8 Seductive Things can Make Your Immune System Less Robust


8 Seductive Things can Make Your Immune System Less Robust

To ward off diseases, immunity is crucial. Here are some foods that may impair your immune system because food plays an important role. We do like to have a few spoons of sugar every day, whether it be with tea, coffee, milkshakes, or any summer drink. These drinks either help us stay cool or provide us with energy to start the day. According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, sugar weakens the immune system because white blood cells are unable to kill harmful bacteria or viruses.

However, have you ever wondered if the sugar in these beverages can actually affect our immunity?

In order to learn about sugar and other foods that may weaken the immune system, Health Shots consulted Dr. Pawan Kumar Goyal, Senior Consultant - Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Salimar Bagh, New Delhi.


Foods That Could Lower Immunity

Having a robust immune system is essential if you want to be healthy. According to Dr. Goyal, it aids in our defense against infections brought on by bacteria, parasites, and viruses. To fight off various harmful diseases, one needs a strong immune system. The immune system can be slowed down by consuming certain foods in excess. These foods include some of the following:


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1. Sugar

According to the expert, a high sugar diet slows down white blood cells' ability to combat viruses and bacteria, which degrades immune system performance.


2. Prepared meals

Processed food has unhealthy fat, a high sodium content, and artificial preservatives that cause chronic inflammation and impair the immune system.


3. Alcohol

Stop reaching for a glass or mug of alcohol every evening after work if you have been doing so. When the immune system is suppressed by heavy alcohol use, infections can result. According to Dr. Goyal, it will weaken your body's capacity to fight infections.


4. Meals that are fried

A diet high in fried foods, which causes oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, can have a negative impact on immune function.


5. Trans fatty acids

Trans-fat is a weakening agent for the immune system and is prevalent in fast food and baked goods.


6.  Foods high in sodium

High sodium foods can raise blood pressure and weaken the immune system.


7. Incredibly refined grains

These have low nutritional and fiber values, which causes an imbalance in the gut microbiome, which is crucial for the immune system.


8. Caffeine in excess

The immune system is impacted by high levels of caffeine because it can disrupt sleep patterns.



Tips for Increasing Immunity

Avoiding alcohol and smoking is one way to strengthen your immune system. The immune system may suffer from these dangerous substances. There are additionally the following methods to strengthen the immune system.


1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

An adequate intake of vegetables, fruits, minerals, healthy fats, and foods high in antioxidants is necessary to maintain an immune system that is supported by a nutrient-rich, balanced diet.


2. Hydration

To boost your immunity and improve your health, drink enough water each day.


3. Get regular exercise

Add moderate intensity physical activity to your routine, advises Dr. Goyal, for improved immune system performance.


4. Sleep soundly

A seven to eight-hour stretch of good sleep strengthens the immune system, which lowers the risk of infections.


5. The control of stress

The immune system suffers when there is a lot of stress. Include stress-relieving exercises like meditation and some breathing techniques. By maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding obesity, which can also have negative effects on the immune system, you can improve your health by eating a balanced diet and exercising frequently. So, eat well and stay active.

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