15 Ways to Promote your Small Business in Nigeria


15 Ways to Promote your Small Business in Nigeria

Starting a business is fun, especially if you dream of being self-employed. However, your dream of success will be just a myth without looking for different ways to promote your small business in Nigeria. If you are new to the market, it makes sense that you need a way to market your products and services in a highly competitive environment.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to give your business a face and visibility. The Nigerian market can be difficult to break into. It is still highly fragmented, making it difficult for new businesses to know where and how to market their products and services effectively.

The Ways to Promote your Small Business in Nigeria are Radio, Television, Online Content Marketing (Blogging, SEO, SEM), Newspapers and Magazines, Trade Fairs & Forums, Social Media, In-store Shopping, Posters & Billboards, Referrals & Word-Of-Mouth, Google My Business and Organize Shows and Events

With a large open market still in place with the rise of modern stores like Shoprite, and the increasing popularity of the Internet, Nigerian consumers can be reached through various means.

This is a common way to promote your small business in Nigeria.


1. Radio

Radio is still an effective way to market your business in Nigeria. As a way to reach a wider audience, a business can create awareness for its products and services. However, companies should focus on the number of their listeners, as some consumers listen and depend on the radio more than others.


2. Television

Like radio, television is another way to reach a large audience in Nigeria. In 2014, 74.6% of Nigerian households owned a television and depended on it for broadcasting information, especially news. Businesses can reach their target audience through targeted television commercials (TVC) that promote their business in a way that radio cannot.


3. Online Content Marketing (Blogging, SEO, SEM)

With the increase in internet penetration across the country, businesses are using more online content to advertise their products and services to online consumers. There is no better time to advertise to customers than when they need your products and services. That is why marketers use the advantages of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to target the right customers at the right time by creating relevant content that meets the needs of the application. application for the client.


4. Newspapers and Magazines

Most Nigerians rely on newspapers and magazines as sources of information. These traditional forms of advertising have built loyal readerships over the years. Advertising your business in a newspaper or magazine that your target audience trusts is an easy way to introduce your business to more readers.


5.Trade Fairs & Forums

Events such as trade shows, forums and conferences are a good place for company leaders and buyers to learn about the current situation in their company. One can use it as an opportunity to meet company leaders, clients and business partners. It is also a way for you to market your gifts in Nigeria through networking or systematically by having a company or stand at the event.


6. Social Media

Digital marketing has seen a steady rise in Nigeria over the years due to the rise of mobile phones and the internet. Reaching customers through social media - Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, snapcaht - has become very important for marketers. However, it is important to support your product or service with proper support. For example, if you are selling products, using a social media platform like Instagram will be effective. If you are selling professional services, LinkedIn can provide value as a marketing tool.


7. In-store Shopping

This type of marketing is used, but is not limited to, by many companies that use commodity trading in Nigeria. Having a sales representative in a retail store who can influence the customer's purchasing decision right after the purchase is an effective marketing tool. The effectiveness of this type of marketing depends on the empathy and conviction of your salesperson.


8. Posters & Billboards

Nigerians spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in urban areas like Lagos, where most of their time is spent outdoors and travelling. Posters and billboards are used throughout the city to promote new products and services.


9. Referrals & Word-Of-Mouth

Ask most Nigerian business owners how they get their clients and in most cases you will get an answer that says "referrals". Word of mouth can be one of the biggest marketing assets a business can have in Nigeria. Nigerians tend to follow the styles they trust and they learn new styles from people they trust (usually family and friends). Harnessing the power of "influencers", family, friends and happy customers in your network can be very powerful in building awareness for your business.


10. Graffiti/Wall & Board Markings

For lack of better words to describe this unusual type of market, we call this market "graffiti". Although graffiti artists do not call it art, it is difficult to ignore the various types of chalk and paintings on walls and public signs that are used as a market in Nigeria. I can't say how effective this type of marketing is, but it is often used.


11. Trusted Distributor

Another way to promote your product is to partner with a local distributor who specializes in the type of product you offer. This type of marketing usually applies to businesses that sell physical products. By partnering and selling your products with another business that has customers, your business will benefit from years of local expertise and marketing skills that the distributor has in constant communication with end customers.

These are the ways to market in Nigeria. Once you have developed a strong marketing strategy, you can use one of these platforms to get your marketing campaigns to the right audience.


12. Positive Reviews

Often, what customers want to order are reviews from other customers. It doesn't matter if you are new to the market. Once you have a good product and a good review from another customer, that makes it more likely that the customer will buy. Many online shoppers have acknowledged that research is one of the most important factors influencing their purchasing behavior. By displaying ads on your website, you compel your visitors to take action on your offer.


13. Google My Business

Google My Business is another great way to market your small business in Nigeria. The good part is that it is free to use. With a Google account, you can open the Google My Business page, which gives you visibility in search engines when people search for your business or related services. Usually, when you register, you will receive a PIN code from the nearest post office. Google uses the PIN to prove that the transaction is real and that it's yours. With Google My Business, the possibilities are endless when it comes to reaching new customers.


14. Business Cards

Another amazing way to promote your small business in Nigeria is to create a newsletter. This way, you can always hand it over to potential clients for networking activities. All you need is a graphic designer who will create something beautiful and simple. Make sure your business name, address and contact details are in bold. A business card can be the ticket you need to sell your products and services to a target market.


15. Organize Shows and Events

To expose your business to a larger audience and promote your brand, you need to organize exhibitions and events. Brands like Merry Bet excel at this with its annual football program.

If you follow a similar approach and organize trade shows and events focused on your business, you will promote sales together. But be careful, nothing beats word of mouth because it is one of the most effective marketing methods.


Final Word

In conclusion, if your small business is to succeed in Nigeria, marketing is one area that should not be neglected. A business without a marketing strategy is like a retailer who deliberately keeps customers from getting their products. When you have all your marketing strategies in place, making more sales and doubling your customers becomes achievable.

Which of the marketing strategies should you implement first in your business? Remember that the success of your business depends on your ability to expose your small business to your customers.

Is there a way to market in Nigeria that has gone out?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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