First Aid Box and Contents (Kits)


First Aid Box and Contents (Kits)
In many cases of emergencies, what is not done is just as important to the victim as what is done. The term emergency may really suggest speed in action; however a judicious delay may even be better than a wrong or unnecessary urgency and perhaps doing the wrong thing Always, ONE IS WARNED against what he should not do.

In emergency, ---first thing---first. That is, one is expected to order his priority. Sick or injured persons do not carry label indicating what their problems is or are. 

In Emergency situation, the first step is diagnoses of the situation or occurrence and the condition of the victim is best. This will not only help your ability to prioritize but also to help you know the whole areas of needs.

In case of accident; don’t be in a haste to move victim from the scene, except to avoid another accident remove victim from further danger of incoming traffic or fire.

In this article consists of Carriers: - boxes, or bags etc. and Content (kits): Materials or equipment and Small drugs The carriers or first aid boxes are continently made, handy and just enough to help transport first kits or contents In the developed world, every vehicle or transport, on air, sea, road, including, motor-cycles and even bicycles are made with a carriers, of first aid kits.

This article you will be able to Define and explain the key terms correctly, List most of the kits needed for certain emergency care or first aid administration, Outline the common usage of the kits and Mention the small medicine needed for first aid administration.

The kits and contents to be used for the injured athletes will include the followings:

First Aid Box and Contents (Kits)

a.     1.    Triangular bandages

b.     2.     Roller

c.     3.     Type bandages

d.     4.     Dressing/quake pads

e.     5.     Adhesive tape of Elastic plaster

f.      6.     Bandage sheets

e.    7.     Eye protectors

h.     8.     Stick for tourniquet

i.      9.     Blanket

j.      10.    Cold spray or cold compress

k.     11.    Scissors

.       12.  Splinter forceps

m.    13.  Wire or thin board splints

n.     14.    Sterile gauze in square packages

o.      15.    Absorbent cotton, sterility


Drugs and Small Medicine to be carried in the First Aid Kits will include:

1.   Some approved variety of burn ointment.

2.    Small bottle of aromatic spirits of ammonia

3.   Small bottles of antiseptic solution

4.    Alum, powdered

5.    Ammoniated mercury ointment

6.    Antiseptic bottle

7.   Aspirin

8.   Boric acid crystals (label as poison)

9.    Hot water bottle etc.

10.  G V, Iodine etc.


Usage of some Drugs and Small Medication Note that, sports accidents or injuries may go beyond the playground to include:

1.       Camping experience, injuries

2.       Aquatic sports accidents

3.       Roads transport accidents

4.       Air travels etc.

First aid box kits to be carried may have to also include all emergency kits needed. So as to accommodate the above off playground accidental or illness conditions.


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Conclusion on First Aid Box and Contents (Kits)

Having successfully responded well to your self-assessment test. It is assumed that you have attended good understanding. The trainer needs to be very resourceful as he prepares his first aid kits for outing. It is impossible for one to say you can over prepare with your first aid kits.

You only need to consider the following:

1. The level of development you are dealing with

2. The sport is also considered etc.

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