Solutions to Corruption in Nigeria


Solutions to Corruption in Nigeria

Corruption is an evil beast that has eaten up the Nigerian economy. Many government officials, both military and civilian, have helped Nigeria in the poverty situation it finds itself in now and it seems hopeless ahead. Corruption causes many problems in the country including unemployment, poor infrastructure development, extreme poverty and unemployment.

The current government has listed the fight against corruption as their top priority, but the fight is far from easy and it seems that corruption will soon be eradicated from the country.

Below are some plans that, if implemented, will greatly reduce corruption in the country and improve the lives of the citizens of this country.


Solution to corruption in Nigeria

Towards a capitalist system- A close study of economically backward countries will open your eyes to the fact that corruption is a major problem in countries that practice social governance. 

The socialist system puts the wealth of the entire nation in the hands of a few to do as they please. On the other hand, the developed countries of the world are the capital-dominated countries where 70% of the workers work in the private sector.

This eliminates the problem of corruption because politicians and other government officials will not have a lot of wealth to throw at them. Therefore, people's living conditions are improved as they work in private sector where professionalism, understanding and explanation are celebrated over emotions, selfishness and greed. I may not know much about the differences, but you know what I mean!


Unity among people affected by government corruption- Religion and ethnicity are weapons used by corrupt governments to enslave the people. Politicians who are being questioned about money laundering charges motivate their supporters to fight for them by telling them that they are being hunted by witchcraft (although this is sometimes true) 'because they are Christians or Muslims and their supporters rise up to protect them.

In other cases, workers may be successful in their work and try to free society from being exploited and in any way that people are the tools used for this purpose. The leaders tell them that these workers are from the North or the South, Christians or Muslims, and therefore they will be fired. 

In fact, I met a wise boy in northern Nigeria who said he was ready to fight because a senator said the government was trying to exterminate the northerners. This makes it difficult to introduce the righteous in the government and the wicked in the government since the youths blindly follow their leaders. Those who do not want to see Nigeria freed are using a group of people in chains to plot their plot. 

Nigerians must wake up and unite to ensure that they are well represented without regard to religious or ethnic differences or this country will never know freedom.

Fair punishment for corruption - Politicians and other government officials has escaped many corruption charges without trial because they are members of the ruling party or loyal to it. Things to government officials, so they cannot be questioned or prosecuted for corruption. 

This will stop if the current government and Nigerian citizens win the fight against corruption. Some of these allegations are true but they are not investigated and the accused groups appear publicly and respect poor people. Also, there is a need for Nigerians to rise up and fight against those who are in control of the country's economy instead of giving them a feast and promises for peanuts.

Removing the Impeachment Speech - There is something funny about the impeachment hearing that allows elected officials to do whatever they want without being questioned or judged while in office. It is no wonder why the same people are in power in the appointed positions only in different jobs.

It is a popular tradition in Nigeria today that the governor immediately gets to run for the position of senator after eight years in power because there is a barrier in the senate that prevents him from being investigated for what he did while in office. 

Nigerians, how can you expect a bad governor to behave differently if he is a senator? Safeguards must be removed if corruption is to be defeated in Nigeria.

This will ensure that any type of corruption in the company can be investigated immediately, and if necessary, remove the employee. It will make other public servants be careful to avoid losing their jobs and, in fact, many of them will not be as enthusiastic about public institutions as they are.


Compliance with the provisions of the law- I have never seen a country that completely ignores its laws like Nigeria. The law has clearly defined how government should be run, but politicians do it in a way that suits their own selfish purposes.

For example, separation of powers is central to our constitution. For people who are not good at government like me, this means that the three branches of government (law enforcement, legislature and judiciary) will work independently. However, it is clear that this part of the law does not happen.

The court in Nigeria is obviously dependent on the executive because the law of the court is based on the instructions of the executive and the judge in the state or the federal government must act because he is afraid that he will lose it if he doesn't.

Although the constitution states that the president should be appointed by the leaders, the leaders should not have any authority over him if he is sworn in.

Until we get to the point where the three branches of government work independently, we cannot achieve true independence because the executive will continue to hand over judges to judges. -judge and how they will be judged. 

However, I think that legislators still have a level of independence from the executive, although some still allow influence to interfere with their legislative work.


Ensure that the right leaders are elected to power- One of the biggest problems we face in Nigeria is how politicians buy voters during elections. People who have been in power for eight years without any proof of serving the citizens come with many promises in the elections and force the public to sell their voting rights for motorcycles, cars , money and sometimes salt and magic.

Politicians forget them the moment they are elected to power because they have paid enough as they are. Politicians won't play with us if we don't play with ourselves.

