Top 20 Investment Banks in Nigeria

Top 20 Investment Banks in Nigeria

An investment bank is a bank that is involved in creating money for businesses, governments, and other institutions. In addition, they serve as financial advisors who provide services ranging from bond support, financial advisors, notes or a mediator between the security provider and the individual. - invest money. When it comes to investment banking, size matters. This means that the more connected the bank is to the market, the more it will benefit from connecting buyers and sellers.

Investment banks play an important role in investment opportunities in Nigeria as a whole.

An investment bank is a type of bank that acts as a financier that conducts large and complex transactions on behalf of other businesses or governments. These financial transactions include bookkeeping/booking of securities, companies offering investors and investors, making the connection of two competitors such as financial advisors and who sales. Investment banks manage pension funds.

This requires a strong investment bank to secure investment opportunities.

What is an Investment Bank?

An investment bank is a bank that helps businesses, governments, individuals and corporations raise money. They achieve this by acting as a customer service representative in the installation of security.

Investment banking is not like commercial banking and retail banking. They do not take deposits but engage in financial transactions based on advice.

Investment banking helps companies that are involved in mergers and acquisitions and provides support services such as trading, commercialization and financial security. One thing you should know is that investment banking is a major player in the financial market. They work as an intermediary between investors and companies and earn money from consulting fees. 

The reason companies, governments, professional organizations and individuals consider investment banks to raise capital is because they have access to investors and demonstrate their valuable skills. .

One of the important functions of investment banks in the field of investment is asset management, as they help manage the investments of many investors including individuals and companies.  The main functions of investment banking include registration, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, product research and more.

Investment banking helps clients raise money through debt and equity issues. There are many investment banks in Nigeria, but the ones that will be mentioned in this article are famous for their excellent services.

Top 20 Investment Banks in Nigeria

List of Best Investment Banks in Nigeria

The list below includes investment banks in Nigeria, in no particular order.

1.  Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria Limited

2.  Quantum Zenith Capital & Investments Limited

3.  Investment One Capital Management.

4.  Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited

5.  Standard Charted Bank

6.  Coronation Merchant Bank

7.  Meristem Capital

8.  The Infrastructure Bank

9.  Afrinvest

10.  First Bank of Nigeria Asset Management

11.  Renaissance Capital Bank

12.  Chapel Hill Denham

13.  Vetiva Capital Management

14.  BGL Securities Limited

15.  United Capital Plc

16.  Greenwich Trust Limited

17.  GTI Capital

18.  Core Trust & Investment Limited

19.  SFS Financial Services Limited

20.  Planet Capital Limited

Let's study carefully


• Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria Limited

Rand Merchant Bank Nigeria Limited, based in Lagos, is one of the leading investment banks in Nigeria. Some of his responsibilities include security and logistics, contract negotiation and marketing.

Visit Rand's website


  Quantum Zenith Capital & Investments Limited

Quantum Zenith Capital is an investment bank in Nigeria. The bank claims to be ranked #1 in initial public offerings (IPOs), financial advisory, corporate finance and much more. Based in Lagos, Quantum Zenith Capital is a subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc, Nigeria's most successful savings bank. 

According to information from Bloomberg, Quantum Zenith Capital supports businesses in all sectors, including oil and gas, energy and infrastructure, and manufacturing and beverage, among others. Get more information on their website.


• Investment One Capital Management

Investment One Capital Management is one of the leading investment banks in Nigeria. The services they provide include financial advice, private banking, real estate, real estate, capital. It has three offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt. Visit their website to learn more.


• Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited

Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited, a subsidiary of Stanbic IBTC Holding, provides investment banking services to corporate clients. Some of his services include IPO writing, financial and capital advisory, pension fund management. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an issuer and as an underwriter.


• Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is an international investment bank operating in 60 countries including Nigeria. It provides investment banking services in the areas of finance, credit and working capital, insurance, private and corporate banking. It also works as a deposit bank (commercial bank).

