Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria


Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Fashion design goes beyond sewing. It takes a lot of creativity to be a fashion designer. You must be able to imagine, come up with ideas and bring those ideas to life using your decorating skills. Fashion designers create beautiful clothes in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

The top fashion designers in Nigeria are; Deola Sagoe, Lisa Folawiyo, Folake Akindele Coker, Duro Olowu, Frank Oshodi, Mai Atafo, Zizi Cardow, Lola Faturoti, Soares Anthony, Ade Bakare, Yomi Makun, Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi,  Ituen Basi, Yemi Osunkoya, Clement Mudiaga Enajemo, Kunbi Oyelese, oju Foyeh, Kathy Anthony etc. Nigeria is no slouch when it comes to fashion.

Nigerian women love fashionable clothes while their men love clothes that give them a stylish and sophisticated look. Of course, fashion designers earn a lot of money. Everything depends on the level of creativity and the power of PR or advertising. Fashion design is popular recently. Some Nigerian fashion designers have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

This article examines the top 18 fashion designers in Nigeria.


List of the Top Fashion Designers in Nigeria

The top 18 best fashion designers in Nigeria are:

1. Deola Sagoe

2. Lisa Folawiyo

3. Folake Akindele Coker

4. Duro Olowu

5. Frank Oshodi

6. Mai Atafo

7. Zizi Cardow

8. Lola Faturoti

9. Soares Anthony

10. Ade Bakare

11. Yomi Makun (Yomi Casual)

12. Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi

13. Ituen Basi

14. Yemi Osunkoya

15. Clement Mudiaga Enajemo

16. Kunbi Oyelese

17. Toju Foyeh

18. Kathy Anthony  

Now, let's take a look at the lives and careers of 18 top fashion designers in Nigeria.


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• Deola Sagoe

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Deola Sagoe earned the top spot in our list of top ten fashion designers in Nigeria. Deola entered the fashion industry in 1989. A high fashion designer with a master's degree in finance and management.

Deola is known for creating bold and powerful designs that make a statement. It produces shirts, jeans, polo shirts, men's clothing, etc. People love his designs!

Deola's creativity in the world of fashion has won her many awards. One such award is the Anglo-Gold African Fashion Design Award which she received in the year 2000. Her unique skills in fashion design have been praised by local and international celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. Deola Sagoe is the founder and owner of the beautiful fashion house "House of Deola Sagoe".


• Lisa Folawiyo

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Lisa Folawiyo is the queen of Ankara dresses. Lisa is a talented fashion designer and undoubtedly one of the top fashion designers in Nigeria.  Lisa Folawiyo focuses on creating a variety of Ankara clothing including accessories such as jewelry and handbags. 

She has several factories in South Africa and even a showroom in New York. Some of her celebrities include Tacha, Beyonce and Eve. Folawiyo has won many awards, such as the African fashion award, among others.

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• Folake Akindele Coker

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Folake Akindele Coker is a famous Nigerian fashion designer. She was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. Folake is one of the top fashion manufacturers in Nigeria. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Folake's designs are top notch. Folake Akindele is a lawyer and also has a master’s degree in petroleum, which shows that she has a brain for literature.

The famous designer has created many beautiful designs that have been shown to the world. One of Folake's awards was Arise Fashion Brand of the Year at African Fashion Week 2009. She is believed to be the first African fashion designer to showcase his skills at New York Fashion Week for two consecutive years. Folake Akindele Coker is the founder and owner of the fashion brand Tiffany Amber.


• Duro Olowu

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Duro Olowu is on our list of top fashion designers in Nigeria because of his great creativity, great designs and gifts. This award winning fashion designer was born and raised in Lagos State. When Olowu was 16 years old, he left Nigeria to study. 

He studied law at the University of Kent. He is now in London. Olowu focuses on mastering women's clothing using rich textures, patterns and vibrant colors. He started his first design in 2004 and sold them all over the world. Olowu's rich fashion has attracted fans from different parts of the world, including Michael Obama, Solange Kolawole, Apfel, etc.


