25 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria


25 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria

The holidays are a special time for many families, and the bonds and memories formed during these family trips create stories that will last for generations. Children also learn a lot by visiting new environments and interacting with people from different backgrounds. Curious to experience the unique culture and natural wonders of Nigeria. If so, these beautiful places to visit in Nigeria are all must-visits for your trip to one of Africa's most popular countries. 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria


List of Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria

1. Abuja

2. Lagos

3. Benin City

4. Kano

5. Calabar

6. Yankari National Park

7. Cross River National Park

8. Gashaka-Gumti National Park

9. Kainji National Park

10.  Obudu Mountain Resort

11. Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

12. Oke Idanre/Idanre Hill

13. Zuma Rock

14. Ogbunike Caves

15. Owu Waterfall

16. Olumo Rock

17. Coconut Beach

18. Ibeno Beach

19. Erin-Ijesha/Olumirin Waterfall

20. Ngwo Pine Forest

21. Awhum Waterfalls

22. Mpape Crushed Rock

23. Lekki Conservation Centre

24. Idanre Hills

25. Include yours 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria


• Abuja

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, located in the center of the country. It is one of the well-planned cities in the world, home to impressive buildings including the National Stadium, the Great Mosque and the National Christian Center. 

It is also home to the National Assembly, the President's Palace, and many other beautifully designed government seats, including the Supreme Court. Visible from all parts of the city is Aso Rock, a monolith reaching a height of 400 meters. 

This city offers something unique for all types of tourists. Hikers will love the Lower Usuma Dam, while the Pyramid Art Center is a must-see for anyone who loves art, design and culture.


• Lagos

The most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos, has beautiful architecture including the Lekki Ikoyi Bridge, Lagos Lagoon, Marina and the National Theatre. The Nike Museum is also a must-visit for art lovers and enthusiasts. The five-story museum, established in 2009 by Nike Davies-Okundaye, is located in Lagos, a southwestern state.

The gallery has over 20,000 works of art by various Nigerian artists and encourages and creates an atmosphere that supports the growth and appreciation of African art.


• Benin City

Benin City is the capital of Edo State. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, dating back to pre-colonial times. Its history and unique culture make it a place to visit in Nigeria. The city is also famous for its metal sculptures and various arts and crafts, some of which are now displayed in various museums around the world.

The best places in Benin City include the Royal Palace of the Oba of Benin, Ogiamen Palace, Okomu National Park, Igun Street, Igue Festival, and the National Museum. Benin City is also a great place for foodies. You can try a variety of delicious local foods, such as yam and ogbono soup, at food markets, restaurants, and vendors throughout the city.


• Kano

The capital of Kano State, Kano is an important agricultural and commercial area. It is the oldest city in West Africa and has a long history. A beautiful city, Kano is popular for its various events and is also known for horse riding, as it is located south of the Sahara desert. 

Some of the attractions in Kano city are the Emir's Palace, Murtala Muhammed Library, Kajuru Castle, Dala Hill and Gidan Makama Museum. Tanning, weaving and weaving are central to Kano's traditional arts and crafts. Tourists can also enjoy the architecture that dates back to the 15th century. 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria


• Calabar

Known for its rich history and palm trade, Calabar is the beautiful capital city of Cross River State. The town is home to one of the oldest churches in Nigeria, Duke Town Church. It is famous for being home to many primates, including the Cross River gorilla and the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee. 

Calabar is a significant tourist town, located on a hill facing the Calabar River. It is also considered as the cleanest and greenest city in Nigeria. The city boasts of a popular annual festival, a wildlife sanctuary and sanctuaries, and a renowned university – the University of Calabar – among others.


• Yankari National Park

Located in the northeast of Nigeria, Yankari National Park is home to African wild elephants, West African lions, African buffalo and many other species of wildlife. Other best places include Wikki, Dimmil, Mawulgo and Gwana, Marshall Caves and Dukkey Wells. 

Yankari National Park is also home to some of the earliest examples of human settlement, dating back to the 10th century. Rock carvings and sculptures such as Tunga Dutse are among the sights of the park. Yankari National Park has something for everyone. You can see many animals in their habitats and game drives, swim in the warm, hot springs of Wikki Springs, enjoy the history and biology in the on-site museum, and spend the night amidst the beauty of Wiki Camp.


