Top 5 Cooking Gas (LPG) Cylinder Brands in Nigeria


Top 5 Cooking Gas (LPG) Cylinder Brands in Nigeria

Top 5 Cooking Gas (LPG) Cylinder Brands in Nigeria -  In this article, you will find the best cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria, their pictures and prices. One of the most common cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria is the gas cylinder that stores LPG (LPG) for cooking. 

It is usually made of steel and is equipped with a safety valve, pressure gauge and other safety devices. It is usually filled with LPG at a gas station or depot and transported to the user's home. 

The cooking gas cylinder is connected to the cooker or other cooking equipment, and the user can control the gas flowing through the system.


Nigeria Cooking Gas Cylinder Features

Nigerian cooking gas cylinders usually have mechanical components and are equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges and other safety devices. It is designed to be waterproof and used as a regulator to control gas emissions. Cylinder Gas cooking gas makes a closed valve to prevent air on the movement. It is also designed to be permanent and corrosion.


Cost of Cooking Gas Cylinders in Nigeria

The cost of cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria depends on the size of the cylinder and the type of gas inside it. A 12.5 kg LPG cylinder usually costs between 4,500 NGN and 5,500 NGN. A 6 kg LPG cylinder usually costs between 2,500 NGN and 3,500 NGN. Prices may vary by location and supplier.

The emergence of fake/counterfeit LPG cylinders in Nigeria makes it necessary to find reliable brands that manufacture LPG cylinders that comply with national and international standards and are of good quality for use in tropical countries like Nigeria.


Here are Top 5 Cooking Gas (LPG) Cylinder Brands in Nigeria

Top 5 Cooking Gas (LPG) Cylinder Brands in Nigeria

These are the same type of LPG cylinders that are manufactured in quality 12.5kg cylinders that have served LPG users well over the years.


1. Total Gaz 12.5kg LPG Cylinders

Anyone who uses gas for cooking knows and appreciates the Total Gaz 12.5kg cylinder for its superior quality. Although many of the 40-year-old, 12.5+ kg Total Gaz LPG cylinders still in circulation in the country have passed their expiry date, they are still superior and will last longer than some newer cylinders. less than 12.5 kg (name held for ethical reasons) imported into the country. Total Gas 12.5kg cylinders can only be purchased at Total gas stations across the country.


2. JJJ 12.5kg Cooking Gas Cylinders

JJJ 12.5kg cylinders are made of premium quality steel. The thickness of the cylinder makes it less prone to corrosion. JJJ 12.5kg cylinders are durable and will not leak from welded joints. Unfortunately, JJJ cylinders are not readily available in the Nigerian market at present.


3. Oando 12.5kg LPG Cylinders

The Oando 12.5kg cylinder has earned a reputation as a quality cylinder with a long lifespan. The bright blue color used on the Oando 12.5 kg cylinder allows it to repel and delay its corrosion. Cylinders can be purchased at the Oando port and a few LPG stores throughout the country.


4. Amaze Gas 12.5kg Cooking Gas Cylinders

The popular 12.5 kg Amaze Gas Bottle is very comfortable and durable. The cylinder is available everywhere and can be bought anywhere gas cylinders are sold across Nigeria.


5. Best Gas 12.5kg LPG Cylinders

The Best Gas LPG cylinder brand is a reliable brand, which makes its 12.5 kg cylinder the most popular in its range of cylinder sizes. The best gas cooking gas cylinders do not rust (corrode) easily and are not too big.

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