Top 20 Best Poultry Feed Companies in Nigeria


Top 20 Best Poultry Feed Companies in Nigeria

The poultry industry in Nigeria has seen remarkable growth in recent years, and the demand for high quality poultry feed has increased accordingly. Poultry feed plays an important role in the health, growth and production of birds, requiring farmers to choose the best feed for their poultry. In poultry farming, a large portion of the farmer's income comes from poultry feed.

The  Best Poultry Feed Company in Nigeria are; Vital Feed, Stellar Feeds, Top Feeds, Breedwell Feeds, Amo Byng Feed, Animal Care Feeds, Hybrid Feeds, Ultima /Chikun Feeds, Livestock Feeds Plc, Zartech Limited, CHI Limited, Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria Limited, Funtuna Ventures, Crown Flour Mills Limited, Multi-Pro Enterprise Limited, Supreme Feeds etc.

What worries many Nigerian farmers is that the price of poultry meat is rising without keeping up with the price of chicken. The high cost of chicken feed is due to the high cost of corn and other feed ingredients. While some pet food manufacturers are forced to raise prices to maintain product quality, others use poor quality food to maintain prices and retain customers.

Although every poultry farmer wants to buy feed at a cheap price, no one wants to compromise his quality because poultry feed and proper nutrition make the birds better. Also, if a person buys less quality feed because of its cost, he will spend more money to feed the birds. That is why we have put together a list of the best chicken feed in Nigeria and their prices.


List of Best Poultry Feed Company in Nigeria

Top 20 Best Poultry Feed Companies in Nigeria

1. Vital Feed

2. Stellar Feeds

3. Top Feeds

4. Breedwell Feeds

5. Amo Byng Feed

6. Animal Care Feeds

7. Hybrid Feeds

8. Ultima /Chikun Feeds

9. Livestock Feeds Plc

10. Zartech Limited

11. CHI Limited

12. Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria Limited

13. Funtuna Ventures

14. Crown Flour Mills Limited

15. Multi-Pro Enterprise Limited

16. Supreme Feeds

17. Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited

18. Farm Support Company Limited

19.  Agrited Nigeria Limited

20. Chikun Feedmill Limited


• Vital Feed

Vital Feed is one of the pioneers in the livestock sector of the Nigerian agricultural industry, so the brand has many years of experience. It is Grand Cereals Limited (GCL), an integrated food company that claims to produce premium foods from local resources. Grand Cereals Limited is the first leading name in the range of pet food thanks to Vital Feed.

Many people like Vital Feed because it is convenient. Each pellet is formulated to provide the birds with the necessary nutrients, thereby promoting optimal growth and production and ensuring that the birds are well fed. 

You will find food that is essential for birds at any time of growth, namely layers, sellers, chicks, broiler starters, broiler finishers. A 25kg bag of Super Starter for broilers Vital Feed costs N4,820.


• Stellar Feeds

Stellar feed is another poultry feed recommended by many poultry farmers in Nigeria. Konet Mill Limited manufactures Stellar Feed, another leading brand of pet food in Nigeria. It offers a variety of products for every stage of bird growth and covers all animal feed needs in Nigeria and abroad. 

The company also provides consultancy services, advising clients on all relevant nutrition, farm management and animal health topics. The company is a comprehensive animal health focused company with veterinarians, veterinary specialists and nutritionists. Stellar food is also priced at N5, 350 available in 50kg and 25kg bags.


• Top Feeds

Top Feeds is Premier Feed Mills is one of the leading Animal Feed Mills, one of the leading animal feed manufacturers in Nigeria. The brand offers a wide range of products to meet all animal nutrition needs in Nigeria and abroad. Its products are also offered at competitive prices. Since 2003, Premier Feed Mills is one of the most popular brands in the feed industry in Nigeria.

It supplies the entire Nigerian poultry market under the brand name Top feeds. The company is not only known for producing high-quality products such as Top Feeds, but also for providing its customers with consulting services on issues ranging from food to animal health or farm management.

You will find the top list for each stage of your bird's growth and in different types such as Chick Mash, Grower Mash, Broiler super Starter, Broiler Starter, Broiler finisher, concentrate, Layer Mash, Layer Phase 2 and Prelayer Mash. Premium feed broiler starts from N5.555 to N5.630.


• Breedwell Feeds

Breedwell Feeds Limited produces one of the best poultry feeds available in the Nigerian market. The brand has shown that it is committed to producing quality products that will improve poultry performance, health and well-being. This company also produces premium concentrate.