• Cross River National Park

Often referred to as the "Amazon of Africa" ​​because of its size and beauty, the Cross River National Park is located in southeastern Nigeria. The park is divided into two large areas about 50 kilometers apart: the Okwangwo area and the Oban area. 

The various properties of this natural wonder are well known. It is one of the richest rainforest regions in West Africa. The park is home to a variety of animals including gorillas, chimpanzees, drills, rare birds and butterflies. If you are lucky, you can also see leopards, monkeys and buffaloes. 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria

Agbokim and Qua waterfalls are beautiful in reflection and are two of the park's must-sees for nature purposes. There is so much to see in Cross River National Park that it would be a crime not to visit it on a trip to Nigeria.


• Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Known for its unique biodiversity, the Gashaka-Gumti National Park is Nigeria's largest national park, located in the southeastern states of Taraba and Adamawa.  This magical area in Nigeria is full of lush forests, lush greenery and beautiful valleys. The park is also home to Chappal Waddi, the highest mountain in Nigeria.

Gashaka-Gumti National Park is home to the largest population of chimpanzees in Nigeria. In the park, you can see rare animals such as African elephant, Adamawa Mountain waterbuck, roan and kob antelope, hippos, buffalo, hundreds of species of birds and rare plants. like red sunbird. This spectacular park is open all year round, but the best time to visit is during the summer, from December to March.


• Kainji National Park

Kainji National Park, located in two neighboring states - Kwara and Niger - is divided into three parts: Kainji Lake, Zurguma Game Reserve in the south, and Borgu Game Reserve in the west. The number of species of animals you can see in Kainji is amazing. 

A safari or game drive can give you many opportunities to see lions, elephants, cheetahs, badgers, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, birds, lizards, snakes, turtles, monkeys and many other animals.  In the park, you can enjoy the beautiful houses, the top hotels, the tour of the electric power plant, and other camping places that can help in an unforgettable experience. For the best weather, be sure to schedule your visit between December and June.


• Obudu Mountain Resort

With one of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery you will ever see, the hill station of Obudu is a popular holiday destination for many tourists. It is located on the Obudu Plateau in southern Nigeria, which is close to Cameroon, one of Nigeria's neighbors. 

This is the best place to stay if you are looking for fun activities in a quiet environment. To get more panoramic views, be sure to take a bus from the bottom to the top of the mountain. You will be able to see the view of the angel, the cave, the presidential villa and many other places that are really beautiful. 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria


• Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

Have you ever heard of hot and cold water getting stuck together? This truly amazing phenomenon is called Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, located in the southwest of Nigeria. The most interesting part of this creation is that the springs are not mixed, but somehow retain their thermal properties.  

Decorated with lush greenery, this resort is a perfect destination for nature lovers. It is not surprising that thousands of tourists flock to this beautiful place every year to get satisfaction from one of nature's gifts. Permit my French, but c’est très magnifique!


• Oke Idanre/Idanre Hill

Oke Idanre, a huge mountain, is an absolute wonder to behold. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in Ondo, a state in the southwest of Nigeria. The mountains completely surround the town of Idanre and can be seen from all sides.

Apart from their beauty, the hills are full of history of the people of Idanre, which is included in many Nigerian legends. Sometimes seeming to touch the sky, the mountains are truly a wonder to behold. To reach the top, visitors have to climb 3,000 steep steps (almost 700 steps). 

In fact, it's a great place for travelers, travelers and fun-seekers. If you are in the area, the Royal Palace is also a huge attraction and well worth a visit.


• Zuma Rock

To the west of peaceful Abuja is Zuma Rock, a massive monolith reaching a massive height of 725m, or less than 2,400ft. It is beautiful to see, this rock is often called 'Gateway Abuja from Suleja'. 

Zuma Rock is deeply rooted in the state's history. Historically, a retreat for the Gbagyi tribe when it was attacked, the mountain appears on one of Nigeria's banknotes today.


• Ogbunike Caves

Ogbunike Cave in the valley in Anambra State is a series of caves connected by a small road. They have special spiritual significance to Anambra indigenes. Ogbunike Cave is a beautiful sight to see. 

Along with their complex and fascinating rock formations, the caves also offer the opportunity to see crocodiles, turtles, and special stones known as "talking stones", which, according to tradition, can tell people talk. Really scary! Due to the spiritual value of the caves, visitors are asked to remove their shoes, and women who have their monthly cycle are not allowed to enter. Wonderfully shrouded in mystery, the sanctity of the caves is preserved today and protected from urban encroachment.


