30 Most Profitable Skills to Learn and Master in Nigeria


The most profitable skills to learn and master in Nigeria are; Technology Skills, Marketing and Sales, Financial Management, Project Management, Communication and social skills, Health and Medical Skills, Education and Teaching, Online Photography Classes, Hair Styling, Makeup, Clothing and Fashion, Phone Repairs, House Painting, Wallpaper Installation, Food and Restaurant Business, Cake Baking & Pastries, Solar Power Installation, Plumbing, CCTV Installation, Transportation Business,  Playing Musical Equipment, Electrician & House Wiring,  Nail & Eyelashes Fixing etc.

In today's global economy, having good skills is very important. Ten years ago, all you needed was a strong technical skill in your belt and you were set for life. Nowadays, technical skills are not the only determinant of success.

But what are the most important and top paying skills in Nigeria that you should learn? This blog will discuss everything.  To be successful in this era, one must have a combination of hard and soft skills, which are transferable and desirable. This is important for any company.

Fortunately, learning new skills is easier than ever! With the power of the internet, one can learn many useful skills in Nigeria or anywhere and anytime.

The most profitable skills to learn and master in Nigeria are; Technology Skills, Marketing and Sales, Financial Management, Project Management, Communication and social skills, Health and Medical Skills, Education and Teaching, Online Photography Classes, Hair Styling, Makeup, Clothing and Fashion, Phone Repairs, House Painting, Wallpaper Installation, Food and Restaurant Business, Cake Baking & Pastries, Solar Power Installation, Plumbing, CCTV Installation, Transportation Business,  Playing Musical Equipment, Electrician & House Wiring,  Nail & Eyelashes Fixing etc.

There are many skills and jobs you can acquire as a Nigerian student, graduate or entrepreneur.

The dream of every young Nigerian is to make a lot of money in a few weeks. But, it is not as easy as it may seem. You will encounter many challenges in achieving financial freedom.

Making money online or by hand requires your dedication, creativity and hard work. But the good news is that you will make a lot of money if you put in the work and stay consistent.

You can learn a high paying skill or high paying craft in less than three (3) months. It depends on how quickly you can learn and apply your knowledge.

As a Nigerian, you need to learn useful money making skills. You need this knowledge to make money. You will find this article helpful if you are a student, graduate, government employee, or entrepreneur.

The reality in Nigeria requires you to have a side business as a Nigerian. In this article, I will walk you through the most useful and useful skills to make yourself a freelancer in Nigeria.

Also, you will be able to clear your doubts about which is better between the profession and the trade or the profession you will learn. I would love to hear from you in the comment box below. Let me know if you need more help or have any questions.


The Most useful skill to learn in Nigeria

Learning one of the most profitable skills in Nigeria will make you self-employed. There are four (4) most useful skills that you can learn to make money in Nigeria;

• Manual work

• Digital art

• Marketing skills

• Soft skills

Manual labor is a skill that involves doing physical work to provide employment to people. These are the tasks that you use yourself. It involves using your skills and knowledge to solve problems. For example, a mechanic can repair a car by knowing his craft as a mechanic. Handicrafts involve manual labor and it pays to learn in Nigeria.


Learning Handwork in Nigeria

You can learn a trade by registering as an apprentice at a training centre. Learning a trade will take you between six (6) months to seven (7) years in Nigeria. You will receive a stipend from your trainer after your training program.


List of Most Profitable Skills to Learn and Master in Nigeria

Here is the list of profitable and useful handwork to learn as a student in Nigeria;

1. Technology Skills

With the growing reliance on technology in many industries due to the digital age we live in, professionals with technical skills such as software development, data analysis, intelligence and cyber security are in high demand. The global economy has never been as interconnected as it is today.

Those who are familiar with current and emerging technologies have an advantage over others. They can apply their skills in different areas because they are some transferable skills.

Examples are computer skills (MS Office, web design and development), writing, online research, editing, etc. There is no doubt that technology and technology are among the most lucrative and rewarding skills to acquire in Nigeria, as technology is the backbone of many companies.

In the future, as businesses and individuals rely on technology, people with skills may find themselves in high demand, making them earn enough money. Whether you're looking to start a business or find a new job, having the right technology can pay off and open up a world of opportunities.

A software engineer - a technical and technical profession - can earn up to NGN 439,500 per month on average in Nigeria.


