15 Major causes of Corruption in Nigeria

15 Major causes of Corruption in Nigeria

Corruption is a type of dishonesty or criminal offense committed by a person or group in a public position, with the intention of obtaining an unfair advantage or abusing power.

It is true that corruption is one of the biggest problems in Nigeria.

This unique problem has hindered the development of the country for many years. Nigerians should have left the third world status, but the corruption problem has affected all parts of the country.

The rise in corruption has put Nigeria in the top 15 in the global corruption rankings.

There are different types of corruption in Nigeria; some of them range from election betting to corruption and even embezzlement of public funds, etc. The list is being extended. Corrupt politicians running the government continue to squander resources meant for the development of the common people, which has left many Nigerians living in poverty.

It is clear that Nigeria is an oil rich country. It is also a country that is fortunate to have many mineral resources. Other oil rich countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., have been able to manage their own resources effectively and others to ensure the development of the country and people.

Greed, poverty, apathy, illiteracy, lack of good work ethic, lack of freedom of press, lack of freedom of judiciary, lack of patriotism, lack of interest, Poor Pay and Incentives, Lack of morals,  Unemployment etc  is the cause of corruption in Nigeria. 

However, in Nigeria, this is happening. Instead of managing the country's economy properly, politicians steal government money and use it for their own interests.

Corruption has been a part of Nigeria since its inception. The problem started soon after the British (colonial rulers) left. First Nations politicians used the nation's wealth very quickly after the British left. The level of corruption in the country also led to the military takeover of the Nigerian government in 1966, but this did not end the problem of corruption in Nigeria, but made it worse.

The military stole a lot of money during their time in power. In fact, some of them still bring back tata to be looted. Nigeria's fourth nation has not been free from corruption because it has not had a fair election since the inception of the fourth nation.

President Buhari promised to make corruption a top priority of his administration in 2015, and that promise has not been fulfilled.

In today's article, we would like to examine the various causes of corruption in Nigeria.


Top 10 Causes of Corruption in Nigeria

Below is a list of the causes of corruption in Nigeria. As you know, these things have caused a serious problem of corruption in Nigeria. Therefore, we will consider each of them at length.

1. Greed

2. Poverty

3. Apathy

4. Illiteracy

5. Lack of Right Attitude to Work

6. Lack of Freedom of Press

7. Lack of Independence of the Judiciary

8. Lack of patriotism

9. Lack of Selflessness

10. Lack of Transparency

11. Poor Pay and Incentives

12.  Poor Youth Empowerment

13. Colonial Rule

14. Lack of Morals

15. Unemployment

Let's study them carefully

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• Greed

Greed is one of the causes of corruption. It is greed that will lead a politician to steal money meant for the development of the country. If leaders can learn to stop being selfish and start working for the good of the country, corruption will be greatly defeated.


• Poverty

Poverty also leads to corruption. The poor are easily influenced by politicians who want to force them to commit crimes such as voting, accepting bribes, etc. Politicians know that the poor are vulnerable, so they don't want to transfer money that will improve people's living conditions. If a politician can sympathize with the voters and start doing the job he was elected to do, Nigeria will be a better place to live.


• Apathy

Apathy is another cause of corruption in Nigeria. People have lost faith in their leaders, so they no longer see the need to vote in elections. We must restore the people's trust in the government by nominating only qualified and impartial leaders for office. People should understand that their vote is their greatest power. You must make every effort to register and vote in each election.


• Illiteracy

Lack of education is one of the causes of corruption. If the people were educated, they would know the kind of damage that corrupt government is doing in the country, and in turn they would be elected. In our fight against corruption, we must make financial education a priority so that we can win the fight against corruption.


• Lack of Right Attitude to Work

If corrupt politicians behave well at work, they will know how to do their job in the country effectively and efficiently. Politicians should start doing their job properly to ensure the progress of the country.

Doing the job they were appointed to do included refusing to accept bribes and taking public money. They should also report any corrupt behavior to their colleagues as soon as possible, this is one of the ways to fight corruption.


• Lack of Freedom of Press

In a corrupt government, one of the things they try to do is silence in the press. If journalists can't tell their corrupt history, then they hide more from the public. 

In other words, to eliminate corruption in our country, we must ensure that the freedom of the press is the most important thing. Parliament should also enact laws that support the freedom of the press, so that journalists are not prosecuted every time they report against the current government.


• Lack of Independence of the Judiciary

They say, the court is the last hope of the common people. In other words, to ensure that human rights are protected, we must ensure that the judiciary is independent from other branches of government. We must ensure that we elect only impartial judges to eliminate corruption in our country.


• Lack of Patriotism

We need local people. We need people who love their country to fill positions. If a politician really loves his country, he will not harm it. Patriotism should be one of the things used in politics, only those who love their country should be allowed to rule it. Nationalist politicians are the ones who criticize their colleagues who are involved in corruption.


• Lack of Selflessness

Nigeria needs selfless leaders. Leaders must put the needs of the people before their own. If we want to free our country from the shackles of corruption, we must try to elect only unpopular leaders to rule the government. Government is one of the best ways to serve your country and to do it well, you have to do it selflessly.


• Lack of Transparency

Nigeria is at a low level of transparency and if the government has no one to answer to, they can make senseless crimes.


• Poor Pay and Incentives

 Lack of work and overwork lead to poor reward and motivation. It seems that the job level doesn't match the salary. Therefore, due to hopelessness and desperation, other ways of making money, even illegal ones, are sought.


• Poor Youth Empowerment

When the youths of the country are left to fend for themselves, they become the tools of the corrupt and powerful government. They are not considered crimes.


• Colonial Rule

It is said that neglecting public property and property comes from the colonial era when their property was not considered ours, because destroying it was not a crime.


• Lack of Morals

Morality is a principle or pattern of good behavior. A lack of this in schools can be seen in exam performance; and politics in the form of electoral fraud. When people have no sense of ethics, corruption reigns unchecked.


• Unemployment

So no work and payment charges leave the patient, so efforts are tired of escape, one can engage in behavior.

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