Best Job Search Sites in India: New Discovering


Best Job Search Sites in India: New Discovering

Gone are the days when candidates used their resumes to walk around job boards hoping to land a job.

Today, we have many job portals where employers and companies post their vacancies using recruitment software and candidates go through the requirements; apply for their qualifications and their rights.

The biggest benefit of this process is that job postings can access a large pool of talent instead of just those who are in demand. Anyone anywhere can apply for a job, regardless of their physical condition. Employees are the lifeblood of any organization.

The portal plays an important role for the members in making this life cycle stable. HR managers and recruiters write down their requirements in advanced job portals, screen tools, people who will make the right choice and bring the right process to the interview.

Job portals can make finding these candidates easier in some ways, but they also make it more difficult when a lot of negative people come for screening. Job portals are now a dime a dozen and present employers with an abundance problem.

As there are many job search sites in India, therefore, choosing the best job portal is a very important decision to make. It is important for every employer to hire the most talented people for the opening in their organization.

To help you in this process, we have compiled a list of the best job portals in India


List of Top 10 Job Portals in India for Job Seekers, HR Professionals and Recruiters

To help you choose the best job portal, we have listed the top 10 job portals in India in terms of what they have to offer. Apart from those listed below, there is another important place to find candidates which is discussed under this article. 

Attention, for hiring managers, in addition to job portals, there are many companies that provide professional advice and that are not covered in this article.

·   Naukri

·   Shine

·   Foundit

·   Indeed

·   Freshers World

·   Linkedin

·   TimesJobs

·   Glassdoor

·   Upwork

·   JobsIndia

·   Google Jobs

·   Hirect

·   Cutshort

·   Quikr Jobs

·   Snaphunt

Let us look into details is the oldest and one of the best job sites in India. Since 1987, Naukri has revolutionized the job search landscape and helped millions of Indians find jobs every day.

In addition to listing jobs and making it easy to find using filters, the portal provides job seekers with the latest trends, job tips, top hiring companies, and interviews. provides a large database of professionals (because it is popular) and makes it easy for employers who want to fill many positions. The portal offers other services through its admissions office which helps in the end result of every student from campus to higher level.

Launched in 2008 and owned by HT Media Limited, Shine is a portal that relies on multiple media partners to provide valuable resources such as taking positions in different areas of the industry. Shine's data driven approach to service delivery is its USP and sets this portal apart from others. The Shine Portal has helpful resources and an informative blog to assist job seekers in their quest.

Premium services offered by this portal include resume and cover letter writing, personalized job postings from all portals and profile enhancements. For employers, Shine offers tailored assistance. Shine caters to a wide range of users, including startups, SMEs and corporations.



Established in 2010, Foundit, formerly known as Monster India, is another popular job board available for job seekers and recruiters.

It provides useful search filters to highlight relevant job opportunities. Once registered on the portal, candidates can immediately apply for job vacancies.

Many jobs are not available for job seekers. They include resume writing, profiling, career advice and techniques to help you land a job.

Foundit offers a paid service to employers, similar to Naukri. You can buy data or use their services to pay for recruitment assistance.

In fact, it is an international company that caters to all types of job seekers and employers. Really provides an uncomplicated job search and the page has two fields that ask what you are looking for and where. It also lists popular searches under the top searches section. The resources provided by this portal include company reviews and salary guides for various jobs.

This portal is directly or indirectly owned by Recruit Holdings Ltd, a Japanese company. The site calls it the number one job site in the world based on the number of unique visits to the site.

If you are planning to invite international candidates, definitely check.

Let us understand each of them.


Freshers world

This portal is for fresh graduates without any professional experience.

Simple searches are based on keywords such as industry or expertise, the candidate's background, and location. As this portal is for first year students, it also provides refresher courses and tips for qualifying exams conducted by many institutes.

Freshers world also provides placement and recruitment solutions for employers. Visit the staff section to learn more.



LinkedIn is a social networking site that was created in 2002. With millions of professionals actively using LinkedIn every day, it is becoming a great place for job seekers and recruiters.

LinkedIn offers recruiters a separate tab to post jobs and receive applications. They can also use search keywords to find suitable profiles and approach them through the platform's chat feature. 

Unlike other job portals, LinkedIn allows employers to reach professionals who are not actively looking for a career change but who may be interested if the right opportunity presents itself. 

Also, LinkedIn is a parallel universe, where you know more about potential people long before any interview.

Keeping a set of interview questions can help you create interview questions quickly.