2. Marketing and Sales

Buyers and sellers are important to any business as they help promote products and services and generate revenue. Today in this digital world, platforms like social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and video sharing services like Youtube and Tiktok are becoming the best way of marketing in the world. 

Digital marketing professionals with extensive experience in social media marketing, copy-writing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid advertising (such as Facebook and Google Ads) are able to make a lot of money. It is also important for digital marketers to learn how to sell because it is one of the most useful and desirable skills that anyone can learn.

Marketing professionals in Nigeria earn about NGN 455,000 per month on average.

3. Financial Management

Money management skills are in high demand in Nigeria as businesses and individuals need to manage their money well to be successful. These professionals help individuals and organizations make sound financial decisions that help maximize profits while minimizing or avoiding losses. The skills here can make you more money.


4. Project Management

Project management skills are required to coordinate and organize projects and ensure they are completed on time and within budget. In today's world, effective managers are the core of any business and economic system. 

They ensure that projects run smoothly within budget and timelines and maximize team productivity. The success of the project is due to the effective management of these professionals.

5. Leadership and Management of People

Strong leadership and management skills are important for those looking to advance their careers, as they help individuals lead and motivate teams. These skills are very fluid and important in all industries. 

Good leaders and managers can make a big difference in the progress and growth of a company or business. They allow the company to increase its profits and solve any problems that may arise along the way. The average salary of a manager in Nigeria is about NGN 425,000 per month.


6. Communication and Social skills

The ability to communicate effectively and build strong relationships with colleagues and clients is critical in any role. In today's business environment, communication is the key to any business. Written and effective communication makes the process smooth and efficient. Communication is about making meaningful connections between colleagues in their jobs and businesses and markets.

Therefore, improving your speaking and writing skills will make you a better communicator. A communications professional in Nigeria can earn up to NGN 425,000 per month, while PR professionals earn an average of NGN 500,000 per month.

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7. Entrepreneurial Skills

With the growing number of small businesses in Nigeria, entrepreneurial skills such as innovation, risk taking and problem solving are in high demand.

Startup culture is becoming a global trend these days. Young entrepreneurs are starting to create businesses that provide solutions to today's problems. These marketing skills help innovators thrive amid the challenges of innovation and startups. 

If you are thinking of starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneur in an existing business, these skills are important and will help you earn more money.


8. Legal Skills

Lawyers and legal professionals are in high demand in Nigeria to help businesses and individuals navigate the complex legal system. In all business life, conflict is inevitable. Legal experts are experts in helping to make good decisions about these disputes. 

They are also responsible for managing things like intellectual property, copyright, and public relations, among others. These skills are perfect if you want to create a career in litigation, ethics and politics. The average salary of a lawyer in Nigeria is about NGN 475,000.

9. Health and Medical Skills

The health sector is growing rapidly in Nigeria and professionals with medical and health skills such as nursing; medicine and medicine are in high demand. They also provide health services to ensure that people are in good health. With the results of the global epidemic, it is necessary for more professionals. A doctor in Nigeria can earn an average of NGN 500,000 per month.


10. Education and Teaching

Teachers and educators are very important for the development of the next generation, and those with strong teaching skills are in high demand in Nigeria. They provide training for future workers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the country. They are also responsible for providing counseling that will help students gain the necessary skills and experience needed in the real world.


11. Online Photography Classes

Taking online photography classes is one way to start your career as a photographer. You will learn a beginner's guide to becoming a professional photographer. 

The advantage of this course is that it is cheap. You will only pay for your course material and internet data. Some photography lessons are free. The downside to learning photography online is that you won't get good clients. It is necessary to purchase photography equipment to learn how to use this technique.


12. Hair Styling

Hairdressing is one of the most lucrative professions in Nigeria. Becoming a hairdresser will give you job opportunities in your country and abroad. Most people who want to travel abroad often learn basic skills as the skill of choice. This is because there are jobs for hairdressers everywhere.

The duration of hair training is between six (6) months and one (1) year.

It is wise to apply yourself as an apprentice in a hair salon. You can follow hairstylists on YouTube to improve your skills. After graduation, you can decide to get a job in a beauty salon or open your own hair salon if you have the capital.

The advantage of hairdressing is that you sell wigs, weaves and other hair products. Learning to sew the latest and most popular styles is essential to getting high-paying customers.


