How to Become a Copywriter in Nigeria


How to Become a Copywriter in Nigeria

Read this article to the end if you've heard of copywriting and want to know what it is and how a beginner in Nigeria can profit from it. I will go into great detail about every aspect of copywriting in Nigeria in this article.

We'll go over the definition of copywriting, the abilities that every copywriter needs to have, the pay for copywriters in Nigeria, the educational requirements for becoming a copywriter in Nigeria, the expense of learning copywriting in Nigeria, and more. So, make sure to read this article all the way through if you're looking for a novel way to earn money online.


Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes text with marketing and advertising in mind as their occupation or profession. Copywriters create content for marketing purposes and to raise brand awareness for the companies they work for. The goal of copywriting is to persuade a person or group of people to take a specific action with regard to a good or service.


A Copywriter's Requirements

In Nigeria, copywriters are not required to have a university degree.

All that is required is a basic understanding of the English language and the "power of persuasion," or the ability to persuade others through writing.

You must be literate in English—reading, writing, and speaking—to work as a copywriter in Nigeria.

Since punctuation can add drama and emotion to your copywriting, you should be able to use it effectively.


Copywriters’ Salary in Nigeria

The amount that copywriters make per job determines their salaries in Nigeria. The pay for copywriters varies according to their experience levels in the field. In Nigeria, there are primarily two types of copywriters. In Nigeria, there are aspiring writers as well as experienced ones.

Copywriters in Nigeria typically earn between $20,000 and $100,000 per job.


Here are Steps on How to Become a Copywriter in Nigeria

How to Become a Copywriter in Nigeria

To become a copywriter in Nigeria, follow these steps:


1. Become more proficient in copywriting

As I previously stated, obtaining a degree in English is not a prerequisite for success as a copywriter in Nigeria. Just the basics are required. You should get better at writing.

Many YouTube videos are available to watch. And read a lot of blog posts about it since there is currently nowhere in Nigeria where you can attend a "Copywriting School" to learn the craft.

Likewise, you can read books about copywriting.  Many copywriters have transferred their writing skills to the written word. By reading these people's books, you can learn from them.

Looking at other copywriters' work and using the practical method of just writing are sometimes the best ways to learn. This also applies to you.


2. In your writing, practice persuasion

Being able to write well is one thing, but being able to influence customers through writing is quite another. These two are distinct from one another. They differ from one another.

The next step after learning how to write is to learn how to incorporate persuasion into your writing. Regarding this, there are a ton of resources available both online and offline.

Your ability to persuade clients will increase your ability to attract more copywriting contracts, and when your contractors are pleased with your work, they will recommend or connect you to additional clients who want you to write for them. as a qualified person.

As a copywriter, you must be aware of your clients' needs and how to meet them.

For instance, you need to be aware of the goods or services they want people to purchase as well as the methods they prefer. Do they want you to write about how important the product or service is in order to persuade potential customers to act? Do they want you to use the testimonies of other customers as persuasive evidence to be aware?


3. Launch your copywriting training

When it comes to copywriting, it's critical that you exercise regularly. In actuality, you must continue to practice whether or not you are employed as a copywriter. A pen and a book or a laptop are both acceptable forms of practice. Your copywriting skills will decline as soon as you stop practicing.

Thus, you must work constantly.

The majority of copywriters I know say they participate in regional and global online groups to further their professional development. Facebook groups are the most popular online forums where copywriters congregate. Facebook is home to a plethora of copywriting groups. Many of these groups are open to you joining if you want to keep growing and developing.


4. Offer a few copywriting positions

It's crucial for aspiring copywriters to take on a few free jobs in order to gain more exposure quickly.

However, this is where a lot of copywriter struggle. They don't want to work for free, but they still want to be among Nigeria's highest paid copywriters. This is impossible, and even if it were, it would require more time.

A novice copywriter who performs more free work cannot be compared to a novice copywriter who is solely seeking clients. More clients will be attracted by copywriting samples than by not having any. Even if you are not always present, your copywriting examples will speak for you.


How to Make Money from Copywriting

The copywriting industry in Nigeria offers a variety of opportunities for income generation. I'll be outlining these various techniques in the list that follows.


1. The Facebook Groups

As I previously mentioned, Facebook is home to a large number of regional and global copywriting groups. For the most recent information on copywriting positions, you can follow or like the pages or groups. On these Facebook groups, you can also find copywriting jobs.


2. Doing work on Fiverr

Nowadays, a lot of freelance copywriters in Nigeria, particularly, use Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can sign up as a copywriter and find local and international jobs to earn money. The Fiverr website requires payment. They deduct a token from your earnings in dollars.


3. Get a job at a newspaper

You can earn money writing for newspapers in Nigeria as a copywriter. You will assist the newspaper's customers with writing and promoting their goods and services.


4. Provide copywriting training

If you work as a copywriter professionally in Nigeria and are good at teaching others, you can earn money by developing copywriting courses that you can sell to aspiring copywriters.


5. Copywriting for hire

Additionally, you can earn money in Nigeria by working as a freelance copywriter for various clients and businesses. In Nigeria, this is the most typical way that copywriters make money.


Final Thought

Because so few Nigerians are aware of the copywriting industry, earning money as a copywriter there can be very lucrative. Both of the aforementioned methods of earning money as a copywriter are available to you right now.

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