Newly Discovering: How to Solve Unemployment Problem


How to Solve Unemployment Problem?

Unemployment has been a challenge faced by developed countries for decades. However, it seems to be getting worse every day.

Unemployment has many negative effects on the economy, such as chaos, increased crime rates, low economic growth, etc.

The only way out is to look for ways to eradicate unemployment in the country.

We are going to discuss the 12 way on how to solve the unemployment in the country which if implemented will go a long way in solving the unemployment problems of such country.


Top 12 Ways to Solve the Problem of Unemployment


1. Changes in the production process

The production process must be adapted to the needs and methods of the country. Active technology needs to be supported rather than technology that makes a lot of money.


2. Early unemployment policy

Seasonal unemployment is seen in the agricultural sector and agro-industries.

To delete it:

• Agriculture should have many crops.

• Crops, horticulture, dairy farming and animal husbandry should be encouraged.

• Housing companies should be supported.


3. Changes in the education system

The nature of education needs to change completely. Students who want higher education should be accepted in colleges and universities. Emphasis should be placed on vocational education. Qualified engineers should start their own small units.


4. Expanding Workflow

Another entry office should be opened. People should be given information about job opportunities.


5. Other benefits for the self-employed

Most people in India are self-employed. They work in agriculture, trade, house and small business etc. These people should be assisted financially, provided with equipment and technical training.

6. Full and more productive work

The main objective of the country's employment policy should be to increase employment opportunities and productivity. Govt. should adopt policies that provide jobs to all.


7. Increase in productivity

To increase employment, it is necessary to increase production in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The development of small domestic industries should be encouraged.


8. More important than the work program

In the five year plan more priority should be given to employees. Programs like irrigation, roads, flood control, power, agriculture, electricity can provide better jobs to the people.


9. High Profitability Rate

It is expected that the rate of capital formation in the country will increase rapidly. Financial support should be given to those activities that lead to greater employment opportunities. The capital/output ratio should be kept low.


10. Collaborating Companies

Inter-departmental institutions should be encouraged. The Kerala government has set up a textile industry covering 600 unemployed workers with support. It is the first way to fight against unemployment. Different state governments. should do the necessary things in this direction.


11. Listing output Activity Services

The function of the work production is necessary to reduce unemployment. If industrial activities are concentrated in one place, there will be fewer job opportunities in undeveloped areas. So the government. should adopt such policies that favor the liberalization of industrial activities.


12. Crowd control

Population growth must be controlled to solve the problem of unemployment. Family planning programs must be implemented widely and effectively.

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