• Frank Oshodi

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Frank Oshodi entered the fashion industry in 1989. He is an incredible fashion designer and is undoubtedly one of the top fashion designers in Nigeria. He has managed to carve out a place for herself in the fashion world.

Oshodi started designing after applying for a job at Nikki Africana and Dakora. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Oshodi has worked with a variety of clients and brands, including former Miss World, Agbani Darego. Frank Oshodi is the founder and owner of the House of Bunor fashion line.


• Mai Atafo

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Mai Atafo is a famous Nigerian producer. It focuses on menswear and is ranked among the best fashion designers in Nigeria. Atafo is an IT professional who went on to complete a Masters in Information and Systems Technology in the UK. He first worked in the industry until 2010 when he quit her job and began designing fashion full time.

It is not difficult to identify a talent like Atafo because he is good at what he does. He has also dressed famous Nigerian celebrities like Mercy Johnson, Gbenro Ajibade, 2Baba, Stephanie Okereke, I.K. Osakioduwa and even the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, 2005, Omowunmi Akinnifesi.

Atafo has received many awards, such as Fashion Designer of the Year from Mode Men magazine, LFW Menswear Designer of the Year, and Best Man of the Year from Allure. Mai Atafo is the owner and founder of the Mai Atafo fashion brand.


• Zizi Cardow

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Zizi Cardow's fashion style is loved by both locals and foreigners. She has won the hearts of many people, even through his recommendations to other developers. He is one of the top  Nigerian producers.

Zizi Cardow became famous in 2006 after having a fashion show called Jungle Renaissance. Since then, many eyes are turning on her as she impresses those with different Ankara styles. Cardow is an award-winning designer and some of her work has been featured in local and international media including SABC, CNN, FTV and Channel OI. Zizi Cardow is the founder and owner of Zizi Fashion brand.

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• Lola Faturoti

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Lola Faturoti is from Ondo State, Nigeria. She studied in London before moving to New York in 1990. Faturoti's love for fashion started at a young age. His maternal grandmother is a designer of traditional Nigerian clothing. From then on, Faturoti entered the world of fashion, and from there it inspired her. Today, Lola Faturoti is one of the most popular fashion designers in Nigeria.

Faturoti has extensive experience in fashion design. She rose from the ranks to fame and became famous when she made a dress to celebrate the election of the first president Barack Obama as the president of the United States of America. On the shirt, she wrote "Oluwa gba President Barack Obama", which means "God bless President Barack Obama".

Faturoti has a deep passion for African fashion. She entered the fashion industry in 2000 when she participated in the Ralph Lauren fashion show at New York Fashion Week. The CEO of Charivari Boutique, where she works, saw her unique passion for fashion and her desire for quality and helped her launch her first fashion collection.


• Soares Anthony

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Soares Anthony is one of the youngest children in the fashion industry in Nigeria. He is one of the top Nigerian fashion designers. He is good at creating unique, beautiful and attractive styles. 

Anthony's love for fashion started at a young age. He was still drawing and painting. Most of his inspiration comes from Nigerian fabrics and Japanese fashion. Some of its parts have been used by prominent politicians and celebrities. 

Anthony has given back to his company by organizing various training programs for young and aspiring Nigerian manufacturers. He wants the young designers he advises to succeed in competing in the global fashion world. Some of his works are sold in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.  


• Ade Bakare

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Ade Bakare has become a part of fashion these days. He is a unique African fashion designer. Bakare is ranked among the top fashion designers in Nigeria. Bakare was born in the UK. He also went to school there. He then got a job at the fashion house of Victor Edelstein and Christian Stambolian, after which he created his own fashion label.

Bakare focuses on making beautiful wedding dresses, evening dresses, perfumes and hats. The names of the fragrances are Breeze and Ade Breeze. He has high profile clients from London and Nigeria. 

