15 Top Best Countries in the World


15 Top Best Countries in the World


Among the many phrases to have emerged from the pandemic is “revenge travel” – not as sinister as it sounds, but merely a desire to make up for lost time and go large on bucket list experiences. Perhaps that’s one reason New Zealand and Asian countries such as Japan did well – even though both only reopened to visitors this summer. This wanderlust, though, was tempered with a concern for safety, criteria that helped Denmark onto the list.

A rare appearance by the UK was partly down to its culture, but when it comes to food, the highest rated destinations read like the cookery section of a bookshop: Italy, Thailand, Japan, India and France. Portugal, meanwhile, the overall winner for the second year running, was appreciated for the friendliness of its people, whom you rated only second to those of Ireland.

Choosing the best country to live in is a highly subjective process, as different sources may have differing thoughts on what constitutes "best". To some, it may be overall financial stability. To others, it may be climate, life expectancy, the prevalence of green living practices, or the price of beer.

In an effort to obtain an objective evaluation of the best countries in which to live, many analysts turn to the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI) or the Gallup World Happiness Report. Both of these are aggregated metrics which collect a wide assortment of variables, from GDP per capita to unemployment to personal freedoms and more, and combine them into a single score.

List of 15 Top Best Countries in the World 


1. Portugal. Rating 91.22

It's easy to see why Portugal ranks high on this list - the best hotels in Portugal are some of the most beautiful places to stay, and the glittering golden beaches that line the coast. The beach is a feast for the eyes. The food scene of Lisbon is also a foodie paradise and the Portuguese countryside offers some fantastic twists.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: The hotel scene here is growing - check out our selection of the best hotels in Lisbon and where to stay in Porto for city break tips, or check out the restaurants at the best family drink in Portugal for ideas for all members.


2. Japan. Rating 91.17

Japan has had some of the strictest travel restrictions during the pandemic, opening the door to foreigners in mid-2022. Now, Japanese restaurants are ready to welcome, while the streets and cafes of Kyoto are hungry for dinner. Late March to mid-April is the sakura season that draws the crowds, but come winter, it's Niseko's snow-capped mountains. Head south to the tropical island of Okinawa for a cruise and if moving to Japan is a good idea, choose Osaka - it's named one of the best places to live in the world for a reason.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: We found The Tokyo Edition, sports venue, and the Ace Hotel in Kyoto. See our favorite restaurants in Japan for more inspiration.


3. Thailand. Rating 90.46

Thailand is a tropical destination that can do both. Hidden bolt hole dining areas, tropical islands and spas ensure relaxation and rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the buzzing nightlife and fantastic street food of the capital city, Bangkok, can bring back the joy of any traveler. For adrenaline junkies, Chiang Mai is worth visiting, but Phuket should also be on the radar.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: The best hotels in Thailand range from luxury hotels to low-cost destinations. Chiva Som is the undisputed queen of the Thai health scene, while Six Senses Yao Noi is the perfect place to get away from it all.

4. Singapore. Rating 90.09

True to its beautiful name, this diamond-shaped island is one of Southeast Asia's most popular destinations. Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, the city-state has a huge trophy shelf for its small size. Not only is Singapore a shopaholic's paradise, but the flagship airline is also the world’s best, with the food served on board. On top of that, the city is part of the top and almost half of its territory is in parks and gardens.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: At Raffles Singapore, the country's first mega-city, which was beautifully restored a few years ago.


5. India. Rating 90.01

Home to the second most populous country in the world, India is a beautiful and chaotic country where Technicolor tutus fill the streets and perfumes fill the air is wonderfully combined with the abundance of quiet yoga and the hidden secrets of the surface of the north. During the monsoons, sightseeing in Goa and Kerala will be at its best in these hotels, while Jaipur, easily one of the most beautiful cities in India, is a year-round destination of have a lot to offer.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Umaid Bhawan Palace won first place in the Readers’ Choice Awards.


6. Greece. Rating 89.79

Home to more than 200 Greek islands, these whitewashed houses with blue roofs that blend into the sky are easily one of Santorini's most famous symbols - combined with the beautiful countryside and west of the Caldera. Pop over to Mykonos and its drool-worthy Mediterranean menus and beautiful beach clubs lure tourists after the promise of letter-perfect beaches, taken some of the best in the Aegean, lure globetrotters to shine the bright Cycladic island of Milos.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Greece's best hotels are spread across the coveted mainland and islands – consider the sugar-pink Aristide House on Syros, the classic Perivolas on Santorini or the Four Seasons Astir Palace and Athens on another visit.