These are products designed for farmers who have access to certain resources and are able to produce their own food. Breedwell food is available in 25kg and 50kg too.


• Amo Byng Feed

Amos Byng Nigeria Limited is a poultry feed manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience producing Amos Byng Feed. The company produces high quality food for the Nigerian and international markets. 

Amo Byng Feed products include; Chick Mash, Layer Mash, Starter Chicken, Broiler Finisher, Growth Concentrate, Layer Concentrate and Broiler Concentrate. The price of Amo Byng food ranges from N4,950 to N5,030 for a 25kg bag.


 • Animal Care Feeds

Animal Care Foods is a popular brand not only for poultry feed but also for its range of animal health services and products. This brand is so popular that you cannot talk about animal diseases and treatment in Nigeria without talking about animal care. 

Animal Care Feeds is an all Nigerian company engaged in commercial poultry production, commercial feed manufacturing and distribution of animal health products. Pet food is available in 25kg and 50kg priced at N3,250 for the first one.


• Hybrid Feeds

Mixed feed is another fast-growing form of poultry feed in Nigeria. Food Blend is a Food Blend Mill who have been in the business for over 16 years of experience. This brand has worked with innovative technology. It offers high-quality electric power that many customers can attest to. 25kg Hybrid Feeds Growers Mash is N4,470 while Hybrid Feeds Broiler Finisher Mash is N5,470.


• Ultima /Chikun Feeds

Ultima and Chikun Feeds are manufactured by Olam Animal Feed Mill, a subsidiary of Olam Group. Olan Feed Mill has an efficient production of animal feed that explains how the company is able to provide it explains how the company is able to provide animal feed in large quantities and in good quality.

Ultima and Chikun feed are also sold at attractive prices to Nigerian poultry farmers. Both types of chicken (Ultima/Chikun) are made with the best ingredients and have the additives and additives required for national and international standards. Ultima Super Starter Mash for broilers at 25 kilograms goes for N6,640.


• Livestock Feeds Plc

With over fifty years of experience, Livestock Feeds Plc has a strong presence in the Nigerian market. They offer a variety of poultry feeds designed to promote growth, egg production and overall health.


• Zartech Limited

Zartech Limited is a well-known poultry company that specializes in the production of high-quality poultry feed. Their food is carefully produced using the most expensive ingredients to ensure that the food is healthy and efficient.


• CHI Limited

CHI Limited is a household name in Nigeria known for a wide range of poultry products. They have a dedicated feed division that produces the best feed, contributing to the success of poultry farmers across the country.


• Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria Limited

Konsult Nigeria Limited Animal Care Services is committed to providing innovative solutions for the poultry industry. Their poultry feed is scientifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of birds at different levels of growth.


• Funtuna Ventures

Funtuna Ventures is a poultry company known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They offer a variety of food, which has been carefully developed to meet the nutritional needs of broilers, laying hens and breeders.


• Crown Flour Mills Limited

Crown Flour Mills Limited is a well-known name in the Nigerian agricultural industry. They produce high quality poultry feed, catering to the needs of commercial poultry farmers across the country.


• Multi-Pro Enterprise Limited

Multi-Pro Enterprise Limited is known for its commitment to quality and innovation. They offer a variety of poultry feeds designed to improve feed efficiency, disease resistance and overall animal health.


• Supreme Feeds

Supreme Foods is a manufacturer of animal feed, including high quality poultry feed. They use modern technology and quality control systems to produce food that improves bird performance and welfare.


• Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited

Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited is a successful poultry company with a strong presence in the animal feed industry.


• Farm Support Company Limited

Farm Support Company Limited is committed to providing farmers with the best quality poultry feed. Their food is made from carefully selected ingredients, ensuring the best nutrition and the best bird performance.

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• Agrited Nigeria Limited

Agrited Nigeria Limited is a serious poultry company focusing on quality grain and feed production. Their meals are fortified with essential nutrients and formulated to support healthy growth and productivity.


Top 20 Best Poultry Feed Companies in Nigeria

Final Thought

Choosing the right poultry feed is critical to the success and profitability of poultry farmers in Nigeria. The 20 poultry companies mentioned in this article have demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious diets that meet the specific needs of different types of poultry. 

These companies use advanced manufacturing processes, quality control systems and extensive research to ensure that their feed maximizes growth, improves feed efficiency and improves overall animal health. 

By choosing feed from these reputable companies, poultry farmers can ensure that their animals receive the best nutrition, which improves productivity and profitability.

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