Solution to the Problems of Education in Nigeria


Solution to the Problems of Education in Nigeria

 Providing quality education to the youth is a very important way to ensure a better Nigeria and it is high time that the government and others take steps to reform the education sector. The year 2020 has introduced challenges for education in the form of COVID and countries have started to adapt to the disease. 

Now is the time, more than ever, to give the education sector the attention it needs to survive in today's globalized world. Institutions around the world are now under increasing pressure to prepare students with greater skills than even subject knowledge. To reiterate, the time has come for Nigeria to catch up with the rest of the world.

The failing standards of the Nigerian education system should trouble the minds of every well-meaning Nigerian because education is the foundation of development. But unfortunately there are many issues plaguing the Nigerian education system.

In Nigeria, the problem of education can be solved as follows; Good governance, adequate training of teachers, fair and timely payment of salaries, curriculum development, investment in special education, awareness and empowerment, increasing funding of the education sector, etc. 

These are some of the ways the government can improve the level of education in the country to prepare young people well enough to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Funding is the common thread that propels the education sector to success. Countries around the world have made it a priority to be deliberate in investing in the education sector. For example, Sweden spends 7.3% of its GDP on education. This money goes to both public and private schools.

This article discusses the key factors that should work in creating an effective education sector in Nigeria.

Here are Possible Solution to the Problems of Education in Nigeria

Solution to the Problems of Education in Nigeria

 • Good Governance

Any government that ignores the education sector of its country is a bad government and that is the current government and many governments before it existed. A good government will change the education sector by investing enough money, fighting terrorism against students, improving the conditions of schools and laboratories, recruiting qualified teachers, etc.

A good government will also look into the issue of free education in Nigeria and make education free. Most of the problems in secondary schools in Nigeria stem from poor governance, but if this is addressed, Nigerian education will begin to change for the better.


• Adequate Training of Teachers

Teachers teach, but sometimes they also want to learn some things in order to do well. This will improve the education system in Nigeria as teachers will learn how best to transfer the lives of their students.

It will also do well in solving the problem of education in Nigeria.


• Proper and Timely Payment of Wages

Nothing motivates Nigerians to do their jobs better than getting paid for the jobs done. Incentives can be added to encourage more teachers. It will also attract qualified teachers to more schools and stimulate interest in studying to become a teacher.

The reason why many students do not want to become teachers is because the salaries and wages of their teachers are low. If this is rectified, the problem of primary education all over the world in Nigeria will become a thing of the past and the Nigerian education system will improve.


• Curriculum Development

Curriculum development in Nigeria is very important at this time. These old programs take Nigerian students to the past, while their fellow students around the world have already entered the future.

• Investing in Special Education Ability lies in disability

Special people should also get the opportunity to benefit from quality education, government and non-governmental organizations should organize programs to help them. This will greatly reduce the number of beggars on the streets of Nigeria.

• Enlightenment and Empowerment

It is almost as if cultural, religious and social measures are required to address the problem of female education in Nigeria. Since this is not possible, the next step is to make people understand the power of women in society. Spread the word that women are not just children's tools.

Explain the importance of education to girls and women in society, especially in the northern regions. Empower them by sending them to the right schools where they can go through the education system and become better people.


• Increasing Funding of the Education sector

The government and the private sector should invest more in infrastructure to improve the education sector. The country's education system is suffering from decades of lack of funding and therefore it is important for the government to create a viable education funding plan. For example, UNESCO recommended that 26% of the country's total budget be allocated to the education sector, but since 1991 the allocation for education has not exceeded 10%. As efforts are intensified to improve the current ratio, it is also important to look at how the current allocation is being managed.


• Putting an end to Examination Malpractice

Due to the rise in tuition fees and other factors, students and even their parents are doing everything possible to ensure that they are not held back by failure or weakness in the required subjects. Reorganization and education of teachers, students and parents on the need to avoid mistakes in the exam must be done in schools in the country.


• Establishment of More Vocational and Technical Centers

Vocational and technical institutions in Nigeria are few and there are no good and skilled workers in the whole country. More of these institutions need to be set up to cater to the growing population.


• Need for Independent Inspectorate Committees

It is very important to set it up because the current one has stopped working properly. Committees should be established and deployed regularly to monitor school operations.


• Equal opportunities for all Nigerians

Applicants should be given equal opportunity to compete for admission, regardless of grades obtained at the institution attended.


• Learn with Modern Learning Tools

Teaching aids like computers, libraries and laboratories should be available in schools for proper learning.


• Introduction to Online Registration for National Exams

A national research group should introduce online registration to reduce this type of exploitation by many school principals.


• Education Conferences should Hold Regularly Across the Country

Those involved in the education sector need to be careful and deliberate in order to find a sustainable and acceptable solution to the declining level of education in all countries. 

In the technology era of computers, smart phones, etc., modern learning is made easier as these innovations speed up the process of sharing knowledge, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Advice and guidance on how to deal with these issues will always be provided by UN agencies and other voluntary organizations when needed.


• Review the National Education Policy

The education sector in Nigeria should be restructured and all opportunities should be explored to improve the quality of education. Educational expeditions should be sent to different parts of the world to understand their educational systems for comparison and to learn new methods and principles for solving the problem.


• Teachers Welfare Program should be Updated

It is well known that money and a decent work environment are the main motivators for employees. Therefore, the salary will be paid on time and the learning environment is good for teaching and learning.


Ability and communication skills in the language of instruction should be given special attention Providing commentary in the native language (sometimes) can be a rewarding decision.

There should be agreement and understanding in the learning process as well as feedback and reactive reactions that require that knowledge has been generated.


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