Best Broiler Breeds in Nigeria and Easy Steps to Start Poultry Farming


Best Broiler Breeds in Nigeria and Easy Steps to Start Poultry Farming

Broilers are a type of chicken that is cared for and raised mainly for their meat. Most broiler chickens reach slaughter weight between 4 and 7 weeks, while the fastest growing ones can take up to 14 weeks.

Poultry farming is popular in places like Nigeria, where people are involved in many business activities, also known as money hunting. It is no wonder that broiler chickens are popular birds among poultry farmers. Broiler chickens are the most popularly raised in the Nigerian poultry farming scene because of their quick turnover and avenue to make good income on time.

Not only this, many people consume broiler chicken worldwide and, in the country, as well. However, raising chickens comes with its own risks, the biggest of which is high mortality.

How do you know the best type of chicken that will be able to resist disease so as not to run away from death?


What is the Best Breed of Broiler in Nigeria?

Poultry farming is widespread among Nigerian businessmen. The main reason they choose to grow broilers is that it is a fast (compared to other poultry species) and reliable way to feed many people and earn a good income by same time. A healthy broiler usually grows between 45 and 60 days.

Also, chicken meat is delicious, tender and has great benefits for our body. People also farm birds for egg production and reproduction.

Before setting a business, each producer will face the question “What is the best breed of broiler available in Nigeria?” There is a high number of broiler species, varying due to many characteristics.

At present, scientists hold investigations of chicken broilers from different parts of Nigeria to get the breed, which lays more eggs and provides a higher amount of meat. There some breeds that are very popular among farmers.


The Best Breeds of Broilers in Nigeria

Best Broiler Breeds in Nigeria and Easy Steps to Start Poultry Farming

Here are details about the different breeds of broiler chicken and which is best;

1. Cornish Cross Broilers

2. Grinphield Marshall

3. Moyer’s K-22 (Red Broilers)

4. The Ideal Red Broilers

5. Roaster Chicks (Moyer’s Broiler or Cornish Giants)

6. Red Ranger Broiler

7. Ross 308

8. Cornish  

• Cornish Cross Broilers

The treasure is known as the storm. It is the fastest flesh chicken breed. It is considered the most productive of the whole breed with the lowest food conversion, the high growth rate and a capacity to develop well on cheaper density foods. It will take you for about 6 to 8 weeks to grow the Commission Corprar's Colorer.

This places the people who are competing in competitive practices. The grain of corn grain usually with white feathers and yellow skin.


Grinphield Marshall

It takes about 6-8 weeks for mailshall broiler brinker brinker grow up to the "table size." The great marshall and various young people grow very much and great illness. Due to its rapid growth, this breed is highly recommended for small broiler breeders who sell in the open market. 

In six to eight weeks, they have reached table size (depending on management) and can be sold. An excellent group Marrshall and collectively to pork of chickens and other environments.


Moyer’s K-22 (Red Broilers)

Most lovers to love k-22 lost their flesh. Moyer's K-22 meat is lean and lean and has a unique flavor and soft texture. However, they take a little longer than other varieties to reach table size, about 5 kilograms in about eight to ten weeks. This makes them perfect for the pastured poultry farmer. The Moyer’s breed grows slower than the Cornish Cross Broilers. Moyer's K-22 chicken has a good texture with tender meat, tender breast and good skin that makes it a customer favorite. It is also disease resistant.


• The Ideal Red Broilers

This type also grows more slowly than others. However, its main advantage is a high resistance to disease, which makes them better for outdoor production. The body of the red broiler is usually longer than that of other broilers, with small breasts and large legs. In general, it is thought that young species grow more slowly outdoors than their faster-growing counterparts.


Rosambro Broilers

 This type of broiler chicken is in the form of a young breed. They can be grown for about eight to ten weeks before being sold. Even in this case, they grow faster than red broilers. Rosambro broilers have a unique taste. Rosambro broiler has many advantages like red broiler, including good fat and plump, tender breast meat and good body type. However, they grow faster than the Red Broiler and slower than the Cornish Cross.