We cry for four years but on the night of the election we forget all the pain because of insufficient funds to bring tangible change in our lives. It's time to wake up and say no to kickbacks in elections and vote for good candidates who we can easily dismiss because we owe them nothing. Only then will politicians take us seriously and we will reap the true benefits of democracy.


Hold government officials accountable -  Politicians write a lot of things in their campaign books like accountability, transparency and creativity, but unless they are really doing it for the money that comes from their companies passing on to the people they represent, corruption cannot be regulated.

As I said in the previous point, we will not accept bribery from politicians. In that way, before a politician runs for another position, it will be necessary for him to meet the people and tell them what he achieved in the last government that made him eligible to run for another position.

We need to hold our politicians accountable otherwise they will blind us with little money and continue to deprive us of our rights that we deserve.


 Raising children to know that corruption is bad - The Bible said: "Train up a child according to the way he should go, when he is old, he will not deviate from it." If we rise the next generation of leaders with awareness of the seriousness of corruption and the fact that it will fight with the last drop of our blood, they will become men and women who will defend the truth and all lost.

Not just by word of mouth but it will work. A father cannot deny his age to spend a long time in public office and complain about corruption and expect his son or daughter to do something else when they grow up.

Your kids can't see you buying cars and houses that they know your legitimate money can't buy, and you expect them to listen to you when you talk about corruption.

In fact, many young people who are corrupt today are just waiting for an opportunity to hold any position and make as much money as possible. I have heard many of my peers say this in every way. Our words must be connected to actions so that we can positively influence the next generation of leaders.


• Encourage entrepreneurship among young people - Many politicians enter politics because they have nothing good to do and because it is the easiest way to make money, not because they have an idea for the country.

If our leaders were visionaries, we would not be in the mess we are in now. If the present administration is serious about fighting corruption in the long term, it must make youth empowerment a top priority.

I'm not talking about using N-Power or anything like that. I mean empowering young innovators to become independent entrepreneurs. This will take many people's eyes off the political scene and make it easier to scrutinize the leadership and get new people. 

There are many Nigerian youths with world changing ideas who are being overlooked. Empower them to establish themselves that you are succeeding in ending corruption.

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 Promote social security programs for employees - Corruption do not only occur in the highest places, but also in the lowest places. I have a colleague who works in a local government office and he told me that corruption in the area is worse than what is happening at the top.

Some people accept bribes and everyone does it only because their wages cannot support themselves and their families, although that is not an excuse.

But improving the social security system for workers, especially at the local level, will help a lot to reduce involvement in corrupt practices.


• Leadership is important. Government at all levels must be reprimanded to set an important example. There should also be a will to enforce the restriction. As I have reiterated time and time again, the unwillingness of political leaders to continue the fight against corruption is getting us nowhere. Governance must be determined and taken seriously in this regard.


Truth should be promoted as a valuable and rewarding national asset. Criminals should not be treated as heroes because of their wealth.


• All government expenditure must be spent. Budget spending should be outlawed and the Conservative vote abolished altogether.


 Awareness should be a key issue in all government programs; from budgeting to awarding contracts and even services. Lack of understanding is the first seed of corruption.


• Smart technology must be incorporated into the marketing process to pave the way for transparent and accountable business processes.


• Financial transactions should be completely eliminated or reduced as much as possible. With electronic filing, everything can be tracked and verified.

• We must remove corruption from our electoral system. If corruption continues in the way leaders are brought to power, we indirectly bring corrupt people into power and thus perpetuate corruption.


• The community and the media should be encouraged to be vigilant and the guardians of the truth of the entire system. Speakers must be supported and protected.


 Red tags need to be addressed in the regulatory framework. Cutting down unnecessary processes will reduce corruption because people don't need to bend established rules to get work done.


The government should withdraw subsidies to stop all the bleeding and corruption. As a logical intervention, aid in any service or product is often subject to corruption by the recipients and their managers, as we have seen with oil aid in this country.


Education is important in this process. Citizens must be educated so that they can know what is good and what is bad and seek what is right.


Finally, the key to achieving all these things is the decision of all Nigerians, individually and collectively, not to compromise. We must decide to avoid corruption completely by agreeing that "I will not accept bribery again", regardless of the consequences. The time will come when there will be no more takers!

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Final Though 

Corruption is a battle we all have to fight if we don't want it to engulf our country. Therefore, it is the duty of everyone to be faithful in our work and to report corruption in the hands of the authorities; no matter how small these actions are, because it is a little fox that destroy the vines. Only then will we be truly free to make Nigeria prosper again for the benefit of all citizens.

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