Bakare's work has been recognized in Vienna, New York, Paris, Morocco, Mozambique and Cape Town. Bakare has won many fashion awards, such as the Paris Academy and Conde Nast publishing awards.

He has been recognized by the Nigerian Youth and Culture Organization for his continued support to young and emerging fashion designers. Ade Bakare established his own fashion line called Ade Bakare Couture in 1991.


• Yomi Makun (Yomi Casual)

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Yomi Casual, also known as Omoniyi Makun, is a Nigerian fashion/garment designer and younger brother of AY, one of Nigeria's top comedians and one of the most followed "Ten Nigerian Celebrities" on Instagram.

Yomi Casual is only responsible for making his brother "AY" and every AY Live program is one of the most popular comedy shows in Nigeria. 

Jay-Jay Okocha, Timaya, Kcee, Bovi, Desmond Elliot, Alex Ekubo, Sammie Okposo, Alibaba, Majid Mitchell, Chioma Chukwuka, Chidi Mokeme, Ramsey Nouah Jnr, Seyi Law, Zack Orji and many more popular A- list wearing his clothes. He has received many accolades from award-winning industry leaders for his work.


• Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Lanre Da Silva is one of the best fashion designers in Nigeria. He has 450,000 followers on Instagram. Its design label is called a brand name. She is known for her unique lace designs, fashion styles, Ankara/Aso Ebi designs. It combines patterns, prints and traditional fabrics. This is why his brand is successful in and outside Nigeria.


• Ituen Basi

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Ituen Basi is another famous Nigerian fashion designer. She started his career as an undergraduate student in theater arts at the University of Ife. 

There, she designed costumes for school plays and school pageants. She continued her education in fashion at the American College in London and at the London College of Fashion, where she studied tailoring and garment technology. Her fashion label in 2009.

Ituen Basi launched clothing in Lagos. Today, she is widely recognized for his exemplary skills in print design and textile treatment. She not only designs Ankara but also Ankara bags and beads.


• Yemi Osunkoya

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Yemi Osunkoya is the founder of Kosibah fashion brand in London which has been around since 1991. His name is Kosibah after her mother. Yemi Osunkoya Kosibah in honor of his mother. Yemi Osunkoya specializes in contemporary and stylish fashion.

• Kathy Anthony

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Kathy Anthony is well known for his unique Ankara fabric which she uses for the most. He also has a fashion academy where he learns her skills. It specializes in the design of men's clothing. She has over 190,000 followers on Instagram where she shares her creations. She is one of the most popular Nigerian fashion designers who deal in designing men's clothing.


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• Clement Mudiaga Enajemo

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Clement Mudiaga owns the fashion label Mudi Africa Mudi Africa. He built the brand at the international level through hard work. Clement Mudiaga is an expert in organizing men. It has customers on all continents. It has done the likes of celebrities like Richard Mofe Damijo, popular television presenter Frank Edoho and others.


• Kunbi Oyelese

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Kunbi Oyelese, popularly known as, "April by Kunbi", graduated from a prestigious art institute in New York. Her brand name comes from her birth month April. April by Kunbi was founded in 2010. 

She has beautiful wedding pieces and has also designed for celebrities such as Agbani Darego, Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa, Seyi Shay and these are often available. Her clothes are fun to look at because of their beautiful combination.


• Toju Foyeh

Top 18 Fashion Designers in Nigeria

Tolu Foyeh designs and sews beautiful clothes for Nigerian celebrities. She has done many celebrities like Toke Makinwa, Tiwa savage, Osas Ajibade and many others. 

She is the one who made Adesua Etomi the four that she wore for her beautiful wedding dress. Many people are inspired by what he posts on instagram. It's really a beautiful place.

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Final Thought

Ultimately, fashion is not just about money; it is also a question of passion and desire to be creative. This list contains the top Nigerian fashion designers in no particular order for your best clothes.

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