Causes and Prevention of Traffic/Auto-Mobile/Vehicle Accidents


Causes and Prevention of  Traffic/Auto-Mobile/Vehicle Accidents

The invention of auto-Mobile/Motor Vehicle like many other technological inventions of man has been both a blessing and a curse. It has increased man mobility on land a thousand fold just as it takes a thousand fold of lives every year through accidents.

Traffic/Automobile/Vehicle accidents are accidents that occur on the road, seas, or in the air but, the most common are road accidents.

Road traffic injuries are among the leading causes of death in the world. Traffic accidents are accidents that involve vehicles with human beings on the road. These types of accidents occur quite often on our major roads leaving behind great fatalities like permanent disabilities, amputation and death.

The implication of this is that vehicle or motorcycle accidents have caused misery and untimely death to its victims.

Most traffic accidents may not occur if due diligence is paid to vehicle maintenance, avoid the use of alcohol or other drugs while driving, not driving during bad weather, obeying driving rules and regulations and being a defensive driver (i.e. driving well and be proactive in keeping the margin of safety away from other drivers or always think ahead and responding appropriately to the bad driving behavior of others drivers.


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Causes of Traffic/Auto-Mobile/Vehicle Accidents

The causes of traffic accidents are very many some of them are:

1. Collision with pedestrians and other vehicle(s).

2. Collision with railway train at a railway crossing.

3. Collision with objects, trees, buildings or animals.

4. Self or lone accidents caused by mechanical failures.

5. Poor judgment and reaction time.


Human factors that causes Traffic/Auto-Mobile/Vehicle Accidents are:

i. Over speeding above speed regulations.

ii. Fatigue or tiredness.

iii. Drunkenness.

iv. Ignorance of traffic laws.

v. Neglect of road signs, symbols and warnings.

vi. Emotional disturbance or instability.

vii. Wrong or bad parking.


Mechanical/Structural factors causes of Traffic/Auto-Mobile/Vehicle Accidents are:

i. Punctured tyres at high speed.

ii. Break failures.

iii. Poor state or condition of the vehicles involved.

iv. Non-functioning wipers during the rainy season.

v. Poor rear lights for adequate caution.

vi. Faulty engine, among others.

Other causes of traffic accidents are:

1. Bad roads and poor maintenance of existing ones.

2. Issuing of driver's license to unqualified people.

3. Using a hand-held or hands-free devices while driving.

4. Poor enforcement of speed limits.

5. Poor education on safe driving practices e.g. wearing of safety belts by both the driver and the passengers, wearing of crash helmets and proper apparel when riding on a motorcycle.

6. Drinking of alcohol and/or use of drugs when driving especially the commercial drivers.

7. Age (either too young or too old).


Prevention of Traffic/Auto-Mobile/Vehicle Accidents

To prevent traffic/Auto-mobile/vehicle accidents, the following measures are essential:

1.  Safety education to the drivers and other road users

2.  Prevent sleepiness while driving by taking regular rest (break for at least 15 minutes every two hours).

3.  If you need to drive, do not drink alcohol. Avoid driving when under the influence of medicines.

4.  Do not drive under the influence of drugs.

5.  Both the driver and all the passengers should use appropriate seat belts or child restraints.

6.  Watch speed/speedometer when driving.

7.  Ensure road worthiness of vehicle all the time.

8.  Road signs should be well made with reflective materials and be Good road maintenance culture should be maintained.

9.  Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you.

10.  Avoid arguments, conversations or distractions while driving.

11.  Do not use hands-free or hand-held mobile phones while driving.

12. Broken-down vehicles should be moved off the road if possible.

13.  Speed limiter should be installed in all vehicles.

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