Kitchen Essentials List: 30 of the Best Cookware, Utensils, Tools and More


Kitchen Essentials List: 30 of the Best Cookware, Utensils, Tools and More

In this article, we provide a list of 30 essential kitchens for new homes. Get a fun kitchen experience that makes cooking fun with this list of "must have" kitchen essentials and their prices. Work cannot be done without great ease and satisfaction when you use the right tools for the job.

What more can you expect when you have a kitchen with the right utensils for preparing your favorite dishes? Kitchen appliances are as important to any home as food is to the body. Of course, you will not be satisfied with those things that have a close relationship with the "powerhouse" of your body system. As you continue on your culinary journey, you will find that some kitchen items are very important as they are used on a daily basis, making work easier and saving days for time.

So how do you bring design to your dining experience? Instead of removing recipes from the menu that you always dream of trying but don't have the right utensils to support or support the incredible preparation; You must take the bull by the horns to stock your kitchen with essentials.


Here are 30 Essential Kitchen Items List for New Home

Kitchen Essentials List: 30 of the Best Cookware, Utensils, Tools and More

A list of less than "must have" kitchen utensils is provided in this article to make sure you are prepared for your kitchen business. Check out the list of essential items and where to find them below.


1. Portable electric knife sharpener – N4000

This is a brilliant tool to work long term, saving you time and money by making those trips to and from your local market to increase your beauty. It is a portable and safe tool that comes with a catch tray to collect metal parts. You will be glad to have one.


2. Measuring cup set 6 – pieces – N3000

With a glass of metaphor, you can rest your brain away from those repetitive thoughts. Each cup is in a different bright color and fits in a different size to act as a memory aid.


3. Manual Juicer with calibrated cup – N1900

Go natural with fresh succulents made straight from your kitchen with a manual juicer. It's a great saying "easier said than done". It comes with a redesigned cup for example.


4. Simple pine utility kitchen pantry – N58000

This is a beautiful and organized kitchen essential that brings order to your kitchen. An interesting aspect of its design is its simplicity. You can expect much easier cleaning of shelves and organizing small items.


5. Universal grater with wooden handle – N1700

What could be a handy tool to grate your vegetables for salad and cocoyam for Ekpang-Nkukuo? You can grate with style and convenience using this polished wooden handle grater with 6 different patterned sides for grating or shredding. It is comfortable to hold and use.


6. Digital kitchen timer – N3000

Tell him to forget, forget time, waste money and of course sell food often. This digital timer features an audible alarm system with a large LCD display for easy digital readout. Dimensions are 3.3 x 3 x 0.75 inches. It's definitely not a tool to take for granted when you're distracted by busy schedules.


7. Universal cutlery tool set – 30 pieces – N8000

This complete and coordinated set is served with beautiful cutlery. It is also a brilliant item for wedding gifts. You can be sure of quality and durability with stainless steel.


8. 3 Tiers plate rack and cutlery bundle – N17000

In fact, something bright, useful and universal that is not only used to clean water dishes, but also bowls and all kinds of food. Interestingly, it has separate cup holders, spoons and forks in its center. Other accessories include three trays for drainage and 24 fasteners in different colors.


9. Knife set – 12 pieces – N5000

This important tool provides the organization you need to put all the knives in their place in the kitchen. The set of 8 comes in different sizes of knives and one block. It is also good for washing dishes.


10. Digital kitchen scale – N4,040

A digital kitchen scale is a great companion for keeping a certain degree of accuracy for your favorite recipes. It is designed with high precision sensor system with LCD display and low battery/load indicator. Power required is a pair of AAA batteries.


11. Neoworldline Dishcloth Microfiber kitchen towel – N800

In fact, it is a daily necessity for your windows, clothes, glasses and dishes. It is well designed for convenience.


12. Non-sticky fry pans 3piece set N8000

Put an end to burning, messy cooking, slow cooking and slow heating with these must-have pots. This set has 3 different sizes suitable for any food item.


13. Multifunction sliding ring leaves soap and kitchen sponge holder –N1100

You can organize and manage your sink efficiently with this multi-functional kitchen sink rack. It is an attractive item for the modern kitchen.