• Owu Waterfall

Known as a 'natural wonder', Owu Waterfall is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular gifts of Mother Nature in Nigeria. It is the longest waterfall in West Africa, and the waterfall is 120 meters high, 330 meters long and flows out of cold water, surrounded by vegetation. 

There are many footpaths along the waterfall, which means that both casual hikers and runners can enjoy the view. Swimming in the pool and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings are also common activities for guests. It is a fantastic holiday destination, with the perfect mix of accommodation and luxury hotels to ensure an unforgettable stay.


• Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta, a city in western Nigeria. The word 'language' literally means 'trouble and suffering everywhere'. This description refers to the use of the stone by the Egba people as shelters and shelters during tribal wars. Even the name of the town, "Abeokuta", is well named, as it means "under the rock". 

The rock reaches a height of 137 meters above sea level and can be climbed by elevator or by a series of artificial steps carved into the rock face. From above, you are treated to the beautiful city of Abeokuta, which is definitely one of the most Instagrammable scenes in Nigeria. The place also has many rare plants.


• Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is located in Badagry, a coastal town in Lagos state. About 30 kilometers from the border of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, you will find this beautiful beach with coconut palms.

This beach is great for a relaxing weekend. You can step into a beautiful and enchanting landscape, let the sea breeze soothe your soul and marvel at the beautiful blue sky as the Nigerian sun kisses you.  When it is very hot, the coconut tree provides a nice and cool shade. The beach also has plenty of live music to keep you entertained and refreshments from vendors. 20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nigeria


• Ibeno Beach

Stretching 45 meters from Ibeno to James Town, Ibeno Beach is not only the longest beach in Africa but also one of the most popular in Akwa Ibom State. 

Ibeno Beach offers you a beautiful view of the coast on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, and is also suitable for serious tourists and adventure seekers who are looking for a lot of activities and things to do.  

Along Ibeno beach you can watch or participate in many activities including archery, beach ball, sailing, sailing, sailing and many other water sports. Ibeno Beach is the best place for a weekend getaway. It is perfect for families, couples and sports enthusiasts. Make sure you go between November and March, during the summer.


• Erin-Ijesha/Olumirin Waterfall

Erin-Ijesa, or Olumirin waterfall, is one of the most visited waterfalls in Nigeria. It is located in the center of Osun State, in the South West, just two kilometers from the town of Erin-Ijesa. 

The locals believe that the water has healing properties.  Erin-Ijesa as a whole has three reservoirs, connected by many paths with different stops at certain levels. Walking to the top of Erin-Ijesa takes about two hours, but the interesting views of valleys, shallow lakes, mountains, tall trees and grasslands are worth it.


Ngwo Pine Forest

The Pine Forest is located in Enugu, a state in the south east of Nigeria. It has many wonderful caves and a thundering stream, which flows down and becomes a lake at the bottom of it. Tall pine clusters, lush vegetation and pleasant relaxation are just some of the delights that await the Ngwo Pine Forest. With its beautiful location and its quiet surroundings, the Pine Forest is the best place for taking pictures and gatherings, moments of inspiration or if you want a break from the chaotic system. If you are planning to visit, make sure you are in a group with friends or family.


• Awhum Waterfalls

Awhum Waterfall is formed from a large granite outcrop with water flowing over it, forming a stream. The best time to visit is during the rainy season, so be sure to pack comfortable clothes and shoes and be prepared to get a little wet as you explore this beautiful place in Nigeria.


• Mpape Crushed Rock

Mpape Crushed Rock is an abandoned mining site in Abuja. This beautiful place in Nigeria is a beautiful place, perfect for family photography, photography, or a refreshing trip. Pack a basket, put on comfortable shoes, and head to this amazing place.


• Lekki Conservation Centre

If you are an animal loving family, Lekki Conservation Center is the best place to visit. Walk the longest covered walkway in Africa, see birds, monkeys and some rare and protected species.


• Idanre Hills

Idanre Hills is located in the ancient hill town of Idanre Akure, Ondo State. Be sure to climb the 682 steps necessary to reach the top of the hill and take in the beautiful countryside with your family.


Final Thought

Nigeria is a beautiful country, culture and such wonders, these beautiful places are very true to the covenant. Whether you're eager to try new foods, embrace a different culture, or see some truly spectacular natural wonders, Nigeria truly has something for everyone. These must-see places on any Nigerian travel itinerary will help make a trip full of honour, beauty and charm that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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