What are some of the factors which predispose an athlete to injury?


What are some of the factors which predispose an athlete to injury?

An athlete may be prone to injuries because he is predisposed by certain natural or acquired conditions, the difference is briefly discussed in this post. The discussion looked into the structure of the sport or game, nature and what is required to execute such sport or game.

By the end of this article, you will be able to define and explain the key terms, list or name the different factors that may predispose an athlete to injuries, discuss the different factors, Mention the kind of sports involve, kind of injuries likely to occur and State the body articulation processed types.


Predisposition Factors

Injuries are accidental unforeseen, they are also inevitable, they occur whenever they have to occur, but certain factors may predispose an athlete to athletic or sports injuries and this factor include;


Genetic/Congenital Factors

What are some of the factors which predispose an athlete to injury?

Some inherited and acquired conditions may predispose an individual to athletic injuries. This may include; weak muscles tone, a hole in the heart, sickle-cell anemia, type 1 diabetes etc. These all have the potential of excluding or exposing someone with the chances of injuries in sports.


Anatomical Conditions

Some kind of body anatomy structure may predispose an athlete to athletic injuries. Such may include; Kyphosis, Lordosis which may pressure the heart for normal functions. Other examples include an athlete with Knock-Knees, Flat-Foot, and Big Toes etc. Athletes with such conditions may be prone to injuries in their chosen sports or may not be allowed in the sports of their choice.


Certain Abnormalities

Some defective agent’s e.g environmental equipment and mechanism may also predispose an athlete to athletic injuries. The consideration may also include the following body ‘Somato type, dehydration, Humidity, etc.


Nature of Some Sports

The natural way some sports are structured may also predispose the athlete to sports injuries.

Sports like Boxing, Kick-boxing, Wrestling including all Combat Sports.

The list continues to include, soccer and other contact sports. Athlete in these sports are always prone to sports injuries.

Musculo – Tendinous Injuries are responsible for a significant problem of injuries sustained by athletes and participant in recreational activities.

Musculo – Tendinous Injuries have a high incidence of recurrence. Almost half of all injuries in certain sports are Musculo – Tendinous in nature, and the majority of Musculo – Tendinous Injuries are acute muscle strain or pull. Muscle strain is a partial or complete tear of the Musculo – Tendon Unit.

Strain do not only result in significant loss of time from sports and other daily activities, but are also a frequent source of pain and impaired performance following return to competition too early, especially in sports demanding great power and speed (Garret, 2003). Epidemiology Studies have documented frequency and disabling potentials of injuries in many sports.


Conclusion on the factors which predispose an athlete to injury

Having successfully done the self-assessment test and completed it, it is assumed that you have learnt all information’s in the article.

As someone working with athletes, working to ensure fitness, it is important for you to be able to recognize the different natural injuries distinguishing between levels of types and severity. So as you can apply appropriate first aid to help your students’ athletes.

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