How To Register A Product With NAFDAC: Step by Step Guide


How To Register A Product With NAFDAC: Step by Step Guide

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control is called NAFDAC. NAFDAC is a Nigerian federal agency within the federal health agency that regulates and controls the production, import, export, distribution, distribution, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, appliances health, chemicals and bottled water. 

According to the law establishing the agency, it is illegal to advertise and sell any product or item in Nigeria to the public without first registering with NAFDAC (NAFDAC Act). How To Register A Product With NAFDAC: Step by Step Guide

If a registered company imports or manufactures food, medicine or foodstuffs, these products must be registered with NAFDAC.


Primary Functions of NAFDAC

1. NAFDAC compiles the requirements, rules and guidelines for the development, import, manufacture, sale and distribution of food, medicine, medical devices, bottled water and chemicals. 

2. The company handles the export of foodstuffs, medicines, medical supplies, bottled water and chemicals from Nigeria. It also provides assurance certificates for these products.

3. Establish satisfactory management and comply with the specific group rules and be authorized by the NAFDAC Council for the effective quality control of food, medicine, cosmetics, medical equipment, water and chemicals. How To Register A Product With NAFDAC: Step by Step Guide

4. The company conducts research on food, medicine, cosmetics, medical devices, bottled water and chemicals and develops a comprehensive system of assurance.


Procedures for NAFDAC Registration

NAFDAC requirements for the manufacture or importation of food, medicine or goods into Nigeria are different depending on whether the products are produced locally or overseas.

Note that before registering solid products with NAFDAC, any company involved in the production, processing and distribution of food, imported food, pharmaceuticals, processed foods and cosmetics will settle transactions with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

When registering for NAFDAC, keep the following points in mind:

1. Registration requirements for locally produced products are different from those applicable to imported products.

2. Each NAFDAC registration number is linked to a single product. If you have more than one product, you will need to get a separate registration number for that product.


Step by Step Guide to Register your Product with NAFDAC

Follow these steps to register your product with NAFDAC: 

1. Obtain the NAFDAC Registration Form

The first step is to visit your nearest NAFDAC office and apply. NAFDAC Headquarters is located at Plot 2302, Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Zone 7, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria. However, if you are not in Abuja, find their local office address in your state. 

Upon arrival, purchase the NAFDAC registration form and fill it in properly. As mentioned earlier, each type of registration can only use one product. Therefore, if you have more than one product, you will need to buy more than one type.


2. Submit the Registration Form

The second step is to submit your registration and application form. Send a letter to NAFDAC stating your intention to register your product(s). It is important to note that your application letter should include all relevant information about your product, such as product name, description, manufacturer name, who it is for, etc. Send your letter to the director in charge of the district where you are registering. Submit your registration form along with your application form and any other required documents.


3. Submit Product Samples

You will be asked to submit three products for review and evaluation. Once you complete this process, you will receive a certificate of accreditation as a developer. How To Register A Product With NAFDAC: Step by Step Guide 

4. Payment

The next step is to pay the required fee for your registration. Get the money you need in time to avoid wasting time. The fees and tariffs to be paid are determined by the type and type of product to be registered.


5. Get Certified

You will receive a NAFDAC registration number and registration form for your product when you register it.


NAFDAC Registration Procedure for Imported Goods

Foreign companies must send samples of their products for analysis to register the imports with NAFDAC. However, without the right to bring samples, this is not possible. Therefore, foreign companies must first apply for permission to export samples to Nigeria.

To do this, NAFDAC issues special written or import permits to importers, allowing them to bring samples of their products. In addition, the supplier must receive from the manufacturer and other relevant companies in the country from the necessary documents for customs clearance and delivery of samples.


NAFDAC Food Product Registration Requirements

1. Company responsible for issuing Certificate of Incorporation (CAC)

2. NAFDAC trademark approval test/certificate for your brand name by the Federal Department of Commerce (if applicable)

3. Complete certificate of inspection of the batch of products for the registration of the manufacturer, including the name and signature of the inspector.

4. A copy of the application submitted to the principal containing the name of the manufacturer, brand and product(s).


NAFDAC Drug Registration Requirements

1. Corporations that issue Certificates of Incorporation (CAC)

2. Send three samples of your goods for testing and quality control. 3. Medical product certificate signed with authorization

4. Power of attorney from product manufacturer, original copy (if imported)

5. Product Registration Request Form

6. An invitation from the manufacturer to inspect the overseas factory, including the full name and location of the factory

7. Full copy of NAFDAC. How To Register A Product With NAFDAC: Step by Step Guide

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Imported Goods Registration Requirements

It should be noted that registration for imported goods (food or medicine) includes all of the above. There are other regulations that must be met if you want to register imported products with NAFDAC.

A power of attorney or a manufacturing agreement from the manufacturer authorizing the Nigerian representative to act in their capacity in Nigeria must be attached to the application. A power of attorney or a manufacturing contract from the manufacturer authorizing the Nigerian representative to act in his capacity in Nigeria must be attached to the application.

The document must be signed by the principal or director of the company. In addition, the power of attorney or the manufacturing contract must be notarized by a public notary in the country where the manufacturer will be legalized.

A free sale certificate must be issued by the health/control agency in the country of manufacture. The certificate must include the name of the manufacturer and the product.

A complete inspection certificate must be included on the letterhead of the quality control laboratory where the sample was tested or inspected, and must include the following information:

1. Reviews of products or articles

2. Batch number of products production date and expiration date

3. Name, title and signature of the examiner

4. You must keep a document that shows that the food manufacturer or drug importer has the right to sell the product in the country of origin and that the sale of the product does not violate the food laws of that country. 

5. The right to bring samples

6. Letter of invitation to inspect factories abroad

7. The NAFDAC registration process can be difficult for Nigerian companies, which is why some are looking for ways to cut corners. However, if you want to run a successful business without fear, you have to do the right thing.


Timelines for Registration Processes

In Nigeria, NAFDAC registration takes time. This is the time required to register and obtain a NAFDAC number for food, medicine and other products.

• Registration takes 0 days

• Paper test lasts for 10 days

• Inspection / house inspection takes 10 days for food and 20 days for medicine

• Laboratory testing takes 30 days for food and 40 days for medicine

• Final approval takes 10 days

• NAFDAC number confirmation/transfer agreement takes 20 days

So, it takes a total of 90 days for food and 120 for medicine. The cost of registering NAFDAC products is determined by the products to be registered. 

Prices vary by product type. Some of the specific fees that an application must pay include the cost of product registration, import permits, and inspections, if applicable.

These prices are:

• Drug registration costs ₦70,000.

• ₦25,000 for medicines for orphans.

• ₦50,000 for food. 

• ₦50,000 for jewelry.

• ₦40,000 for chemicals or pesticides.

• ₦70,000 for animal products.

• ₦30,000 for medical devices.

• ₦40,000 for vaccinations.

• ₦50,000 for water.

Out of all these expenses, international screening, which currently costs about ₦10,500, is the most expensive; however, this cost can be avoided if the foreign manufacturing plant already has GMP certification.


Final Thought

The information in this article will help you apply for your NAFDAC. Apply, follow the process, receive your NAFDAC registration number and do your business without constantly looking over your shoulder.

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