23 Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria


23 Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria

In Nigeria, buying or selling used cars is not an easy task. However, here we provide the top 23 car websites in Nigeria which are; Cars45, Buycars.ng, Betacar, Jiji Nigeria, AutoCheck Africa, OLlist.ng, Autoauctionmall, Naijauto, Carmart, Tokunbocars, Carxus, Cars.ng, Jumia Auto Deals, Affordable Cars, etc. You can buy the perfect used car. Interestingly, the free market for buying and selling in the 21st century has become less efficient with the advent of technology. 

Using modern technology to replace local markets and online markets to meet our real needs. 

Considering the convenience you will get from buying a car online, you will appreciate the time, money and effort that will be saved instead of roaming the streets looking for a car.

This Article is carefully selected these sites to provide you with new ideas about car buying activities in Nigeria and other related services offered by these online platforms.

Are you looking for a place to buy or sell new or used cars and other cars in Nigeria? Don't look away because you are where you want to be.  So here are the top 23 used car websites in Nigeria where you can easily buy your dream car.


List of Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria

1. Cars45

Cars45 is one of the online marketplaces for finding the best car deals in Nigeria. With Cars45, you can complete your transaction in less than 45 minutes. Cars45 is efficient and reliable with a commitment to bring you the best deals anywhere in Nigeria. Besides buying and selling cars, you can do anything else you want to do like get a free car inspection in 45 minutes, repair your car and even chat with other dealers on the website.


2. Buycars.ng

BuyCars Online Store is a reliable place to buy any auto parts online like new and used cars and car accessories. This site connects willing buyers with verified sellers in one-to-one business transactions. We offer a car history search to help you check used cars in Nigeria before you buy.

Our vehicles are inspected for quality assurance, zero mechanical defects and no buyer peace of mind. With BuyCars.Ng you can buy used cars or car parts at reasonable prices. Contact our registered car dealers now to help you find the car or part you need.


3. Betacar

Betacar is a car e-commerce platform that defines the right way to buy a car in Nigeria. Their vision is to be Nigeria's favorite destination for online car buyers. They make sure you find the best car you want at the best price. 

According to this site, they use the power of technology to bring you the best used cars at the click of a button. You can buy a car in Nigeria and pay later with their flexible and affordable car rental service.

 22 Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria

4. Jiji Nigeria

Jiji.ng is one of the most popular and trusted e-commerce websites in Nigeria. Where to buy cheap used cars in Nigeria. The site facilitates car transactions for both buyers and sellers. Jiji is an online store where people can go anytime to get the best car deals for sale. 

Jiji is home to a wide variety of car products from owners across Nigeria. The website also teaches people how to do business and earn money by selling their used items through the website.


5. AutoCheck Africa

Auto Review is another online car sales website in Nigeria. Auto controls related to buying and selling used and new cars. This site also provides a way where buyers can access car parts all over the country by being online 24/7. 

With autochek, anyone can buy any car online. Even if you are a renter, planning to buy a brand name car but don't have the resources to do so, autochek can help you get the best car online with its auto finance service.


6. OLlist.ng

Olist is one of the top car dealership websites in Nigeria. It is a free, trusted online store that connects real sellers with real buyers. This website allows you to search and buy a wide variety of cars from new cars to used cars. 

Olist is also very good in nature. The website advises its users to be careful when shopping for cars to avoid falling prey to scammers. Where you can find new and used cars in Tokunbo for sale in Nigeria at the best prices.


7. Autoauctionmall

Car Dealers is an authorized Copart agent in Nigeria and specializes in buying cars online from US dealers. They provide expert assistance in finding, buying and shipping cars from USA to Nigeria. 

Founded in 1982 with one salvage yard in California, Copart has become a global leader and source for online auto sales with its online auction platform connecting buyers and sellers. sales around the world.


8. Naijauto

Naija Auto Portal is another car dealer website in Nigeria where you can find great local deals. The company connects buyers and sellers through many information channels: Web, Facebook, YouTube, etc.


9. Carmart

Carmart is an online store for car shopping. It is a reliable site for car sales across Nigeria. One thing that makes carmart amazing is that they are reliable, efficient and affordable. 

It doesn't matter if you know anything about buying a car or not, at carmart, buyers and sellers can trade with each other directly. Carmart is a trusted and trusted platform in Nigeria as anyone can log on to the website and get all the information about any car dealer online to shop.

 22 Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria

10. Tokunbocars

If you are looking for a good car sales website where you can find the best deals in the country, you can check out Tokunbocars. Tokunbocars is Nigeria's #1 website for used foreign cars or so called Tokunbo cars. They offer the most consistent, reliable, and affordable buying options for used cars imported from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


11. Carxus

Carxus is another car selling website in Nigeria and Ghana where you don't just buy cars for sale; you can also buy other cars on this website; such as boats, motorcycles, trucks and trailers. The carxus is very versatile for those looking for a one stop shop for all car products and services that meet their needs.

CarXus.com is the leading online portal designed for online car buyers. The website provides an easy-to-use online solution for buying and selling cars, trucks, boats, and various auto parts anywhere in the world.


12. Cars.ng

This is another place to find the best cars for sale in Nigeria from local dealers. You can browse all types of cars and discover the most popular cars in Nigeria; including the best selling and cheapest cars for sale in Nigeria, and their prices online. 

They offer expert reviews on the latest cars, trucks, crossovers, sedans and SUVs; including high definition (HD) car images and videos to help you research, compare cars, and make an informed buying decision.


