What is the most common injury in the lower extremity?


What is the most common injury in the lower extremity?

There are different causes of athletic injuries, these injuries also happen all around the body. As the term mechanical implies, the injuries are caused generally by forces from a blow, fall, and twist or otherwise, these forces are physical or mechanical to cause tear, inflammation, sprain, strain, fracture, and dislocation etc of the extremities.

In this article, you will be able to define and explain the key terms, mention common areas involve in Athletic, State the different structures affected, Discuss their symptoms and treatment.


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Most common injury in the lower extremity


1. The Pelvic and Thigh

This is a ball and socket kind of joint formed by the articulation of the ball protrusion on the proximal medical femur, with deep bony socket the acetabulum in the pelvic bone.

Fortified by the acetabulum ligaments, tensions and muscles, the joint allows abduction, flexion, extension, medical rotation, and lateral rotation and lateral rotation of the femur.

Sources of injuries of the pelvic joint include, contact sports, sports that involve jumps and landing from heights. This can cause the rupturing of the ball head on the end of the femur. Also, injuries of dislocation and subluxation could happen to this joint. Contusions injuries especially to the muscles and tendons, causing strain at the joint.


2. The Knee Joint

Articulated by the Femur and Tibia, and Fibular bones. Supported with the crucial medical and collateral ligaments and Menicus. The tenders, increase stability to the joint as the joint seems the most unstable and secure joints in the human body.

Sources or injuries to this joint include all sports individual and team, contact and non-contact sports. The mechanisms of injuries to this joint include the rupturing of the structures that secure and bring stability to the knee.

The Knee joint permit only flexion and extension any act of hyperextension could bring a severe consequences. Forces administered downward by a fall, hit upward to the sides of the knee joint, could also lead to a serious injury.

The injuries to this joint include; fracture or crack, dislocation, subluxation, sprains and strains of the bony, ligaments, contused etc to the structures of the joint.


3. Injuries to the Ankle Joint

Formed by the Tibia and Fibula on the Talus joint, also, the metatarsus and phalanges joints. The joint mostly permit flexion and extension.

Injuries like dislocation and subluxation, fracture, strain and sprains are common to this joint. The joint is prone to injuries as it is somehow carrying the whole body weight, hence, any slight imbalance, could result to any of the injury already mentioned.

Sports like, soccer, basketball, handball, track and field and in fact all sports contribute injuries to this joint.


Conclusion on what is the most common injury in the lower extremity?

It is assumed that, you have learnt the information’s in this article. The Pelvis and Lower Extremities provide good support and mobility to the body as a whole because of the size of the bones and muscles to the pelvis and hip. Sports related fractures to the Pelvis, and hip areas are not as common as they are in other parts of the body. Such injuries do occur, however and when they do excessive internal and external bleeding is a life-threatening possibility.

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