Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda


Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Secondary school is an educational institution where the second stage of the three schooling periods, known as secondary education and usually compulsory up to a specified age takes place. It follows elementary or primary education, and is sometimes followed by university education.

The term high school originated in Scotland and is also used particularly in North America and North Western England though the two types of school are far from synonymous.

There are very many different types of secondary school, and the language used varies around the world. Children usually go to secondary school between the ages of 11 and 16 years, and end between the ages of 16 and 18 years, although there is considerable variation from country to country. 

The following descriptions and definitions pertain to state-funded education unless otherwise stated.

Despite the fact the education sector has been crippled thanks to the wake of the deadly Covid-19, we surely know that once normalcy knocks at our doors, it will be time for parents to select the best Secondary Schools in Uganda to help their children recover from the impacts of Covid-19 on their academic progress.

List of Top 10 best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Here are List of Top 10 best Secondary Schools in Uganda that you should certainly look out for while picking out the perfect schools for your children:

1. Immaculate Heart Girls School

2. Mt. St. Mary’s College Namagunga

3. Buddo Secondary School

4. St. Mary’s Kitende Boarding Senior Secondary School

5. St. Mark’s College Namagoma

6. Naalya Secondary School Bweyogerere

7. Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School Namugongo

8. Seeta High School, Mukon

9. Ntare School

10. Gayaza High School

Let explain in detail

1. Immaculate Heart Girls School

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

The Immaculate Heart Girls School is located about six hours from Uganda’s capital Kampala in the rolling green hills of Nyakibale Parish. The garden has been cultivated since 2003 but unfortunately there has been a steady decrease in the number of students willing to help care for the garden.

The school is a Government aided one offering both Ordinary and Advanced level classes. It is fully accredited by the Uganda National Examinations Board as an Examination Centre. The Examination Centre number is U0083. The school offers a wide curriculum so as to provide a balanced education for the students and wider opportunities in career options. 

Immaculate Heart Girls School Objectives is as follow: To provide a conducive environment for learning, Explore, identify and avail a wide range of opportunity to promote learning, Seek to identify and develop personal talents of the girls, To identity cultural inhibitions and develop programmes for overcoming them, To promote cultural heritage, To develop personal confidence self-motivation and a positively competitive spirit among the girls, To help girls excel in the academic, intellectual, scientific and social dimensions, To help the girl child to become God loving, morally upright and a woman of self-esteem and substance, To build up a sound basis for scientific development in the girl child using Cyber School Technology and Secondary Science and Mathematics Teachers Project (Sesemat).

These enhance quality teaching and learning.

For senior 1 and 2, students study a total number of 14 subjects, all compulsory. The High School enjoys the rigors of an international system and includes courses that are particular to English speaking curricula: English Language and Literature, Mathematics, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In addition, students study Acts, World Religions, Philosophy, and Ethics as part of the core Bible curriculum. Every course is taught from a Biblical perspective. Advanced Placement (AP) Opportunities.

Students in grades 11 and 12 are offered more rigorous courses through the Advanced Placement (AP) program. This is an international program offered through the College Board that enables students to take more advanced courses in specific subject areas.

Electives for Untapped Talents

Semester-long electives present the opportunity to investigate the possibilities of previously untapped talents.

Opportunities for advanced, individual and specialized courses are offered with Sevenstar and Northstar Online Academies.


2. Mt. St. Mary’s College, Namagunga

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

At number one, Lugazi’s St. Mary’s Namagunga proudly stands for always holding this position with extreme hard work and nurturing from the school staff filled up with various religious leaders. The school knows the art of molding a Proverbs 31 woman with not only excellent academic capacity but also the ability to think out situations critically way better than most ladies ever would. Aside from this, the ladies are from day one taught that self-drive is crucial hence they learn to live, learn and excel under minimal supervision yet they still always capture the number one position over and over again.


3. Buddo Secondary School

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Buddo Secondary School was founded by Mr. Muwonge Lawrence Matovu and started operations in February 1991 as a mixed, day and boarding secondary school for both O’ and A’ Level. This school is managed by a board of directors, who are experienced educationists and a competent board of governors. Students participate in the management of the school through democratically elected prefects’ body and a student’s council.

Buddo Secondary School, the students have been paying sh288, 000 but will pay an additional sh62,000 while at Jinja Secondary School, the fees have been increased from sh148,000 to sh158,000. Students joining the school have been paying sh170, 000 but will pay an additional sh10, 000 starting next year.


4. St. Mary’s Kitende Boarding Senior Secondary School

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Another one of the country’s leading schools St Mary’s Kitende comes in at the third number. This school perfectly her academic performance at its best behavior every other year no wonder it is on this list.

But that’s not all, the school’s administration has found a perfect way to juggle in between academics and sports as their teams always make it as far as African secondary school games competitions.

Furthermore, the school has state of the art sports facilities like the St. Mary’s stadium so this is the perfect place to take your child that is good at sports yet you want them to extract the best from education.

5. St. Mark’s College, Namagoma

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

St. Mark’s College Namagoma official Website.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce the College and its community to you.  We are an energetic, lively community offering a very wide range of activities and opportunities in regard to the academic and non-academic curricular. We intentionally encourage each person to discover their potential, explore their talents and pursue their dreams with passion.

Programs at St. Mark’s College are stimulating, rewarding and forward looking.

They focus on building a holistic person, by embracing their academic progress, building of character, leadership and life skills that will enable them to stay competitive in the employment world.
Students enjoy working in excellent facilities and a beautiful yet quiet environment.  Children have access to an engaging curriculum and a team of well-qualified and experienced staff provides a friendly learning environment where every child is valued individually. 