13. Jumia Auto Deals

Jumia Auto is an online store where you can buy or sell your pre-owned and used cars in Nigeria. Where you can buy cheap cars for sale in Nigeria from Toyota cars, Subaru cars, Nissan cars and Mercedes cars. Jumia is a pan-African e-commerce company that was launched in Nigeria in 2012 and expanded to five other countries, such as Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and South Africa.

In 2014, the company opened offices in Tunisia, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Algeria and Uganda, and in 2018 it is present in 14 African countries. Online shopping centers are built around sales, logistics and payment services. Logistics services enable delivery of packages through a network of local partners while payment services facilitate payments for online transactions within the Jumia ecosystem.


14. Affordable Cars

Cheap Cars is one of the best car dealer’s websites in Nigeria. If you love car shopping, you've probably heard of cheap cars. Cheap Cars was founded in 1997 with several factories across the country. Popular in the car buying industry, affordable cars are the top priority for car seekers across the country. They provide the best sales service for all customers of their brands.


15. Spicyauto

Spicyauto is an online car dealership that strives to connect buyers and sellers across the web. They provide a superior experience, create transparency for everyone, and provide fast delivery and excellent customer service.

They provide a reliable, trustworthy and affordable online store for the best cars for sale in Nigeria. And don't sell cars directly, but provide advanced advertising support for users, car dealers, importers and dealers to buy and sell their cars, trucks, bikes, trucks and other vehicles. 22 Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria


16. Carnaija

According to this website, they are the number one online car dealership in Nigeria. Carnaija is an online car rental site in Nigeria. Here, you can easily buy and sell cars, motorcycles and trucks in Nigeria.

If you want to buy a car, motorcycle or truck in Nigeria, in cities like Lagos, Surulere, Abuja, Kuje, Ifako or others, and you only have a small budget, you will find the best choice on this site. From small city cars to 4×4 SUVs, they have thousands of vehicles, for all budgets.


17. Globemotors

Globe Motors is a trusted car dealership in Nigeria specializing in the sale and servicing of new cars. The office is located at 635 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island. 

Their auto shop offers auto repair and maintenance services. The company offers best-in-class service using a fully computerized system and genuine spare parts for Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Higer and Hyundai.


18. Cheki Nigeria

Cheki.com.ng is another popular car dealership website in Nigeria with physical presence in the capital cities of Nigeria, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Nigeria. The website was approved by autocheck in 2020.

As a reliable online platform to sell or buy used cars in Nigeria, this site has worked with traditional car dealers in Nigeria. By using this platform, you can access thousands of car dealer information to help you get the best deal available.


19. Nigeria Car Mart

If you are looking for a favorite place to buy a car, Nigeria Auto Market is the right place to do business. Nigeria Car Mart is an online car store. As the name suggests, it is also a popular place to get the best deals when buying a car online. 

The way Nigeria Car Mart works, it allows you to enter the type of car you want and the price you like, then the system searches for the best car for sale.


20. Toyotanigeria

Toyota Nigeria Limited is the exclusive distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation Japan. They sell Toyota vehicles specially designed for Nigeria through 7 authorized dealerships across the country.

Here you will find genuine Toyota parts for every type of car that Toyota (Nigeria) Limited brings to the market. Their mission is to provide the best automotive experience through a strong dealer network built on great relationships with stakeholders.


21. Carnotautomart

Looking for a place to find new or used cars for sale in Nigeria? Carnotautomart is one of the largest digital car markets in Nigeria. According to this website, they are the main source of cars and parts from Nigeria. You can also find and hire qualified car services, certified drivers in Nigeria, vulcanizer, mobile car wash, online car search and towing vehicles on this site. 

Carnotautomart does not buy or sell cars themselves; they help car dealers and spare parts sellers to sell their car products quickly and cheaply. This auction site brings buyers involved with a group of car dealers who list cars and parts for sale every day.

 22 Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars In Nigeria

22. Nairaland

Nairaland is another leading platform where individuals and car dealers in Nigeria list their cars for sale. The automotive section of this platform connects buyers and sellers. 

Nairaland, which is also the first forum in Nigeria, has other active sections covering important topics ranging from entertainment, politics, sports, family, etc. You can visit the Nairaland website to contact your buyer.


23. AutoJosh

AutoJosh is one of the most trusted websites that makes it easy to buy used cars in USA, Canada and Dubai. Being a household name in the Nigerian car industry, AutoJosh is a great place to buy your used car at affordable prices. 

In addition to importing cars, AutoJosh also operates one of the largest car blogs (autojosh.com) in Nigeria. The purpose of this blog is to inform Nigerians and a wider audience about cars, the car sector and transport infrastructure in Nigeria. Over the years, they have helped to raise the public awareness of cars in Nigeria.

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Final Thought

Buying a car can't be a burden if you make the right car buying decision from the start. This article provides a comprehensive List of Best Websites That Sell Fairly Used Cars in Nigeria. However, there are other websites where you can buy cars online in Nigeria. This car buying guide is designed to give you the best place to get the best car deals in Nigeria.

In this article, you will find the best car buying information you need when buying a car and auto parts. You can find accurate information on getting your favorite car deals anywhere in Nigeria here. Cars are very important for our daily activities and getting the best cheap cars will help to increase your productivity. When you look at how owning a car can help us do things faster, you will see the importance of owning a car for your personal, family or business needs.

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