15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering


15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering

In fishing, food is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of the business. Regardless of the type of fish feed you choose to use on your farm, whether it's local or you choose to go overseas during your production process, you need to make sure it's a good one. The choice of food you decide to use, as I always tell my clients, depends on some factors that must be considered before you decide to start using a certain food for your fish.

Aquaculture, the farming of marine organisms, has become critical to meeting the growing global demand for seafood. The success of aquaculture depends to a large extent on the quality and nutritional value of the feed provided to farmed fish and other aquatic species.

In this article, I will share with you the different types of food that you can buy and use for your fish. These companies produce different types of food and can be used for any type. 15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering 


Types of Fish Feeds

• Dry Fish Food

The first type of fish meal is dried fish meal. It is the most commonly used type of fish in Nigeria. They are made from fibers and nutrients. This type of food is a fish that usually eats in tropical and salt water areas. These foods do not fall into water, they stay on the surface of water and last a long time on the shelf without losing their quality.


Vacation Fish Food

The next type of meal is the holiday meal, also known as a meal block or weekend block.

This type of food is good if it is given to fish in tropical areas where the breeder will not be present when the fish are feeding. This food, when thrown into the lake, dissolves and falls to the ground.

One thing to be aware of is not to watch the amount of food that is thrown into the water because the uneaten food pollutes the lake, which can cause the fish to die if not eaten.


Medicated Fish Feed

As the name suggests, medicated fish meal is a type of food that has been treated with fish medicine.

If you notice anything unusual about your fish, you can add medicine and food to feed your fish. Although everything has its own benefits, it is better than the negative effects of this type of food on your fish.


Freeze-Dried and Frozen Fish Feed

The following types of fish foods are best for tropical and spring fish. Food is produced from natural ingredients in their habitat.

The ingredients used in dried fish feed are tubifex worm, mosquito larvae and bloodworms. The mixture may also include water fleas and brine shrimp.

Another type of fish meal (frozen fish meal) is similar to dried fish meal, except that it is fresh, which means it will perish. Unlike frozen seafood, it is not processed in any way and can be sold in resealable packages.

The ingredients for these types of food are similar to dried food, but can also include things like bloodworms and daphnia. Having learned the factors to consider before choosing the best type of feed for your fish, let us now dive into the different types of fish feed in Nigeria.


List of Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria

15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering

1. Skretting

2. Coppens

3. Aller Aqua

4. Top Feeds

5. Blue Crown

6. Vital Feeds

7. EcoFloat

8.  Aqualis

9. Blue Crown

10. Omega

11. Aqua Boom

12. Livestock Feeds PLC

13. Zeigler Feeds

14. Dickem Feeds

15. Prime Feeds

16. Olam Nigeria 15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering 


• Skretting

The first type of food you can use for your fish is Skretting.  Skretting used to be known as Durante's fish meal. According to Skretting, they claim to be a world leader in providing innovative and sustainable feed systems for the aquaculture industry. 

They have their manufacturing facilities in 18 countries including Nigeria. I like their food because it is high in nutrients especially if you fish from chips or fish your own fish and have a low feed conversion ratio  (FCR) which makes the fish grow faster.  

Skretting food is like an alternative to natural food for worms when they are young. After many researches and questions to other fishers, the main reason they don't like to use Skretting is that it is the most expensive food among other types of food.  

The protein content of Skretting food can reach 48%. They have a Nigerian office in Ibadan. Their food is available in Superior Repro (for broodstock), Fish Starter (for larvae, fry and fry) and Superior (floating food for older fish).


• Coppens

The second type of fish is Coppens. Coppens was developed by a company called Alltech Coppens Aqua Center in the Netherlands. With their title known as fish food specialist, they managed to take over the market in a tough competition for Skretting food.  Another reason I chose to use this food is that, like Skretting, it has a lot of protein. It is also expensive but not as Skretting.

If you have the money to spend, you can use it to replace the Skretting stream. The protein content of Coppens can reach 56%.  Their food is available in Progress (for fries), Start premium, Pre-grower, Special pro, Grower, Essence and Repro (for broodstock). They are not only involved in the production of fish food, they also have products for fish such as eel, tilapia, trout, etc.


• Aller Aqua

A third type of fish food is Aller Aqua. Aller Aqua is produced by a company named Aller Aqua.

According to them, they have been producing seafood for more than 50 years, although it is a family business and has offices in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Egypt, China, Zambia and Serbia, where they deliver more than 60 countries worldwide. 

They have food for Fry, Grower, and Bloodstock fish that will help them at every stage of their life cycle. Aller Aqua not only produces food for African catfish, they also have food for fish such as poop, eels, salmon, tilapia, trout, etc.


• Top Feeds

Top Feeds is the next best marine food you can buy for your fish. They are produced by Premier Feed Mills Limited (subsidiary of Flour Mills, Nigeria), with their production facilities in three locations in Nigeria: Ibadan, Calabar and Kaduna. Due to their popularity and success in poultry feed production, they started producing seafood. 

If you are looking for a low floating food, then Top Feeds is the fish food I would recommend, especially if your fish is around 3 months old. Their food is available in Regular (for fry, juveniles, and combinations) and Omega fish food (for table fish and broodstock). They also have feed for Tilapia fish. 15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering 

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• Blue Crown

 The next type of fish is Blue Crown. Blue Crown is manufactured by a company called Olam Group. They have their offices in Ilorin, Kwara State.  They also produce poultry feed, but have branched out into fish production that provides fresh fish to more than 15,000 rural farmers in Nigeria.

For many Nigerian fishers, whenever they decide to stock cheap international brand foods (like Skretting and Coppens), the one food they choose is Blue Crown, why? Due to the nutritional strength and balance of amino and protein. The Olam Group produces other fish, but Blue Crown is superior to the other two.


