Study Architecture, why & How to Study


Study Architecture, why & How to Study

A degree in architecture combines aspects of mathematics, art and design, management, logistics, mechanics, physics, and urban planning.

1. What’s Architecture?

2. What Architecture degrees can you study?

3. What do you need to get onto an Architecture degree?

4. What topics does an Architecture degree cover?

5. How will you be assessed?

6. Why study Architecture?

7. What do Architecture graduates earn?

8. What jobs can you get as an Architecture graduate?

9. What are the postgraduate opportunities?

10. Similar subjects to Architecture

What is Architecture?

Architecture is a word with many different meanings. First, general terms to describe buildings and other visible objects, and second, the art and science of interior design, including design and construction techniques. Studying architecture will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the structures we live in today. But it will also give you a chance to look into the future of design and how ideas can be created and implemented. 

What Degree of Architecture can you Study?

In addition to an undergraduate degree in architecture leading to the qualification of an architect, this subject can be linked to related fields:

• BA/BSc/Architecture

• BSc in Architectural Design and Technology

• BA Interior Architecture and site design

• Civil Engineering and Architecture BEng

Options may include an additional preparation year, placement year or foreign exchange.

What do you need to get a degree in architecture? An undergraduate degree that provides a pathway to qualification as an architect usually requires 112-152 UCAS points.

Rights may include:

• Grades: A*AA–BBC


• Scottish Premiership: AAAAB–AABB (Higher Premiership: AAA)

• International Baccalaureate: 42–29

The main subjects studied include:

• Mathematics, physics and art subjects

• General studies and critical thinking can be excluded from the rankings and awards

Experience that will be successful in your application:

• Work experience or supervision in an architectural firm

• Participate to develop observation and writing skills

• Find out more about architects and buildings of interest, for example on the RIBA website, in architectural magazines or via podcasts.

• Workshops or online courses such as RIBA workshops

Other requirements for this subject include:

• Wallet

• Interview


What subjects does an Architecture degree cover?

Study modules in this area include:

• Housekeeping and communication

• Technology and environment

• Environmental Science for Architects

• People, buildings, landscapes

• Behavior and management

• Functional and residential design

• History and theory of movement and design

• Organizational and communication skills

• Permanent design


How will you be assessed?

Research is often done through a combination of these factors.

Many practical modules are assessed through coursework only.

• Case studies

• Of course

• Design portfolio

• Trials

• Service design services

• Reports

• Written test


Top 10 Fashion Schools in Ghana


Top 10 Fashion Schools in Ghana

Fashion design is greatly influenced by culture and social values ​​and styles have changed over time and space. We study sewing, design and fashion business and everything else at fashion school. Most fashion schools teach you more about how needle and thread work.

The top fashion schools in Ghana are; Bluecrest School of Fashion & Design, 2nd Image,  Abbi Creation School of Fashion,  Aurelia Fashion Institute,  De-mor Fashion & Design School, GH fashion school, Jiffah Fashion Designing School,  Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design, Libelt Institute, N&N Couture Fashion School, New World School of Fashion, Radford University College, Riohs Originate Fashion School, UEW Fashion Designing and Textiles,  Vogue Style School of Fashion & Design etc.

Maybe you will get the ability to go further than painting or sewing. To be honest, your work in fashion does not require education, however, the most important thing is to evaluate your ability and the money you are ready and able to invest in your work and, above all, continue to study.

What are the Accredited Fashion Schools in Ghana?

Fashion is a fantastic and well-paid career option in Ghana and around the world. When applying to a fashion school, the first thing you should consider is whether the school is accredited.

Here are the Accredited Fashion Schools in Ghana:

• 2nd Image

• Abbi Creation School of Fashion

• Aurelia Fashion Institute

• BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design

• De-mor Fashion & Design School

• GH fashion school

• Jiffah Fashion Designing School

• Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design

• Libelt Institute

• N&N Couture Fashion School

• New World School of Fashion

• Radford University College

• Riohs Originate Fashion School

• UEW Fashion Designing and Textiles

• Vogue Style School of Fashion & Design


Why Study Architecture?

Study Architecture, why & How to Study

Become an architect and you can change the face of the man-made world. It's demanding work, but seeing your work come to life can be very rewarding.

Business Skills:

• Identify the factors that influence building design, from cultural and historical requirements to technological, economic and legal requirements.

• Understanding of construction processes and technology development

• Design and digital skills

Transferable Skills:

• Relationships

• Communication

• Critical thinking

• Troubleshooting

• Writing a story

• Research and evaluation

Professional Qualifications:

• Registered Architects can offer a degree that is approved by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), leading to exemption from the RIBA Part I examination if passed.

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What do Architecture Graduates Earn?

Architecture graduates can expect entry fees of £17,000 to £22,000. An architect who has been registered with the ARB for more than five years can earn an income of £36,000 to £45,000. Income also depends on the type of behavior. A partner or director in a small firm can earn an average of £48,000, while those in a large firm can earn £150,000 or more.


What Jobs can you Get as an Architecture Graduate?

Architecture is a competitive field, but you can succeed in a very lucrative industry if you have the skills and expertise. Alternatively, your skills may lead you to a related career:

• Architect

• Technical supervisor

• Researcher

• Security Officer

• Interior decoration

• Architect

• Teacher

• Firefighter

• A producer for television, movies or films

• Structural engineering

• Teacher

• Community developer

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What are postgraduate opportunities?

Postgraduate opportunities are available if you have studied a related subject as your first degree.

The following are examples of master's and research degrees taught at postgraduate level:

• MSc Architecture and Environmental Design

• Doctorate in architecture, building and civil engineering

• Masters in Internal Medicine

• MPhil of Islamic Art and Architecture

• Masters in Urban Planning

Similar topics in Architecture

Other sites you may be interested in include:

• Art design

• Public service

• History of art, architecture and design

• Pregnancy

• Land and property management

• Urban and rural planning and landscape planning

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