The College vision is to be a leading academic institution in Uganda and in the East African region producing highly successful and respected people in the different aspects of life. To provide top quality secondary education that nurtures in our students a zest for life, a spirit of enterprise, community service, and leadership. The College aims at providing a balanced education curriculum to students so that they can be adaptable to the ever-changing domestic and global environment. 

Here at St. mark's College Namagoma, we are delighted to introduce our school to you. St. Mark’s College Namagoma  endeavors to promote education and excellence, with particular focus on each student, not only on their academic standards but also respecting individual faith. We seek success for all our students.

The core values for St. Mark’s College Namagoma, that will shape the attitudes, behaviour, aspirations and actions of the management, staff, students and other stakeholders, are as follows: Godliness, Integrity, Respect for self, property and others, Hard work with diligence, Excellence, and Team work.


6. Naalya Secondary School, Bweyogerere

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

The Naalya schools follow a curriculum drawn by the Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda. Courses Offered O’ Level offers  English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Information Computer Technology, Food & Nutrition, Agriculture, Fine Art, Commerce, Literature, Luganda, Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Religious Studies (Islamic & Christian).

A’ Level offers a range of three subjects of a student’s choice from Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Luganda, Agriculture, Fine Art, Entrepreneurship and Religious Studies e.t.c. Art students with economics major take subsidiary maths as a compulsory subject. Science students with pure mathematics major take subsidiary computer as a compulsory subject. 

School fees & extract,  the school fees includes tuition, uniforms, feeding, boarding, Library, Sanitation, medical health, general insurance, laboratory, capital development, sports  and drama equipment, bank charges. In addition, various class may incur Extras, i.e. field work trips or educational trips, aerobics. Details of the fees may be obtained from the Bursar’s office in the respective schools.


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7. Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School, Namugongo

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Uganda Martyrs' Secondary School Namugongo is a privately sponsored secondary school in Uganda. The school is located in Kira Sub-County, Wakiso District, Uganda.

The Uganda Martyrs were killed in 1886, but guided the founders, 81 years later, on the name Uganda Martyrs' S.S Namugongo. The inspiration of the martyrs had been such that they are extolled in the school anthem and are implored daily to intercede for and bestow blessings on the school community.

The low enrollment in the beginning meant minimal income. Students were paying UGX:700 as school fee and the teachers earned UGX:250. On many occasions, the school relied on donations from the founders and well-wishers to survive. As any school starting, Namugongo suffered the unenviable option of recruiting "the failures who were rejects" in other schools. Mbwega says this explains the years of quietude the school endured. When the financial hardships became unbearable in 1970, Mbwega suggested to the school management that a boarding section for girls be started.

The enrollment somewhat grew. "School with boarding section is easy to manage. The student are confined in one placed and you can monitor them effectively which is not possible for day scholars. That's why all people founding school are concentrating on making them boarding," Mbwega contended. The growth of the school to the present status and the development in the locality paint a deceptive picture. One could easily be misled to think that all has been rosy.

In the maiden years, the school had one classroom block. Water was drawn from the kayanja(martyrs' pond) or from Mbwega's tank when it rained. Later a borehole was sunk within the school, but now piped water flows to every corner of the school.


8. Seeta High School, Mukono

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda
Seeta High School opened its gates to the world in 2000. It has 20 years of existence. It has made its mark in the education history of the country as a Towering Academic Giant. It is located in Mukono district. It has four campuses namely A Campus, Green Campus, Main Campus, Mbalala campus.We teach a variety of subjects at Ordinary Level and Advanced level which are chosen to mould our students in an all-round manner and prepare them for any A-level combination whether sciences or arts and can apply for any professional course at University and institutions of higher learning and successfully get enrolled. The subjects we offer keep changing with time as we review our students’ needs and abilities. We have embraced hands on training. This is spear headed by our Principal and head teachers of the Campuses.

Some Of The Subjects In Our Curriculum Include; Advanced level (‘A’ level) Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, CRE/ Divinity, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Fine art, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Drawing (TD), Luganda and Literature.

Dear Prospective Parents, we thank you for choosing us for the education of your child. We are more than eager to welcome you on board. you will be given a  form fill with the required information for us to be able to serve you promptly. Only fill the form once and you will be updated about your application. False information will lead to automatic disqualification of the application. For inquires call 0708822430/ 0772443106/ 0758163197


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9. Ntare School

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

“Lions still roar” and there’s no denying the lion’s do not seem to have intentions of stopping anytime soon looking at their academy progress and high rankings which they have maintained over the years.

Mbarara’s leading school which so happens to also be a prominent school in the country, Ntare School has such a great alumni body which includes two of East Africa’s presidents, President Museveni and President Kagame among many other prominent figures.

This in itself is a statement since such is a thing nearly unheard of in not just this generation but also the generations that have passed no wonder the western Ugandan school just made it to the list of top best secondary schools in Uganda 2021.

10. Gayaza High School

Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Uganda

Gayaza High School or as it is usually referred to by the younger generations Gyza can never fail to roll off your tongue while you speak of the country’s most brilliant schools due to multiple reasons.

Ladies that have been through Gayaza are a perfect cocktail of intelligence, humility, God fearing, smartness and many other positive attributes that we would surely go on and on about without end.

Just in case this fits the description of the kind of person you would love your child to be nurtured into, then look no further as Gayaza High School surely is the place to make your dreams come true.

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