Get more information on the Standard Chartered Bank website.


• Coronation Merchant Bank

Coronation Merchant Bank is an investment bank licensed and regulated in Nigeria by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a trading company. It owns a subsidiary of Coronation Securities Limited. A Nigerian financial institution, Coronation Merchant Bank has become the number one international commercial bank in Nigeria as shown in a recent rating report by Fitch, a global rating agency, 2020.

To know more, visit their website.


• Meristem Capital

Meristem Capital is a fast-growing investment bank that combines investment banking expertise to provide its clients with financial advice and value-added solutions by improving capital values ​​and reducing the cost of capital. Registered as a donor house, Meristem Capital provides assistance to small companies and small companies that need to be listed on another securities market board to take advantage of the quantum it offers. Go to Meristem here


 The Infrastructure Bank

Formerly the Urban Development Bank of Nigeria Plc, The Infrastructure Bank PLC is one of the leading investment banks in Nigeria, with all three levels of government in Nigeria and the Nigeria Labor Congress as major shareholders. As its name suggests, it provides financing solutions for infrastructure development in the areas of transportation, social housing, electricity and renewable energy. Learn more on their website.


•  Afrinvest

Afrinvest Limited is a financial advisory firm focused on West Africa. It operates in four main areas: investment banking, securities trading, asset management and financial research. It is a donor and subscriber house. Visit the Afrinvest website.


• First Bank of Nigeria Quest Asset Management

First Bank of Nigeria Asset Management, a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria PLC, is one of the strongest, tested and trusted investment banks in Nigeria. Its comprehensive investment services cover mutual funds, fund management and much more. See more on their website


  Renaissance Capital Bank

Renaissance Capital is a leading investment bank, offering access to more than 50 markets worldwide and operating in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, North America and the Middle East. Visit their website to learn more.


• Chapel Hill Denham

Chapel Hill Denham is an investment bank engaged in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), fund development and financial advisory services. They provide comprehensive consulting services to a wide range of clients including various companies and governments.


•  Vetiva Capital Management

It is a pan-African financial institution registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Nigerian Stock Exchange to operate as an issuer, market maker and fund/portfolio manager. They provide investment banking, trading and trading, asset management and trust services.


• BGL Securities Limited

The investment banking member of the BGL Group offers a range of services such as securities trading, investment advisory, asset management, asset management, corporate finance and private banking.


• United Capital Plc

It is a group of financial services leaders focused on advancing technology to provide better financial services to individuals, businesses and governments. It is 100% owned by UBA PLC, one of the largest banks in Africa. They provide innovative investment finance solutions to individuals, businesses and governments. Their services include: Investment Banking, Asset Management, Supervisors, and Security


• Greenwich Trust Limited

This company is the first provider of financial solutions for citizens to be registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as an issuer / financial advisor. Greenwich Trust Limited offers a range of services including: Financial advice, Organized finance issues, Security trading, Asset Management & Housing Development Research. Website:


• GTI Capital

It is an international investment bank authorized by the Securities & Exchange Commission to provide financial advisory services money, Mergers and Acquisitions,  Market Origination Agreement etc.

GTI Capital is a subsidiary of GTI Group which has been involved in restructuring and restructuring for various listed companies in Nigeria. Website:


• Core Trust & Investment Limited

It is an investment bank authorized by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to act as an issuer, fund manager, broker, portfolio manager and financial adviser. Their responsibilities include broker services, equity issuance, and mergers and acquisitions. Website: 


• SFS Financial Services Limited

It is the investment banking division of SFS Group registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) as a real estate/financial advisor. It has built a strong reputation as a provider of cost-effective financial services in the capital markets and in the area of ​​mergers and acquisitions. It also provides financial management for its customers. Website:


• Planet Capital Limited

This investment bank provides corporate finance advisory services to its clients. It also provides securities trading, wealth management and corporate governance advisory services. Website:

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