Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teacher


Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teacher

Teaching is known as a "good job" because of the impact a teacher can have on children in general and who will be the leaders of tomorrow. But teaching can be good because of the challenges teachers face every day. Thinking of becoming a teacher? Make sure you like children, tweens or teenagers as you interact with them on a daily basis. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of the job, so if you sign up, you'll be well prepared for what awaits you.

Teaching is one of the oldest professions in the world, with centuries of history. Of course, a lot has changed since then, and education is now a public policy. Most of us aspire to be like our favorite childhood teachers. What's holding you back? For various reasons, teaching is one of the most important jobs. Teachers, among other things, support and influence future generations by providing support, encouragement, motivation and information.

Teachers, I feel like it lays the foundation of knowledge in all areas. For example, students will not pursue writing if they have not learned how to construct sentences, or they will not strive to become doctors if they have not had the opportunity to discover an interest in science education, or they will not want to be politicians if they have not learned heard about the importance of government and social studies. Education is embedded in society.

On the other hand, coaching may not be for everyone. It requires a lot of patience, the desire to help others in their development and growth, willingness to work with young people, problem solving skills and many other things. If you think you can manage all these things without spending a lot of money, tutoring can be a good option for you.

In this article, you will know teaching, like any other profession, has benefits and drawbacks. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of teaching.


Advantages of Being a Teacher

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teacher

1. Teachers play an important role for the society

Another advantage of working as a teacher is that you will contribute a lot to the society. The future of the children will be in your hands and you will want to teach them how and where to learn and some skills and experiences to prepare them for the challenging world we live in.

If you don't teach these children to be good people, and they don't learn it at home because they grow up in a terrible family environment, they won't have anyone to turn to when they grow up and have power to break the law. As a result, you will have a high level of personal responsibility as a teacher and can make a big difference in our world.


2. Teachers don’t have to work long hours

You will not work long hours as a teacher. You will probably only work 40 hours per week, however, some teachers work less. In fact, you will have to work longer in the beginning because you will learn how to properly prepare for your class. 

Therefore, in time, you will not need much preparation, which will lead to a significant reduction in your productive work time. Also, since you usually come home early in the morning after work, you will have plenty of time to see your loved ones after work.


3. You can improve your communication skills

You will be able to improve your communication skills as a teacher. Because you work with different students over the years, you will gain a strong understanding of how they behave and how they try to trick you.

Also, you will soon be able to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth. These skills will be useful not only in your professional life as a teacher, but also in your personal life, as you can apply them to your family and friends, as well as your guests and those you would like to add.


4. You can teach many different subjects

 You will have a lot of freedom when it comes to the subjects you teach. Just select your favorite topics and submit them. As a result, you will be able to teach these subjects for a long time and you will eventually know what you need to understand and work without planning your studies.

In addition, because you can choose your favorite subject, you will be willing to invest your time in the things you are most interested in, which can keep you motivated for a long time when others are tired of things.


5. You will always be discovering new things about your students

Working as a teacher can also be exciting because you are always learning new things about your children. Of course, it will take some time for your students to trust you, and only after this first time will they tell you about their difficulties and feelings.

On the other hand, you will be able to help these children if you can create a deep bond with them, which can be a difficult task but ultimately worthwhile in the long run.


6. A teacher can change the future of education

Teachers can improve the quality of education. There is much to be accomplished, but it will take the efforts of many dedicated teachers.

Special educators are often called upon to mentor other employees, giving them the opportunity to share their knowledge and wisdom with them. You can build a vibrant teacher community by fostering an environment of expertise, innovation, and sharing while working alongside many qualified teachers.


Disadvantages of Being a Teacher


Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teacher

1. Limited Promotion Options

As a teacher, you may also have limited advancement prospects. You will be working over and over again in the same position for years or even decades, which can be frustrating because you know that your efforts will not pay off in the end, but while many others in the business sector you can quickly rise to a professional position, you will be stuck in the same position for a long time and you may not get any support during your teaching career.


2. Working as a teacher can be emotionally and mentally taxing

Your job as a teacher can be mentally challenging, depending on the situation you want to teach. For example, if you want to teach high school math, you'll need to be good at numbers, which not everyone has. Therefore, make sure that you carefully choose the things you want to teach so that you don't run into any problems.


3. Parents may question your teaching methods

Not only can school children find it difficult, but their parents may question how good you are and how you treat their children. Of course, parents can sometimes be more powerful than children, and it can be difficult to communicate with them regularly. 

Of course, not all parents are like this, and many will appreciate your efforts. However, you will always be dealing with difficult people and you need to make sure you have the courage to do so before you decide on a career as a teacher.


4. You have to teach the same lesson over and over again

Another disadvantage of teaching is that you have to teach the same thing over and over again. The longer you are a teacher, the more you will memorize everything you have to teach and you won't need to prepare for it. Although this is beneficial, it can also be aggravating and you may get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.


5. Working as a teacher usually requires a university degree

Teachers, too, need extensive training before they are allowed to work in this field. A master's degree or at least a bachelor's degree is usually required to become a teacher, and other qualifications may be required in some states. 

Therefore, you will need to invest a lot of time and money in this degree; you need to be sure that becoming a teacher is really what you want to do for life to justify that initial investment.


6. Low salary

Although this salary is continuous and visible, it does not exceed the average salary of other major jobs. The dedication and hard work of teachers, both inside and outside the classroom, is not reflected in their salaries. Salaries can be better in a year in countries where retired teachers are paid handsomely. 

It is not uncommon for new teachers in the district to earn less each year. To supplement their meager income, many teachers are forced to work during the summer or part-time during the school year.


Final Thought

Although teaching is an important profession, it has recently gained respect. Many millennial see it as a normal activity. Teachers are also undervalued because they are paid less for working longer hours. Teachers also feel apathy from their principals, who they perceive as unsupportive, negative, disrespectful and disinterested. All the negative comments related to teaching can start to discourage you.

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