7. Denmark. Rating 89.62

Food hub, Denmark is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, including the multi-award winning Noma 2.0, and the current title holder, Geranium in Copenhagen. While its culinary scene makes it a must-visit in its own right, this Scandinavian country seems to have inherited something of an imperial color with castles, beaches and culture packed into a small town.  

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Sanders Hotel, star of Scandi design, in Copenhagen.


8. United Kingdom. Rating 89.12

The UK is home to some of our favorite city breaks, including Edinburgh, Cambridge and Aberystwyth. In autumn, the cozy cottages and spas of Somerset and the Cotswolds’ beckon, but it are in London and Manchester that all the fun happens.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: The UK is home to some of the best hotels in the world, from country idylls such as Newt in Somerset, The Fife Arms and Heckfield Place to city dwellers such as Connaught and London.


9. Italy. Rating 89.12

Hiking through the Dolomites, staying in the great boutiques of Florence and dining by the lake in Tuscany, Italy has no shortage of exciting activities. Discover the best places to visit in Italy.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Check out our editions of the best hotels in Venice and the best places in Florence for inspiration.


10. New Zealand. Rating 89.01

Located in the South West Pacific, New Zealand is divided into two islands with large glaciers, gently rolling hills, fascinating Maori culture and a lot of sheep - there are more sheep than people. Active volcanoes make it a good place for geothermal activity, allowing natural hot springs to develop, while the area has allowed plants and animals to flourish. Discover the best places to visit in New Zealand.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: We love Cape Kidnappers Farm, a 6,000-acre working farm set in a beautiful coastal setting.


11. Spain. Rating 88.76

A Catalan restaurant, some of the best tapas and paella can be found here. Not to be forgotten are the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera, and their accompanying towns. Discover the best things to do in Barcelona and discover the best hotels in San Sebastian.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Book one of Spain's best apartments with the perfect staff, or check out our collection of the best hotels in Spain.


12. Netherlands. Rating 88.65

With its beautiful tulip gardens, beautiful buildings and bike paths along Amsterdam's canals, this is the city that never sleeps. Its spectacular transformation of Rotterdam is best done by strolling through the streets of art, food and wine places that cannot be escaped from the capital and are connected to nearby shopping.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Amsterdam's best hotels are full of honey delights like The Dylan, Pulitzer Amsterdam and The Hoxton Amsterdam.


13. Ireland. Rating 88.53

Home to stunning beaches, hiking trails and, most importantly, Guinness beer, Ireland is a hedonist's paradise. Plan a stay at one of the best hotels in Ireland on your next trip to the Emerald Isle and add these amazing things to do in Dublin to your itinerary.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: The beautiful Cashel Palace, which reopened this year, is the most exciting stay in Ireland right now. Popular hotels in Dublin include The Westbury, a Dublin icon and winner of the 2022 Readers' Choice Awards.

14. Croatia. Rating 88.33

Located in the Balkans, Croatia is a tropical destination for good reason - beautiful beaches, beautiful buildings and what Dubrovnik has to offer are just a few of them.  For a tropical getaway, here's our pick of the best Croatian islands to visit.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: The top hotels in Croatia include the Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj, with a Michelin starred restaurant and six bars, and Villa Nai 3.3, which has only eight rooms.

15. Morocco Rating 88.23

A kaleidoscopic country where old meets new, Morocco is one of the most beautiful parts of Africa. Moorish style and strong colors float on the streets of Marrakech from head to toe where the fashion is as interesting as the expensive creations that preserve traditional craftsmanship.

15 Top Best Countries in the World

Place to stay: Some of the best hotels in Africa are found here, including hotels in Marrakech such as Royal Mansour, the royal residence of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and L'Hotel, which 19th century property renovated by Jasper Conran.


Top 10 Countries in Which to Live in the World

Here are some examples (United Nations Human Development Report):

1. Switzerland - .962

2. Norway—.961

3. Iceland - .959

4. Hong Kong - .952

5. Australia - .951

6. Denmark—.948

7. Sweden - .947

8. Ireland—.945

9. Germany - .942

10. Netherlands—.941

Collected by the United Nations, the Human Development Index is the world's largest and most useful indicator of the level of development of any country and its overall quality of life.