14. Stainless steel sink strainer - N1000

Get a durable sink strainer - an essential tool to protect your sink from clogging. It fits drains from 2-1/2" to 3-1/4" in diameter and makes cleaning easy.


15. Stainless Steel – N2400

It is perfect and durable for quick washing and draining food. A colander has a fine mesh that makes it ideal for straining and grating sauces, vegetables


16. Master Chef 4 in 1 (Juicer, Blender, Grinder & Mill)

What a great kitchen companion for organizing different types of food such as fruits, beans, vegetables and more. It comes with a 1.25-liter plastic jar, 2-speed pulse function, stainless steel blade, safety switch, strainer, separate pulp and juice collector.


17. Thermocool TEC Glass Cooker with 2 Hobs, G-2-T​​​​​​​801 – N30,000

You can remove your matches and try this non-stick cooker that comes with energy saving that uses less gas to reduce gas expenses. It is made of a layer of tempered glass for double protection, and has 2 heats and stability.


18. Haier Thermocool small chest freezer HTF-146 - N95570

Every kitchen really needs a freezer. HTF-146H provides 100 hours of freezing after power failure. It has a storage capacity of 146 liters with an anti-rust zinc coating, quiet operation and suitable for all seasons.


19. Pressure double burner kerosene stove PSO5 – Red @ N14,000

Double boilers are great if you don't use gas but still want to do a similar job. Also, it offers some economic benefits in terms of energy efficiency and less gas consumption than kerosene. It cooks just as fast as a gas cooker and has lower potential for fire outbreak than a gas cooker.


20. Nexus microwave with grill NX-804B-Black @N30,000

The NX-804B model provides excellent heating and grilling for a variety of foods. It comes with features such as a 20-liter capacity chamber that can hold large bowls, a digital display and a power level to adjust the temperature.


21. Master chef 3 sets luxury non-sticky pot – N15,000

Stainless steel pans are a good choice for cooking. This product offers a set of 4 durable pots of different sizes and their lids. It's a good price.


22. ‘Eat Right’ yam cooker/pounder – between N59000 & N73000

Thank you for years of sweat and shaking. You can cook and whip easily using this essential tool for your Nigerian kitchen. It takes less than 5 minutes and has a standby indicator and a waterproof body.


22. Oil and Water-Resistant Kitchen Apron – N800

Keep your clothes in an oil-resistant waterproof layer. It is 70cm x 50cm size which is comfortable to wear.


23. Nexus Digital Flashlight – Red NX-2100 – N25,000

The Nexus Digital flashlight is a "must have" that is portable and convenient to use. This 30-liter oven allows you to do more than you think: bake, cook, broil, defrost, broil, and more. It's a great price to enjoy your dining experience.


24. Complete food storage set – N17500

This is a home kitchen essential for storing food waste, picnic food and wherever you go. It has 50 pieces (25 bases and 25 lids) of different sizes and can be stored in the freezer and used in the microwave.


25. 2 in 1 bowl and sieve – N3,000

A kitchen staple that's durable and convenient for draining rice, vegetables, fruits and more. It's great for any home.


26. Multifunction manual meat and vegetable grinder – N10,000

It is very beautiful, durable and perfect for chopping and grinding your vegetables.


27. Silicone egg whisk – multicolour – N1,000

Beat the eggs, melt the chocolate and crème fraîche mixture with this special egg whisk. It has a hook for easy installation and it doesn't have any quick storage.


28. Potato chips slicer- N2,000

It's the answer to a quick and easy way to make your fries quick. Save your patience and time!

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29. Easy squeeze sponge mop – N5,000

An overhead mop for cleaning floors and walls is what you need to keep your tiles and many other areas clean. It is more flexible and comfortable to use without getting your hands wet.


30. 6 Jars spice rack – N1800

It's definitely a great way to organize your kitchen. This rack offers 6 different compartments to store your spices. Its transparent body makes it easy to identify the ingredients at first glance.


Final Though

That's it with a list of 30 kitchen essentials for a new home. With the things above, you will be sure that you will not be bored when it comes to your cooking. Additionally, you will find this checklist useful when moving into a new home, renovating your home, entering a catering service, replacing kitchen appliances, or even giving away to loved ones. gift. Don't hesitate to get these items quickly and at a good price.

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