13. Makeup

Makeup is now a source of income for Nigerians. It is a skill that can make you think of yourself. A makeup artist is someone who applies makeup on a client's face to make them look beautiful. Many women wear makeup on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc. Also, actors use film makeup for male and female actors. Learning makeup starts by signing up as a learner or watching YouTube videos. It is best to learn the art of makeup in a studio and improve your skills using online courses.


14. Clothing and Fashion

Fashion designing or sewing is a high paying skill in Nigeria. It is a skill that you can learn to earn money.

Fashion designers are those who create beautiful, beautiful clothes from materials. They know how to dress well for every occasion.

The Nigerian fashion industry is profitable because people wear new clothes for the season. Learning to sew will require one (1) year of training at a fashion school. You will learn to sew by learning under the guidance of an experienced seamstress. Fashion design is the style of fashion now. Fashion designers work hard to make expensive clothes.

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15. Phone Repair

Mobile phone repair is one of the best trades to learn in Nigeria. Mobile phone repairers are people who repair faulty mobile devices. For example, you have to take your phone to a repair shop if your Samsung dock fails. 

You will find these guys in the phone department (computer community) of popular markets in Nigeria. They were also selling cell phone accessories and used cell phones. You can make money as a phone repairman because your customers will recommend their family and friends to fix them.

Learning how to repair mobile devices will take you one (1) year. Find a mobile phone repairer in your area and Express your interest in learning opportunities. You can sell mobile accessories like power banks, earphones, chargers, etc., for repairing your phone.


16. House Painting

Learning to paint all types of buildings is a great skill. Painting is an easy craft to learn. The real estate sector is booming in Nigeria. This is also why home decorators pay so much money. Artists earn good money for their craft.

You can learn how to paint beautiful, popular houses in six (6) months. There are two types of house painting in Nigeria; Interior design of the interior and Exterior drawings of the building

As an artist, you can get high-paying clients by making friends with construction engineers, paint dealers, and others. In addition, visiting the construction site is a good strategy to attract customers.


17. Wallpaper Installation

Wall decals are another way to paint a room. 3D interior design is popular in Nigeria. Homeowners prefer wallpaper over paint because it's easy to change and the cheapest option. You can learn how to install wallpaper in three (3) months in Nigeria. There are different styles and ways to apply wallpaper patterns.


18. Food and Restaurant Business

Opening a local restaurant is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Nutrition is important for the body. Nigerians eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many people buy food on the way to work. Others get food for lunch and evening breaks. Selling delicious food in a restaurant will bring you a lot of profit. You can start a small restaurant on a budget from home. There are benefits to starting a food business, and your family can eat from the food you cook.

You can always stay fresh by selling your food online using couriers. Starting a food business in Nigeria

The cost of starting a small restaurant business depends on your location, the cost of food and the size of the restaurant.

It may cost about two hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦50,000-200,000) to start a food business in Nigeria. Look for business opportunities to improve your hotel. The location of your business will determine the type of customers you will support. You can use your home as a location for your restaurant if you have a small budget. But it is better to rent a shop for your food business. This will give your food business a level of professionalism.


19. Cake Baking & Pastries

Baking cakes, cupcakes, snacks and small cutlets is a good business in Nigeria. This facility is suitable for all types of people, from students to adults. You can earn a lot of money by baking. To become a baker, you start by learning how to bake online or at a training school. The duration of the pastry course is three (3) months.

During this time, you will learn to create and make delicious cakes. In addition, you will learn how to use the necessary equipment for cooking. Learning how to make meat pies and other foods will earn you more money. The more delicious your pastries, the more recommendations and customers you will get.


20. Plumbing

Sailing is one of the best and most lucrative professions to learn in Nigeria to make money. A plumber is someone who installs an indoor irrigation system. The service also includes the repair and maintenance of faulty plumbing fixtures. For example, a plumber is responsible for installing a kitchen sink.

Every new house that is built should use the services of a plumber. Learning boxing in Nigeria lasts from six (6) months to one year.


21. Solar Power Installation

Solar installation is one of the best skills to learn in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are now looking elsewhere for electricity because of the fire. You can learn how to install solar panels for home and office. You will earn money by doing solar installation. Learning how to install solar panels in Nigeria starts from six (6) months to one (1) year.


22. CCTV Installation

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. CCTV installations are intended for monitoring activities in a home or office. Today, many banks, offices, private residences, etc. use CCTV cameras for security purposes.

