t be made. The meaning of NYSC provides totally different information. All the leaders can be trained, nurtured and cultivated. The idea is to create leaders who can work in the best interest of the people and not themselves.

7. The universities and other higher institutions are expected to train future leaders also. Therefore, they are created to provide and share knowledge with these leaders. That’s how they can become good citizens of our country and serve to protect.

8. It’s needed to look beyond the immediate present. Therefore, it’s necessary to create new ways and techniques for creating the future leaders. It’s impossible to create a person without any kind of guidance on how to do that. That’s why the National Youth Service Corps was created to serve our country. It was repealed and replaced in 16th of June 1993. It was ordered according to the decree 51.

9. The purpose of the organization is to involve the Nigerian Youth into the life of the country. The service to Nigeria is not the only idea, it’s the spirit which can be involved in our social and cultural background. We are all very different, but we love Nigeria and want only the best for it!


What are the main objectives of NYSC?

What are the main objectives of NYSC?

First of all, it’s to create the patriotic environment that can overcome any differences between the states and tribes of Nigeria; it’s necessary to raise the moral tone of Nigerian Youth that can be given to them by the opportunity of learning new cultures within their own lands.

To help Nigerian Youth to acquire the spirit of self-reliance by encouraging them to develop skills that they will definitely need in their future career. It’s also necessary to develop the common ties between all Nigerians and remove any prejudice between tribes. It’s also necessary to create the atmosphere of cooperation. Therefore, all Nigerians in the corps present their tribes and present only the best features of their nation.

Nigerian Youth are presented in the camps to present all types of tolerance, like by religious, nationality, the color of the skin and so on. Therefore, it will only build cooperation and unity among the youth.

Therefore, the National Youth Service Corps is created to serve only in the best interests of Nigeria. It’s an honor to be part of this organization and represent your state to work for the better future of all Nigerians!

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