Royal Mail Ransomware Attack Timeline


Royal Mail Ransomware Attack Timeline

Royal Mail, the British mail and courier company, has launched a ransomware attack that has made headlines around the world. The attack affected its IT systems and disrupted its operations. 

Royal Mail has been unable to send parcels overseas, affecting large numbers of people and small businesses in the UK and overseas.  We've created a timeline that covers internet events as they unfold in chronological order.

In the timeline, we have presented the data under 4 categories - Events, Impacts, Risk Factors and Responses.

As always, the idea in our Cyber ​​​​​​Attack timeline is not to highlight the victim but to learn from the experiences of others. This attack highlights the growing need for ransomware preparedness for organizations and businesses around the world.


About Royal Mail Ransomware Attack

Royal Mail Ransomware Attack Timeline

Royal Mail suffered a cyber attack in January 2023. The delivery of parcels and international letters by Royal Mail through its post office has ceased.

The attackers, members of the Russian-linked LockBit ransomware group, demanded a large ransom in exchange for the release key. The ransom note was apparently printed on a customized form when the hackers hid the international shipping device.

Apparently, the organization refused to meet the ransom demand which, according to some, was worth millions.

The attackers threatened to publish the stolen and encrypted data online.

The company had to start a manual process, which made customers wait for a long time. The attack also affected the trust of the customers of an organization that has built its reputation for more than 500 years!

The Royal Mail Ransomware attack clearly demonstrated the importance of ransomware backups more than anything else. Although the idea is not to slander the victim, it is always important to learn from the experience of others and ask the important question can our business withstand a ransomware attack?

Timeline of the Royal Mail attack

We've created an educational timeline that captures the events of the Royal Mail ransomware attack as they unfold.

This timeline is based solely on information available on the Internet and free media. Our goal is simply to bring this information to an easy-to-use monitoring guide that can help cyber security managers and business owners understand what happened on the team.

Royal Mail was quick to notify the Information Commissioner's Office and the UK National Cyber ​​​​Security Center in time and quickly issued a statement about the incident. This demonstrates effective cyber incident response – something every organization should prioritize today.

Lessons learned from the Royal Mail attack

Royal Mail Ransomware Attack Timeline

Royal Mail is a well-established and long-standing company with a loyal customer base. However, many small businesses may not be able to recover from an attack of this type for a long time.

That's why it's important to carefully consider your ransomware preparedness and mitigation plan.

If you feel unprepared to fight ransomware attacks, it may be wise to hire cybersecurity experts from a cost-effective service such as a Virtual Cyber ​​​​Assistant.

A cybersecurity expert can help you assess your cyber security situation and help you build defenses against ransomware attacks.

They can also help you run a tabletop Ransomware event that can show you how to better manage your incident management and response teams to resolve attacks.

The Royal Mail ransomware attack, like other high-profile incidents, serves as a wake-up call for organizations to take cyber threats seriously and implement measures to protect them immediately.

By learning from this incident and acting quickly, you can reduce your risk of falling victim to a ransomware attack. But most importantly, you can ensure that if you are attacked, you can recover with as little damage as possible.

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