The annual HDI report compiles a number of metrics and ultimately determines which countries are considered the best to live in. There are also many other ways to find the best city to live in.

For example, the US magazine and World Report cover the quality of life in the list of the best countries every year, and companies such as CEO World often compile lists of the countries with the best life, which often leads to be the best place to live.

Another high-quality alternative is the World Happiness Report, which takes a similar reporting approach to the Human Development Index, but with a more personalized evaluation process that focuses on personal feelings rather than financial performance, wealth and society.


Top 10 Countries to Live in (World Happiness Report):

1. Finland - 7,821

2. Denmark - 7,636

3. Iceland - 7,557

4. Switzerland - 7,512

5. Netherlands - 7,415

6. Luxembourg - 7,404

7. Sweden - 7,384

8. Norway - 7,365

9. Israel - 7,364

10. New Zealand - 7,200


Composition of the Best Countries to live in the World   


The Swiss enjoy incredible health, including longevity (82 years for men and 85.9 years for women) and freedom from chronic disease. Switzerland also boasts a very high per capita wealth (measured in GNI per capita) and its gross domestic product per capita ranks among the highest in the world. If the cost of living in Switzerland is high, so is its quality of life.



Norway inherits many of Switzerland's best qualities, including a high per capita economy and a comprehensive and efficient public health care system that, in Norway, provides health care to all patients regardless of financial status. . Norway ranks among the most democratic countries in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates (/national level/crime rate by city) of any country.



Denmark ranks high on 'social trust', which measures people's trust in each other, their government and public institutions such as the police and hospitals. In addition, health care and education (including college and university) are free for all citizens. Denmark is both a world leader in sectors such as shipping, design and travel, but also a green country. Even in the capital, Copenhagen, bicycles outnumber cars, and the country is a world leader in developing a new, clean and green way of life.

Finally, the Danes gave the world the concept of "hygge" (pronounced "hooga"), a warm human word for the time spent in chaos and chaos, relaxing in peace and enjoying the small joys of life, often having a family.



Icelanders enjoy a long life expectancy and access to universal healthcare. Iceland ranks high on many measures of social equality and democracy, runs entirely on green energy and ranks first in the 2022 Global Peace Index, which tracks the most peaceful countries in the world. Hong


Kong, China

Hong Kong is a major international financial center with high life expectancy. Hong Kong has low taxes (the highest tax rate is 17%), which makes it attractive for entrepreneurs. Also, like many other countries on this list, Hong Kong has a very low crime rate despite being an urban area. Hong Kong is sometimes referred to as a perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures, with tradition and innovation, with government buildings, ancient temples and interactive events and modern public transport.


The Netherlands

One of the most populous countries in Europe, the Netherlands is also one of the world's largest exporters of agricultural products by value even though the country as a whole is smaller than the US state of Maryland. The Netherlands is also known for its progressive philosophy in areas ranging from science to society. For example, the country is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and in 2001 became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.



Australia is known for its focus on education and the importance of going to school. Australian culture emphasizes not only school attendance, but also outstanding performance and pride in academic achievement. The average Australian goes to school for twenty years, and most go to at least two years of university. Education in Australia is more than five percent of the country's GDP. Australia is also known for its high quality of life, economic and political freedom, and excellent health care system.



Sweden has a strong welfare system, offering top quality healthcare and free education. Sweden's social model is based on growth, equality, freedom and security. Sweden also offers good conditions for workers, such as a minimum of five weeks' leave and a government group that supports entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Finally, like other Nordic countries, Sweden has a low violent crime rate (1.14 incidents per 100,000 people) and has a good level of health and well-being in general. Best cities to live in 2023 Show source



Like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland, Ireland is one of the most democratic countries in the world. Ireland also has a low violent crime rate and joins many other countries with high life expectancy on the list of countries with high human liberties.

In 2022, Ireland ranks third in the list of the most peaceful countries in the world.



Like Australia, Germany places great importance on education. Almost the entire population of Germany has a higher education, and 96% of people in Germany do some kind of graduate training or university education (which is free). The German economy is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The country also offers world-class healthcare and has the third highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, behind only China and Italy.


Here are the 10 Countries with the Highest Human Development Index:

1. Norway 0.957

2. Switzerland 0.955

3. Ireland 0.955

4. Hong Kong 0,949

5. Iceland 0,949

6. Germany 0.947  

7. Sweden 0.945

8. Australia 0.944

9. Netherlands 0.944

10.  Denmark 0.94

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