15 Best Brands of Cassava Fertilizer in Nigeria

15 Best Brands of Cassava Fertilizer in Nigeria

Cassava, a staple crop, is important to the economy and food security of Nigeria. Farmers rely on top-notch fertilizers to maximize cassava yield and guarantee crop health. Fertilizers replenish the soil's vital nutrients, fostering healthy plant development, increased tuber output, and enhanced disease resistance.

The 15 Best Brands of Cassava Fertilizer brands sold in Nigeria will be examined in this article, along with details on their qualities, advantages, and efficacy.


Here are 15 Leading best brands of cassava fertilizer in Nigeria


15 Best Brands of Cassava Fertilizer in Nigeria

1. NPK 15-15-15

A balanced fertilizer called NPK 15-15-15 contains the same amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). It offers an extensive nutrient profile that encourages overall plant growth, improves root formation, and increases tuber formation.


2. Urea

A common nitrogen-based fertilizer used in cassava cultivation is urea. It is a highly soluble fertilizer that slowly releases nitrogen to give the crop sustaining nutrition. The addition of urea to cassava tubers encourages the growth of leaves and helps them contain more starch.


3. Single Superphosphate (SSP)

SSP, a phosphorus-rich fertilizer, encourages the growth of roots and improves fruiting and flowering in cassava plants. It promotes early plant establishment and increases tuber size and yield.


4. Muriate of Potash (MOP)

MOP is a potassium-based fertilizer that promotes overall plant vigor and health. It increases starch content in cassava tubers, improves disease resistance, and improves water and nutrient uptake. MOP is especially helpful in regions with a high prevalence of potassium deficiency.


5. NPK 20-10-10

A fertilizer mixture called NPK 20-10-10 has a higher nitrogen content, which encourages the growth of leaves and the production of chlorophyll. When rapid foliage development is necessary in the early stages of cassava growth, this formulation is helpful.


6. Ammonium Nitrate (AN)

Cassava plants can easily access nitrogen thanks to the nitrogen-based fertilizer ammonium nitrate. It promotes leaf quality, vegetative growth, and increased tuber yield.


7. Organic Fertilizers

For the sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation of cassava, consider using organic fertilizers like compost, manure, and crop residues. They enhance microbial activity, enrich nutrient content, and soil structure, which benefits plant health and increases yields.


8. NPK 12-12-17

The cassava flowering and tuber development stages benefit from the use of the specialized fertilizer mixture NPK 12-12-17, which has a higher potassium content. The quality of the tubers is improved along with fruiting and root growth.


9. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Cassava plants receive both macronutrients from CAN, a nitrogen and calcium fertilizer. It improves disease resistance, strengthens cell walls, and maintains a balanced nutrient uptake.


10. Foliar Fertilizers

The leaves of cassava plants receive foliar fertilizers directly, which are then absorbed by the foliage. They effectively address nutrient deficiencies, boost photosynthesis, and enhance general plant health by giving plants a quick nutritional boost.


11. NPK 10-20-10

A fertilizer mixture called NPK 10-20-10 has a higher phosphorus content, which is essential for cassava's root growth, flowering, and fruit formation. It increases tuber yield and quality and aids in the development of a sturdy root system.


12. Slow-Release Fertilizers

Slow-release fertilizers deliver nutrients gradually and continuously over an extended period of time. By minimizing the chance of nutrient leaching and maximizing nutrient uptake, these fertilizers make sure that nutrients are consistently available to cassava


13. Liquid Fertilizers

Cassava plants can quickly absorb nutrients from liquid fertilizers, such as liquid NPK formulations. They are especially helpful when the soil's capacity to hold nutrients is constrained or when there are periods of rapid growth.


14. Boron (B) Fertilizers

For cassava plants, boron is a vital micronutrient. The development of pollen, the metabolism of carbohydrates, and cell division are all aided by boron fertilizers. They are extremely important for increasing root development, tuber growth, and overall yield.


15. Blends of customized fertilizer

To meet the needs of particular crops and soil types, some fertilizer manufacturers offer specialized blends. These mixtures ensure that cassava plants receive the best nutrition possible by taking into account the findings of soil analyses and crop nutrient requirements.


Final Thought

To maximize yield, ensure crop health, and ultimately enhance the standard of living for Nigerian cassava farmers, it is essential to choose the right cassava fertilizer.

The 15 best cassava fertilizer manufacturers listed above provide a variety of options, such as balanced NPK formulations, urea, phosphorus-rich fertilizers, potassium-based fertilizers, organic substitutes, and specialized blends.

When choosing the right fertilizer, farmers should take into account aspects like the soil's conditions, nutrient deficiencies, crop growth stages, and their budget. 

Cassava farmers in Nigeria can boost productivity, contribute to food security, and stimulate the expansion of the agricultural sector by incorporating these superior fertilizers into their farming techniques.

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