How to change your Date of Birth in JAMB Portal


How to change your Date of Birth in JAMB Portal

How to change date of birth in JAMB- One of the most common errors that applicants encounter when registering for JAMB is uploading the wrong date of birth. Many applicants do not realize that they entered the wrong date of birth when registering for JAMB until they are punished. 

Your JAMB date of birth is an important factor in the admission process for tertiary institutions in Nigeria. If your JAMB date of birth is different from the date on your birth certificate, this raises concerns about the validity of the applicant. 

Even after you complete your academic program in tertiary institutions, your JAMB date of birth will be forwarded to the NYSC Board of Trustees for collection.

So, if your date of birth in JAMB result is wrong, you will face a big problem. To avoid future problems as you begin your educational journey, it is best to change your date of birth on your JAMB form now. That is why in today's guide I will tell you how to change date of birth in JAMB.


How to Change your Date of Birth in JAMB Portal

To correct date of birth on your JAMB result or JAMB publication, follow these steps:

• Step 1: Visit JAMB official

• Step 2: Connect to your JAMB CAPS

• Step 3: Go to "Request Data Correction"

• Step 4: Under the application for data correction, click "Continue"

• Step 5: Click on "change date of birth" from the available options

• Step 6: After clicking the Change Date of Birth option, a Transaction ID will be generated for the transaction. The transaction ID will be displayed on the confirmation page screen.

• Step 7: Check the details on the confirmation page and check for errors. Know the transaction ID will be displayed in bold red letters. Business ID is important; it will be used for all details about the transaction. A copy of the transaction ID will also be sent to your registered email address WAEC Results

• Step 8: To pay directly to your card, click continues.

However, if you want to use other payment options such as ATM, bank or Quick teller, you can do so using the Transaction ID. 

• Step 9: Enter your card details on the displayed Interswitch payment page, and then click the Pay button.

• Step 10: After payment, the status of your payment will be displayed in the "My payment" section. Additionally, you will be sent an SMS and email with your transaction ID and payment status after the payment is made.

• Step 11: Click "Continue"

• Step 12: You will be asked to provide the following; year of examination and your JAMB registration number.

• Step 13: After entering the required information correctly, the current date of birth will be displayed on the JAM Portal.

• Step 14: Please provide new information in the boxes provided for JAMB results

• Step 15: After entering your new information, click "submit"

• Step 16: Refund form will appear on the screen, download and print the refund form.

• Step 17: Complete the claim form and bring it to your office for approval.

• Step 18: Your institution will be responsible for submitting the approved documents to the JAMB State office. Change date of birth in JAMB

• Step 19: Once JAMB receives the approved form, it will be uploaded to your JAMB profile. You will get notification immediately after this is done.

• Step 20: JAMB will process your application. If your request is approved, your date of birth will be changed as required.


How much do I need to Change my date of Birth in JAMB?

To change your date of birth on your JAMB portal, you will need to submit a supporting document and pay a small fee as a processing fee.

To correct the date of birth in your JAMB result or drop, you will need to submit supporting documents such as your birth certificate or statement of birth to support your statement.

The application/registration fee for the date of examination on the JAMB portal is set at N2,500 (two thousand five hundred naira).

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