Top Best Fighting Countries and Their Top Fighters


Top Best Fighting Countries and Their Top Fighters

Apart from football, mixed dance has to be the most international sport. It is only universal in thought. There are probably about 20 countries that produce famous soldiers, but there is a well-known feature of the top soldiers from some countries.

The United States, Brazil and Japan are three large countries that come to mind. But who are the best warriors in the world? Where did they come from?


List of Top best Fighting Countries and Their Top Fighters

1. United States 

2. Brazil 

3. Canada

4. United kingdom

5. Japan

Let look at details 

1. United States

As with any professional sport, expect America to produce many of the world's top talents. Helping support America's success in MMA is our pro wrestling program built on and by the NCAA. Most of America's best came from wrestling, and according to many analysts, wrestling may be the best foundation for MMA.

·  Jon Jones: Jones is a wonder who became the youngest UFC champion in history and has already ascended, by many standards, to the second best pound for pound fighter in the world.

·  Franck Edgar: The lightweight champion is a blue and unstoppable warrior. Stopping his heart will inspire him to become a champion and a respected and respected person.

·  Dominique Cruz:  Only Urijah Faber has come close to challenging the bantamweight champion in recent memory. Cruz is a star with a unique and unconventional fighting style that confuses opponents.

·  Chael Sonnen:  Sonnen is a vocal competitor who can back up his words. Although he has weaknesses in defensive submission, his overall game is one of the most dangerous in the game.

·  Dan Henderson/Nick Diaz: Henderson and Diaz share the hill for fifth place because both are feared and respected fighters who are top contenders and both appear in other legends.


2. Brazil

From the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport to the heavyweight champion, you could say the Brazilian gets the upper hand. While Brazil may not have the same depth as the United States, the Brazilians will be competitive and competitive in all weight classes from here on out.

·  Anderson Silva: The best fighter in the history of sports. His undefeated streak in the UFC is unlike any other and cements his legacy.

·  José Aldo: The featherweight champion is a bright young dynamo who seems almost untouchable. He is a star that will last a long time.

·   Junior Dos Santos: His UFC streak is the best in UFC heavyweight history. Now the champion, his toughest test will be defending the belt.

·   Mauricio Rua: He almost went to three for the fourth and fifth, but Rua got the upper hand for his famous punch on Machida.

·   Lyoto Machida/Vitor Belfort: Both are former champions who are still contenders and potential contenders.


3. Canada

While others, Canadian MMA is primarily associated with long-time UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, their country was strong for many years.

·  Georges Saint-Pierre:  He's going through a tough time in his career due to injuries, but at just 30 years old, GSP is already one of MMA's all-time greats.

·  Rory MacDonald: GSP's partner, MacDonald as the heir apparent to the GSP throne. A talented and well-rounded athlete, MacDonald is already a major force in the division.

·  Mark Hominick: A quick KO hurt him in his return to the octagon, but Hominick remains one of the featherweight's top talents.

·  Sam Stout: Stout has been a heavyweight for years, and will likely continue to be a staple in the UFC's most dangerous division.

·  Mark Bocek/Patrick Cote: Former title contender Cote has won three straight outside of the UFC. Bocek is a lightweight fighter in the UFC with perhaps the most dangerous ground game in the division.


4. United kingdom  

Not the city, but it is true to use a United Kingdom. Although it is on the back of the United States and Brazil, the United Kingdom that the United Kingdom causes several fighters that are hard to put them on the third way.

·  Michel Bisping: The middleweight contender has taken the time to perfect himself over the years and is now ready to claim the middleweight title.

·  Paul Daley: The welterweight star is undoubtedly the most dangerous fighter in the division. At just 28, Daley is still honing certain aspects of his game.

·  Ross Pearson: He was once a strong lightweight competitor, but now that he's moved up to featherweight, this Ultimate Fighter champion can start making waves.

·  Terry Etim: He lost in fashion to Edson Barboza, but Etim remains one of the most talented and promising fighters in the UFC.

·  Brad Pickett / Paul Sass: Sass is dangerous on the way, while Pickett is an established fighter looking to bounce back from a loss. Dan Hardy and John Hathaway are two standouts in the UFC's welterweight division.


5. Japan

Japan is one of the top three MMA countries in the world and the best place for big events. Although the MMA scene has become a threat since the death of Nganga, Japan remains a strong fighting nation with a strong spirit and remains the top country in Asia.

·  Shinya Aoki: The DREAM heavyweight champion is ruthless on the court but could use more challenges from his Western counterparts.

·  Yushin Okami: Long considered one of the best middleweights in the world, Okami fell short in his title fight against pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva.

·  Hatsu Hioki: With an impressive track record and top 10 ranking, Hioki is one step away from establishing himself as a contender for the UFC title.

·  Tatsuya Kawajiri:  Long considered a top featherweight, Kawajiri appears to have gained new life by moving up to featherweight.

·  Takeya Mizugaki: A strong contender in the UFC bantamweight division who has alternated wins and losses over the past few years. Yoshihiro Akiyama is on a long losing streak but is still considered one of Japan's greatest talents and stars. 

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