Roaster Chicks (Moyer’s Broiler or Cornish Giants)

Roaster chicks can reach a weight of over 4 lbs at 6 weeks old or a roaster weight of 8-10 lbs. Much like Moyer's K-22, Roaster chicks have excellent conformation, plump and tender breast meat and good skin texture.


Red Ranger Broiler

The Red Ranger Broiler is one of the most profitable broilers for a farmer to raise because of its strong disease resistance. The Red Ranger broiler chickens have an excellent conformation of white and dark meat yields with a tender texture and a much-loved flavor because of its slow growth process. The Red Ranger Broiler has dark red feathers with white or black, tail feathers, yellow hocks, a beak, and even yellow skin.

• Ross 308

Ross 308 is a cross known worldwide for its consistent performance. It has high growth rates, efficiency of manageable foods and robust performance. The optimal time for the Ross 308 for sale or the slaughter is six to nine weeks. At this time, if a chicken is well, they can consider two kilograms.

Ross 308 is considered the most forceful tighter than the rest of the chicken and big breasts in a variety of legs grow at first. They also have shiny skin. This type of broiler is particularly popular, not only because it has high performance, but also because it can meet many requirements such as creating a large number of eggs of good quality. They are also very disease resistant. It's no wonder Ross is the breed of choice for the global poultry industry.

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• Cornish

The Cornish broiler used to be known as Indian game. It is a heavy, fleshy chicken with a very broad and deep breast. Most of the Cornish breeds are short in legs. There are three color types of Cornish broiler but the most popular is the dark color. The Cornish broiler is resistant to most common diseases of poultry. Its feathers are thin and hard. The Cornish broiler has been found to be a good meat breed but poor layer. Its eggs are small and light brown.


Easy steps to get involved in poultry farming


Best Broiler Breeds in Nigeria and Easy Steps to Start Poultry Farming

• Make a Business Plan

Any business will not have a chance to survive without a solid plan. You will see how much money your poultry house will require: costs for farm rent, raising chickens, feed, money paid as wages for your farm workers, and health care.


• Learn from the Professionals

Do not hesitate to ask and study all information related to production. Visit (if possible) large poultry farms; consult your co-workers, as well as veterinarians. Target location. When choosing a place for a farm, you should pay attention, first of all, to the market. Moreover, avoid territories set close to rivers and water sources, because that can spread viruses and the broiler wastes to nearby areas. Broiler production has its peculiarities, one of which is the smell.


• Check your Broiler pen or Chicken House

Before buying chicks, check everything once more. Poultry is a kind of warm-blooded living beings. It should include a special temperature control system, good ventilation, exhausting facilities and enough space to accommodate the necessary number of birds.


• Make Food and Water

Planning a farm for poultry, one cannot leave out such a good thing as raw materials for food. In addition, poultry drinks water. Under huge production, this system should automatically supply water and grain. Do not place feeders on the floor to avoid spreading water and increasing bacteria - that is, "keep your little ones dry."


• Get the Right Type of Poultry

After preparing everything, it's time to buy chicken broilers. Buy only from a trusted owner. Each chick should be light, healthy and weigh between 35 and 40 grams.


• Welcome to the House!

Before the chicks arrive home, you should prepare their "coops". First, disinfect all the equipment that will be in contact with the broilers. Then heat the room for at least 24 hours before you arrive. You should also make sure that you have enough water (this is very important for the development of chickens at the beginning of the first season), the temperature is warm, and look at your farm as if you are a little chicken coming to live there. (Very well? Is access to food and water simple?)


• Medical Care Service

Consult specialists and contain regular vaccination for flesh chickens. Remember that prevention is better than healing. The first thing you need to do before starting your own business is to define your target: that you want to grow chickens for meat, eggs or production. Study the local market for the availability of species and for your sales as well.

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