CCTV installation is a lucrative profession to learn in Nigeria. You can make money by installing security cameras. You will start by registering as an apprentice and professional CCTV installer. The CCTV installation period is six (6) months.


23. Transportation Business

Transport is the best business in Nigeria. It involves the use of motorbikes, motorbikes, cars or vans to transport people from one place to another. Starting a profitable travel business in Nigeria. 

The secret to setting up a successful travel business is to understand the following; Have a good business plan, determine the type of Transportation Company, under the commercial floor, obtain the necessary authorizations etc.  Starting a travel business in Nigeria is a big investment.

You will need to purchase travel supplies; Tricycle (Keke Napep),Motorcycle (Okada), Mini Bus, Cars,etc. You can start traveling in Nigeria without a car by using a hire purchase service. This includes agreeing to a car or tricycle owner where you pay daily.


24. Playing Musical Equipment

Playing music is a profitable way to make money in Nigeria. Earn money by playing music in these places; Church, Ceremony, School, Music artist etc. You can make money if you know how to play a musical instrument. For example, some churches pay to play the saxophone.

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25. Electrician & House Wiring

An electrician is someone who repairs electrical faults in a home or office. It also includes electrical maintenance and home wiring. In addition, knowing how to repair electrical appliances is an added advantage. The job description of an electrician includes installation of electrical equipment and installation. 

You can become an electrician by learning from a professional electrician. The course for an electrician in Nigeria is one (1) year. To become an electrician, find an electrician in your area. After your training, you will get a job with a client who builds new homes.


26. Automobile Mechanic

Car mechanics repair cars that are not good and work well.

Becoming a car mechanic is one way to become self employed in Nigeria. Types of Automotive Industry in Nigeria. This is the type of car service in Nigeria; Motorcycles, Mechanic tricycle (Keke Napep), Car mechanics and Auto mechanic

Car repair is a common profession in Nigeria. This is one of the best ways to make money with art. You can become a mechanic by registering as an apprentice. The duration of this training is between one (1) and two (2) years. After that, you will have the freedom to work as a self-employed person.


27. Nail & Eyelashes Fixing

Nail and eyelash is a lucrative business in Nigeria. It is useful to learn how to fix nails and other women's cosmetics. Many women like to fix their nails and eyebrows for special occasions. You can learn this skill to earn money. Also, it is possible to add makeup to your art to earn more money. The duration for learning nail and eyelashes fixing is between six (6) months to one (1) year.


28. Tote & Crochet Handbag Making

Handbags are a popular accessory for women. Making handbags like tote bags and crochet is profitable in Nigeria. Also, you can learn how to make leather and Ankara bags. Learning how to design handbags is the best way to make money. 

Nowadays, Tote bags are now popular among students. It is a very lucrative opportunity to earn money. The art of making handbags involves learning about fabrics and their design. You can learn how to crochet in six (6) months by watching online tutorials or by signing up as an apprentice.


29. Floor Tiling

Learning how to do floor tile work pays in Nigeria. Most houses and businesses in Nigeria use tiles. You can earn money by becoming a professional. It is important to learn how to fix popular titles such as ceramic tiles. The maximum time to learn how to repair tiles in Nigeria is six (6) months. You will need to register as an apprentice and professional farmer. To get a contract, you'll want to make friends with building engineers and tile vendors.


30. Hair Barbing

Grooming is the art of cutting a man or woman's hair to make them look good. Cutting your hair is useful because people cut their hair all the time. You can learn to shave between three (3) and six (6) months.

Becoming a successful hairdresser includes the following; Know how to cut fashion in Nigeria for men and women, Install your hair salon in a safe place, Prepare your hair salon, Build a positive relationship with your customers etc.

Here is a list of the equipment you need to set up a head shop in Nigeria; Hairdressing , Large wall mirror, Generator,  Sterilizer, Swivel chair, Hair, Sound system, Physical paper for volume and  Fan or air conditioner

You don't need to get a hair salon in Nigeria. It is possible to put yourself in a hair salon and pay for the opportunity. You can learn how to cut hair in Nigeria; Online courses and Register as a student. Signing up for an apprenticeship at a salon is the best way to learn how to cut hair. You will know the basics and start cutting hair yourself.

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High Demand Skills in Nigeria

In addition to the advanced financial skills listed above, other skills are in high demand in Nigeria. These include engineering skills, accounting skills, and design skills. As the economy continues to grow and develop, the demand for these and other skills may increase.