TimesJobs is Times Business Solutions flagship company owned by Times Group. Some of the useful resources provided by this portal are JobBuzz, Company Listings, Surveys, Salaries, and Blogs.

It is also a good place for government job opportunities and hence it gets a huge following. Recruiters can choose from a variety of data, job postings and scorecards on TimesJobs.



Glassdoor began as a site where current and former employees could review their company and share their salary expectations. It gave potential voters an understanding of how the company treats its employees and what they can expect in their careers. 

Today, Glassdoor is also a popular job portal for job seekers and employers. Recruiters looking to build or enhance their company's brand as an employer can't miss Glassdoor. 



Upwork provides a platform where people can find short-term jobs. Since it is global, many music tracks are available for professionals.

If you are considering hiring freelancers for creative work such as writing, designing, etc., this is one of the best sites to find them.



Jobs India is a popular job portal that helps job seekers find the most suitable jobs and employers hire the best job seekers.

However job postings in India focus on blue collar job seekers and gray collar job seekers. Overall, it provides an efficient and cost-effective platform for HR professionals to find the right talent for their job openings.



Google still holds most of the market and enjoys their broad support. Google's job portal aggregates job postings from all over the web. Every day, thousands of job seekers search for job postings on Google and can easily find relevant job opportunities. 

In addition, Google Jobs provides employers with effective tools to increase the visibility of their job offers, helping them reach their target audience and streamline the entire recruitment process.



A paid job portal is one of the best social media sites for startup companies that connect job seekers with hiring managers. The best part is that employers and candidates can communicate directly through the platform itself.

Hirect is a chat-based career portal for managers and candidates. In addition, more than one million startups and SMEs rely on Hirect for their adoption process.

Job seekers can interact directly with company leaders to find out about great job opportunities. Thus, it provides insight to job seekers as well as employers.



Cutshort is considered as the best technology platform in India. Rather than just a job board, cutshort is a social networking platform to find the right professionals using AI, gamification, through a trusted network. 

It is similar to LinkedIn but without the ability to create a social network, which makes this job portal unique and effective. 

Basically, Cutshort's AI innovation makes the job search process smooth and efficient. Makes it easier for job seekers to find jobs faster and for employers to find the right talent faster.



Quikr Jobs provide their users access to the largest and best service portal. Jobseekers can find suitable jobs in their different cities or locations. The USP of Quikr services is that it allows job seekers to search for jobs based on criteria such as full-time, part-time, salaried, internship, remote work, or freelance work.

This job portal focuses on blue collar, gray collar and entry level jobs. It helps job seekers submit resumes and create free ads to access thousands of jobs.

The Quikr service offers many benefits for recruiters who want to connect with potential candidates. This platform is affordable, easy to use and provides access to a large pool of talent.



Snaphunt is a service site that provides tools to help companies capture people around the world. Employers can quickly post jobs for free on Snaphunt and quickly source targeted talent from a large talent pool. This job portal is a convenient and practical solution for companies to organize their recruitment process and find the right candidates quickly.


In conclusion, the Indian job market is highly competitive, so it is important for HR managers to put in place the best job portals to attract and hire the right talent. Many job boards give the organization access to a large pool of companies and positions.

The list above holds the most popular job boards in India that allow HR to use advanced search tools and powerful filtering options. By using these methods, employers can reduce their time to hire, reduce costs, and find the right candidate for the job.


Frequently  Asked Questions

Which is the Best Job Portal in India? is one of the most popular job portals in India. It has a market share of almost 60%. It registers 7 million searches per day from employers. This site is one of the most secure and trusted job sites in India.


How to use Service Portal for Recruitment?

Many employers use job portals to simplify the hiring process. Although a few service portals have additional features, most of them have similar functions. Here are the steps to guide you in using the service portal:

·  Register your account on multiple sites.

·  Create your first job post.

·  Identify effective job descriptions.

·  Wait for the applications to arrive.


 How does Portal Work?

Job seekers upload their CV which includes skills, experience, location etc., these are included in the search options of the recruiters who are looking for job seekers based on their requirements. Currently, many sites offer tools to create customized database profiles to simplify the resume filtering process.


How does Portal Earn Money?

Many job portals make money by selling jobseeker databases to employers. Other modes also include pay per click advertising, email marketing and many others.


What is the Best job Portal for Freshers?

Naukri is the best job site for freshers and fresh graduates looking for jobs. This site offers other services that make it easier for new job seekers to find their dream job.

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