Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed


Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed

For any fisherman who wants to make more profit, making their own fish food should be an important part of their business. This is due to the high cost of foreign food used in the country. Even if a farmer decides to mill with locally produced feed, the miller can trick him/her into reducing the inputs (or using substandard ingredients).

Creating a fish meal requires a good understanding of what ingredients are available and what is needed. Unlike before, the choice of food for fishing will take into account some economic and biological factors based on environmental facts. 

Various studies have shown that there are different foods that can be classified under the same food staple. Therefore, the choice of ingredients for your food preparation should consider these factors, as recommended in these articles.

Fish feed formulation should be affordable, tasty and nutritious to meet the nutritional needs of fish. Also, the cost of the food should not be evaluated only in terms of money, but the environmental and health aspects of this food should be carefully considered.


Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed

Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed

Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed

Below are the factors you must consider as you select your catfish feed ingredient

• Age of your Fish

• Replacability

• Suitable Substitute

• Nutritional requirement of your fishes

• Availability of choice ingredients

• Palatability of available ingredients

• Cost and profit of the available ingredients

• Processing technology/method


Age of your Fish

In recent times, it has been found that fish and fish feed can be eliminated, especially for fish that are more than six months old. Chicken meat / chicken wings will be a good substitute in such a situation. The age of your fish should be considered when choosing the ingredients to use in making catfish food. 

Occasional observations of the nutrient content of floating diets show that crude protein decreases as fish size increases. It should also show farmers that as their fish age, some imported products can be replaced with local produce. 

Also, high energy sources should be chosen for fish as they age. A farmer should choose corn or flour instead of cassava flour as a source of energy. However, due to cost, I would recommend dough instead of corn. Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed


• Replacability

Is there a good substitute for the same material? Otherwise, such a thing cannot be avoided in fish food. As mentioned earlier, fish is an important ingredient in fish nutrition. It cannot be easily replaced if your fish is over 6 months old. The next time you want to prepare a mixed food for your fish, remember how important some things can be.


• Suitable Substitutes

The use of some food additives is impossible. Some essential amino acids and vitamins that are not found in sufficient quantities in food must be obtained in synthetic form. Methionine, lysine, fish premix and other vitamins are non-negotiable in fish food.


• Nutritional Requirement of Your Fishes

You need to know the nutritional value of the different ingredients you want to use, and the nutritional value of your food at different stages of growth. These will help you as a farmer to produce healthy food.


• Availability of Choice Ingredients

Knowing the nutritional needs of your fish or the type of food you want to prepare will help you choose certain foods over others. This may be related to the cost and availability of these materials. When such things are not available, the farmer is responsible for choosing from many types of similar things. For example, when flour or flour is not available, the farmer faces the challenge of choosing between energy grains or processed tubers to meet the energy needs of fish. For example, due to the high cost of flour in my country, I use roasted mutton (Garri) to make my own food.


• Palatability of Available Ingredients

Palatability in this case refers to the preference of fish over food. Catfish have a sweet taste. For example, GNC (peanut meal) is sweet and aromatic and catfish prefer it over Beniseed, and soybean meal also likes cottonseed.


Cost and Profit of the Available Ingredients

 Price is very important when choosing ingredients in your diet. Inexpensive materials help reduce production costs and give you more profit. However, one must also consider the benefits (benefits) of choosing a tool regardless of cost. You may decide to go with local seafood instead of 72% more expensive seafood to cut costs. You may decide to use others.


• Technology/Organization

Some ingredients should not be used at all due to crude processing methods that can result in losing important ingredients. For example, corn should not be used if the available mills cannot grind it properly into powder. This is because fish may not be able to digest corn that is not properly harvested. Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Type of Fish Feed

General Food Requirements for Feeding Catfish

Fish feed should contain certain essential nutrients (food classes) that are necessary for their optimal growth. There are 4 main nutrients that must be present in a catfish diet for optimal performance.

They are


1. Protein

 This type of diet is important for building tissue and replacing damaged tissue. It helps in the growth of fish. It can be obtained from plants and animals. Examples are peanut butter and blood meal respectively. Methionine is also a protein.


2. Energy (Carbohydrates)

This class of food provides energy that catfish need to live. Cereal grains and tubers such as cassava are the main source of this food.


3. Vitamins and Minerals

Growth, health and physical processes are controlled by this food class. Examples of vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin B complex, minerals including iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, etc.


4. Fats and oils

Fats contain essential fatty acids and also provide energy in food. An example is the PKC-Palm kernel cake.


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