New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria


New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

Nigeria, apart from being the most populous black country in the world, is also home to some very beautiful homes and buildings, where the winds of development have blown down in the last 60 years after independence, we will walk through some in them.

Curious about the tallest building in Nigeria? This is a teaser; The tallest building in Nigeria is a tower with about 32 floors.

Most high-rise buildings in Nigeria have high ceilings and many stories. They range from residential buildings to commercial buildings and towers.

In this article, you will get to know the ten (10) tallest buildings in Nigeria and how to rent a tower for your company.


What are the 10 Top Tallest Building in Nigeria?

Here are the 10 tallest buildings in Nigeria and their respective locations:

1. NECOM House (NITEL)

2. Champagne Pearl Tower

3. Union Bank Building

4. World Trade Centre (Tower II)

5. Eko Tower II

6. Black Pearl Tower

7. WTC Tower 1

8. Dakkada Tower

9. Cocoa House

10. Ministry of Communication’s Building

 Let's see the details


New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

NECOM House is a tower block in Lagos. The building was the tallest in West Africa at the time of its construction. It is the headquarters of NITEL. The NECOM Building was completed in 1979. The building is 160 m (520 ft), with 32 stories. Chief Alani Bankole is the father of the former Speaker of the Nigerian House of Assembly who now owns NECOM



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

The Pearl Champagne Tower is the second tallest building in Nigeria with an amazing height of 134m (440ft) located in Eco Atlantic City, Lagos Nigeria. The 30-story Champagne Pearl Tower is also the second tallest building in West Africa, a building that was completed in 2017.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

Union Bank is a tower block in Lagos. It is the third tallest building in Nigeria at a height of 124m (407ft) located at 36 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. The 28-storey building serves as the headquarters of the Union Bank of Nigeria.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

WTC Tower (2) is located at Plot 1113, Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT. WTC Tower II is the tallest building in Abuja and the fourth tallest building in Nigeria, at 120 m (394 ft). The 25 story World Trade Center Abuja was opened in 2016.

The World Trade Center is an eight-storey building in the central business district of Abuja, FCT. There are seven towers proposed for this site, two of which have been completed and six (6) others are still under construction, some in various stages.

Private equity firms, as well as private investors, support the complexities. A whopping ₦200 billion ($2.5 billion) has been invested in these stores.

First Intercontinental Properties Limited is a subsidiary of The Church Gate Group, a Nigerian property management company that develops international shopping malls. Woods Bagot designed the World Trade Center Abuja, with WSP Consulting as the project manager, while Abuja Investments Company was also the partner. According to some reports, the World Trade Center Abuja, when completed, will be the largest mixed-use development in the West African region.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

Eko Tower II is owned by Eko Hotels. It was completed in 2016 at a height of 118 m (387 ft) and 27 floors. The building is located along Ajose Adeogun Street. It includes the following: basement, ground floor, mezzanine, level 01-05 (bus station), level 06-07 (emergency area), level 08 (hotel), level 09 (restaurant and meeting rooms), Level 10 (Hallroom), Levels 11-12 (Health Club and Terrace), Levels 13 and 26 (Technical Area), Level 14 (Employee Room) and Levels 15-25 (Guest House).



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

The Black Pearl Tower is one of the Eko Pearl buildings that was completed in 2017. The building is 112m (367ft) tall and has 25 floors in Lagos. The tower has 84 apartments ranging from 1 to 3 floors, with a choice of duplexes, shared apartments and penthouses with terraces. The Eko Black Pearl Tower is located near the larger Champagne Pearl, which is a 33-story tower with similar characteristics to the Pearl Pearl. Both towers are located behind two tennis courts, a pool and other common areas. Parking is also available in all buildings on the ground and basement levels.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

The WTC 1 tower is the world's only commercial tower that was completed in 2016. The building is 110 m (360 ft) tall and 25 stories tall, located in Abuja. World Trade Center Tower 1, also known as Tower 1, has 120 apartments from 1 to 6, with two options and two beautiful penthouses with a pool. Tower 1 completed in 2015, is the tallest residential building in Nigeria.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

The 21-storey smart office building is the eighth tallest building in Nigeria. This large building is located in the Central business district of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It is intended that the building will accommodate any well-known company or company in the Nigerian oil and gas market. This beautiful structure stands at 108.8 meters (21 stories) and occupies an area of ​​18,639.50 square meters on a large site of 48,200.00 square meters, making room for approximately 500 parking spaces.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

See the 9th tallest building in Nigeria "Cocoa House" standing at 105m (344ft), Cocoa House is located in the old city of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. The Nigerian president and politician, Obafemi Awolowo, proposed the Cocoa House with income from the proceeds of cocoa exports. The contractors are Cappa and D'Alberto. Cocoa House was completed and commissioned in August 1965 by the defunct Western Region government. On January 9, 1985, a fire destroyed the entire building, said to have started on the ground floor due to faulty electrical equipment. Due to the state of destruction caused by the fire, the building was closed to the public until it was rebuilt in August 1992 and reopened for commercial use. Wemabod Estates Limited is a subsidiary of the O'dua Group that manages Cocoa House. It is owned by Odu'a Investment Company Limited.



New Discovering: Top 10 Tallest Building in Nigeria

Ten on this list is the building of the Ministry of Communication. The Communications Center is located at Obalende, Okesuna, Lewis St, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria at a height of 109m (358ft) and 30 feet, it has confirmed its place as the ten (10th) tallest building in Nigeria.

Frequent Asked Questions on Tallest Building in Nigeria

How Do I Rent A Skyscraper for My Business Office?

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What is the tallest building in Nigeria?

The Nigerian External Communications (NECOM) building is the tallest building in Nigeria, with a total of 32 floors.


What is the first skyscraper in Nigeria?

The cocoa house is one of Nigeria’s tallest buildings and West Africa’s first skyscraper. The 26-story structure is still standing tall in Ibadan, a commercial hub.

Does Nigeria have skyscrapers?

Yes, there are a lot of skyscrapers in Nigeria: the WTC tower 1 & 2, the Eko towers, the Eko pearl towers, the millennium tower, etc.


Does Abuja have a skyscraper?

Yes, some of the skyscrapers in Abuja include the millennium tower, the cultural center project, the Abuja world trade center, etc.


What is the name of the first-story building in Nigeria?

The Badagry building is the first-story building in Nigeria. Henry Townsend laid the foundation of the building in 1842 and completed it in 1845. The building was the beginning of western education in Nigeria. It attracts many visitors every year.

What country in Africa has the most skyscrapers?

Africa’s tallest buildings are all found in South Africa, where there are five total, four of which are in Johannesburg. Additionally, Johannesburg is the African city with the most skyscrapers. Ethiopia and Tanzania are other nations with multiple skyscrapers.


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