These skills are also great options, although acquiring them can take a lot of time and resources. Advanced skills such as engineering are subject to government regulation and require investment in education and training. Skills like design, on the other hand, require real world experience to thrive.


How to Learn These Skills

Having good skills is one of the most effective strategies for securing your dream job. In today's business world, degrees (such as AAS, BBA, and MBA), certifications, and many other credentials continue to carry a lot of weight. As mentioned, they are in high demand, especially in high-tech fields, and are always in demand. 

The online resources provided here will guide you in choosing a career path that is right for you and help you develop the skills necessary to follow that path. Their state-of-the-art education plan aims to help you learn quality skills using a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.


Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

This section will discuss some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to high earning skills in Nigeria Especially, how to choose the right skills to learn, where to learn these skills and which skills provide the skills work in/from home.


How to Choose the Right High Quality Income for you

When choosing a high-income skill, you will need to do a lot of research and self-reflection.

There are key points to consider maximizing your learning and avoiding mistakes along the way. Be careful in considering your options and be thorough in your research.

Here's what to do when deciding which skills to get:

Know your interests and passions

Choose a high-paying skill that matches your interests and passions because you will be more motivated and determined to learn and master it. This motivation is very important to keep you engaged even if you experience difficulties during your studies. Learning a skill in a field that interests you also allows you to get to know the field better and gain a deeper understanding of it.

Consider a learning schedule

Choose a skill to learn in a reasonable amount of time. It may be tempting to choose a high-paying skill that requires a lot of training, but if it takes a long time to learn, it's not a worthwhile choice. You need to schedule your time and education to maximize your earning potential. You want something that won't take too much time and can be useful.

Understanding the demand for a skill

Demand is what determines whether a skill pays high wages or not. High demand equals high wages. Assess the demand for skills in your area and company. If there is a high demand for your art, you can earn a high price for your work. The exact position depends on many factors such as department, number of vacancies and experience. It all depends on how you negotiate your rates.

Look for skills that can be transferred

Choose skills that can be used in many companies or jobs, because this will give you flexibility and opportunities in the future. Naturally, soft skills are easily transferable to other areas. Communication skills and interpersonal skills are important in all industries and are highly valued by good project managers.

• Seek advice from mentors and industry experts

Getting a mentor is perhaps the best way to learn a skill. Contact teachers and industry experts to get their thoughts on high-paying skills and how best to learn them. They can also guide you on how to enter the field and be successful once you learn the skills. Online universities are another great place. 

Fully online universities offer students a convenient way to learn skills wherever and whenever they are. They allow you to learn at your own pace, unlike a human university. Lessons are also designed to be consumed more efficiently so that one can learn.


Where to Learn High Income Skills in Nigeria

In 2023, there are many useful skills to learn to make money in Nigeria and there are many ways to learn them. Some people choose to pursue education, such as a degree or certificate program, while others choose to learn through on-the-job training or online courses. Some options for acquiring high-income skills in Nigeria include universities, vocational schools, and professional development programs. However, if you are looking for a flexible way to learn, online universities are a great option.

Schools like Nexford University provide students with courses tailored to meet the current and future demands of the global economy - with DEAC qualifications in business research, e-commerce, AI and more. Students can learn really useful skills that are important in today's landscape.


What are the Best High Paying Skills you can Learn to Make Money Online in Nigeria?

Contrary to popular belief, crypto trading, liquidation, and affiliate marketing are not always the best skills to learn. This is because they usually do not provide reliable income.

Instead, as we mentioned above, you should focus on gaining expertise in the following areas:

• Technical skills

• Business and marketing skills

For people living in Nigeria who wants to make money online, learning money making technology and marketing/marketing is the best way. Technology forms the basis of many Internet jobs, such as web development, AI, software engineering, and data analysis. Marketing and sales help people market their products and services online effectively, reach potential customers, and build a successful business. With the right skills, Nigerians can earn a stable income by tapping into the demand for such digital skills and technologies.


Final Thought

Ensuring a successful career starts with learning valuable skills. But this is only the first step. You need to work hard, be determined and get the right equipment. A little luck never hurts!

Regardless of the skill you want to learn, your career progression depends on what you do with it. In order to be successful in what you love, it is important that you focus on learning the necessary skills at the right time. This is why structured and systematic learning is so effective.

Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of success, you must be willing to invest in yourself. It means putting time, effort, and resources into your art process.

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