12 Importance of Computer in Business – New Discovering


12 Importance of Computer in Business – New Discovering

Much has been said about the computer, but one may wonder why computer has gained so much popularity in every aspect of human life.

What is spectacular?

What is unique?

What is special?

These are the curiosity this article will settle in your mind.

In this article you should be able to:

· Explain the importance of computer in business

· State the short coming in the use of computer in business

On a normal daily business activities computer can be used to track an investment, publish newsletter, design a building, practice landing, pay bills by consumers and do most shopping on computers.

But outside this, the uses of computer can be classified under various activities as follows:

1. For sale – helps to enter orders, write letters, track travel expenses, update customer files, and create colorful presentations to help sell product.

2. For Accounting–helps to organize and manipulate large sets of data.

3. Classroom – used for learning process as books, paper, and pens, students use computers to develop science projects, prepares reports, gather information from electronic sources around the world. Connection to school networks:

Used to guide museum goers and tell them about the exhibits. It is also used to compute results and run analysis.

4. With the use of 3D CAD tools, designers can create photorealistic three – dimensional rendering sofa finished building’s interior and exterior.

5. Using computer-aided design (CAD) programmes, architects, engineers, and designers can perform the entire design process on the computer.

6. Designers use CAD programmes to create products of all kinds. A designer can use a CAD program that creates a three-dimensional wire frame outline of the product.

7. Factories use computerized robotic arms to do physical work that is hazardous or highly repetitive.

8. To measure distance: You can find way anywhere with GPS, which is used to determine locations. GPS receiver can be used on foot, and in cars, boats, and planes, GPS units takes three forms – dashboard units, handheld devices and laptop units.

9. GPS is used by private pilots and boaters to chart accurate courses and reach their destinations safely across unfamiliar routes.

10. GPS is also used by:

a. Emergency vehicle drivers

b. Used by geologists to measure changes in the height of mountains and the movements of glaciers.

11. It is used by police through a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), which provides speed to information, such as license, plate numbers of stolen cars.

12. You can equally make a career from computer such as:

a. Programmer – who helps to develop software to suit a desired house style for a particular purpose e.g. Accounting software.

b. A graphic artists, illustrators, designers – use less of keyboard for their jobs, but require to draw on the computer, or even to drag blocks around on the screen then may rely more on a pointing device than a keyboard. CAD and high– end design applications frequently can work with digitizing tablets.

c. Secretaries, transcriptionists, writers – requires keyboard, scanners to enter text from a printed source, speech-recognition software.

d. Architects, engineers, 3–D designers – Requires large format plotters and thermal wax printers, though expensive but indispensable.

3–D designers create elaborate still images of interiors or landscapes; also need high–quality colour output for their projects.

e. Multimedia and game designers, animators: For these developers, audio and video output is critical. They need to record, edit, and mix sounds of all types as well as play them back.

They also require video recording and playback capabilities, hence the installation of video cards, digital cameras and video recording units to their systems.


Conclusion on 10 Importance of Computer in Business – New Discovering

The importance of computer in business cannot be over emphasized. As discussed in the main content, computer is useful in every aspect of business and to all professions, hence the peculiarity and the importance attached to it.

Computer is very important in every profession which include health, accounting, education, architecture, engineering, entertainment, programming, designing and the like.

The use of computer can be most appreciated when the right software is used by the right person, who is able to identify an existing problem and apply the software to solve the problem.

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