Causes and Prevention of Workplace/Industrial/Workshop Accident


Causes and Prevention of Workplace/Industrial/Workshop Accident

Accidents that occur in offices, farms, industries or schools are classified as workplace, industrial and workshop accidents. Accidents in this group usually occur once in a while, not frequently as other accidents.  

But workplace accidents could prove very fatal ranging from bruises, disabilities and even death. Accidents in this group include electrical shock, chemical burns, fire and burns, gas poisoning, collapsed building, etc.

The reasons for the low incidence of accidents in the workplace are due to safety measures put in place, organized workshops and clinics for the employees reduce accidents to the barest minimal and poor reporting system. Workplace accidents affect both employers and employees.

However, among all workplaces, accidents occur more in industrial settings.

It is on record that most of these accidents do not get into the news because the management of such a workplace suppresses such information probably for economic interests.

Workers too fail to report such incidents for fear of losing their jobs. The truth of the matter is that reliable data are not available in developing countries.


Causes of Workplace/Industrial/Workshop Accident

Causes and Prevention of Workplace/Industrial/Workshop Accident

Causes of workplace/Industrial/Workshop Accident may include but are not limited to the following factors:

1.  Inadequate instruction to employees.

2.  Non-removal of hazards related objects.

3.  Poor use of mechanical and laboratory safeguards.

4.  Poor use of fitted equipment to prevent hazards.

5.  Improper handling of materials, tools, etc.

6.  Careless with machinery.

7.  Fatigue, tiredness, illness, etc.

8.  Improper handling of objects, carelessness with a piece of machinery or hand tools, falling from heights or on slippery surfaces.

9.  Personal factors like emotional upset, disobedience of safety rules and physical disability.

10.  Poor motivation of workers.

11.  Unsupervised or poorly supervised subordinates.

12.  Unsafe act and unsafe condition.

13.  Poor supervision.

14.  Ignorance.


 Prevention of Workplace/Industrial/Workshop

Accident In workplaces, accidents could be prevented in the following ways:

1. Management must:

a. Be willing to accept the responsibility of occupational safety and health as an integral part of their jobs.

b. Establish safety policies.

c. Stimulate awareness of safety in others.

2. Front line supervisors must:

a. Bear the greatest responsibility for implementing safety and health programmes.

b. Be given appropriate training, support, assistance and authority.

c. Regularly and adequately ensure the supervision of subordinates.

3. Employees must imbibe safe work practices.

4. Provision and use of safety devices.

5. Proper ventilation of workplaces.

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