• Vital Feeds

The sixth type of fish feed is Vital Feed. It is manufactured by Grand Cereals at their office located on Abeokuta Express Way.  Vital Fish Feed, like Skretting, has a low conversion rate and a high conversion rate, which allows farmers to get a good profit during harvest. According to Grand Cereals, their fish meal is specially formulated to float when served, making it the market leading fish meal.

Their thickness ranges from 2mm to 9mm. They all come in 15 kg packages.  Essential Foods also provides fish for goldfish, tilapia and Aquaboom.


• EcoFloat

Another food that can be used for your fish is Ecofloat.

Ecofloat is another product of Olam Group's three fish stock. If you're looking for floating food on a budget, go with Ecofloat. At some point as a farmer, you will want the food you feed your fish to stay on the surface and not sink in the water, Ecofloat solves this problem without any worries. Other types of fish feed that you can use to raise your fish are Zeigler, Aqualis, Chi, etc.


• Aqualis

Aqualis is committed to providing high quality food for freshwater and marine species. They offer different types of food to suit different levels of taste and nutritional needs of species. Aqualis focuses on sustainable production methods and promotes the health and well-being of farmed fish. 15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering 


• Blue Crown

Blue Crown specializes in the manufacture of premium quality baits for both freshwater and saltwater species. Their feed is designed to support the growth and quality of farmed fish. Blue Crown promotes sustainability and actively contributes to the development of responsible aquaculture practices.


• Omega

Omega is a well-known aquaculture feed brand that offers a variety of feeds for different types of water. They use modern technology and nutritional science to develop foods that improve fish growth, nutrient conversion and overall health. Omega feed is designed to support environmentally sustainable aquaculture practices.


• Aqua Boom

Aqua Boom focuses on producing feed for farmed tilapia, a popular fresh fish species. They provide nutrients that support optimal growth, a strong immune system, and efficient utilization of nutrients. Aqua Boom is dedicated to promoting the sustainable growth of tilapia farming through innovative feed solutions.


• Livestock Feeds PLC

PLC Livestock Feed is a Nigerian aquaculture feed brand that provides a wide range of feeds for different types of aquaculture. They are known for their commitment to product quality and safety. PLC Livestock Nutrition focuses on providing nutrients that promote optimal growth, feed efficiency and disease resistance in farmed fish.


• Zeigler Feeds

Zeigler Feeds is a global aquaculture feed brand specializing in the production of feed for a wide variety of species including fish, shrimp and crustaceans. They are known for their advanced formulation, combining innovation and technology to improve growth and performance. Zeigler Foods also brings sustainability and environmental responsibility to its food production process.


• Dickem Feeds

Dickem Feeds is a trusted aquaculture feed brand that focuses on providing the right feed for a wide variety of animals. They provide appropriate nutrition for different growth stages, ensuring that the nutritional needs of farmed fish are met throughout their life. Dickem Feeds is committed to improving the profitability and sustainability of aquaculture through its high-quality feed.

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• Prime Feeds

Prime Feeds is a well-known aquaculture feed brand that aims to meet the nutritional needs of a variety of fish and shrimp species. They use advanced research and development practices to create foods that maximize growth, health and performance. Prime Feeds is committed to providing a feed that supports the full sustainability and profitability of aquaculture operations.


• Olam Nigeria

Olam Nigeria is a well-known aquaculture feed brand operating in Nigeria, offering a wide range of feed for different species of animals. They are known for their commitment to quality and innovation in pet food production. Olam Nigeria is focused on developing the best growth-promoting feed, feed conversion and prevention services in farmed fish, thereby contributing to the development of a sustainable aquaculture industry in the region.


Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed

When you get to know the different types of seafood and fish in Nigeria, there are some things you should think about before you decide which one to choose. 15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering 

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• Availability

The first thing to consider before choosing your favorite fish food brand is the availability of food in the market. You don't want to choose a product that, when your back is gone, is no longer available in the market. Depending on your situation, some of the types of food mentioned above may not be readily available in the market. So, before you choose Skretting, Coppens or other brands, be sure to do your best and ensure that it will be easy to buy another pack after your fish have used the first one.


• Amount of money

Another thing to consider when choosing a fish food brand is price. Consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend and wear before choosing the brand. For example, just because I had the money to buy Skretting during my production process, that doesn't mean you have the same money to spend. Plan your expenses and make sure you have enough money to support the project before you start.


• Quality

The third thing you should consider is the quality of the electricity. Yes, the foods mentioned above are great, but that doesn't mean there aren't processed foods.  Before buying any food, make sure you know the quality, protein level and other ingredients of the food. If you buy in large quantities and can find a factory, go there to buy and if they don't sell, they will recommend their chosen distributor where you can buy the food first. 15 Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria – New Discovering 


Final Thought 

The success of your fish farm does not only depend on the type of feed, other factors contribute to the success of the fish farm. All of the foods mentioned above are very good depending on the side of the fish you want to indulge in. I use Skretting for newly hatched fish for the first few weeks and continue until they are two months old. On the other hand, Skretting is Coppens for fries.

As they get bigger, I use other types of fish food. I always advise my clients, if they have money as a beginner, to use Skretting or Coppens for the first two months (from fry or children), then they can go to 'face with Aller Aqua, Blue Crown or important.

Just because I use these types of recipes and they work well for me, that doesn't mean they will work for you. These are the foods that I have used over time and have worked for me and have worked for many farmers, you have to balance and look for food that will be suitable for your farm and your use.

We will all be successful. I would like to know what kind of fish feed you use in your farm in the comments section.

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