Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Lagos

Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Lagos

The top 10 best hair salons in Lagos will be examined in this article. In a hair salon, beauticians and barbers tend to customers and clients. Even though they both provide similar treatments, there is a distinct difference between a hair salon and a beauty salon because the latter provides additional services related to meditation, foot care, mud baths, nail manicures, facial aesthetics, and skin health.

Hair is fixed, cut, colored, washed, and styled by hair stylists in salons. The stylist may want to provide advice on how to maintain and care for wigs as well as on how to take care of one's own hair. Even nails and skincare may be pursued by some.

After compiling a list of the top hair salons in New York City, Webbspy has chosen to concentrate on Nigeria, one of the biggest African nations and the most populous black nation in the world, with a population of more than 200 million.

The Top 10 best hair salons in Lagos are,  DMD Hair Salon, Make More Beauty Place, Downtown Hair Salon Dsalon. Bobby’s Signature Hair Salon,  Hair Lounge Hair Salon, Bruno’s Place Hair Salon, Exhale Hair Salon,  Valerie’s Brand International Hair Salon, O’naturals (Natural Hair Salon) among others.  

A country with such a large population as Lagos has many businesses, both new and well-established. You can all agree that with a country the size of Nigeria, there will never be enough hair salons to serve the population.

Basically, a hair salon that provides some of the services of a professional salon can be found on almost every street. But our focus is on identifying the most reputable hair salons in Lagos that have received the most positive customer reviews from across Nigeria by analyzing the best hair salons in Lagos. With that said, let's look at the top 10 hair salons in Lagos.

The statement that "At our salon, you will always leave happy" not only cheers us up but also serves as a reminder of the importance of hairdos. We must have a glimmer if we are to leave the house, so let's find seasoned hair stylists and reputable salons for your hair.

Check out the Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Lagos, Nigeria right away. Continue reading to find out more information about hair factories if you're curious.


Here are Top 10 best hair salons in Lagos


Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Lagos

1. DMD Hair Salon

The premier hair salon in Lagos, Nigeria is called DMD Hairstylist. Lagos city's hair enthusiasts may be familiar with this brand. Despite being a newcomer to the hair distributor and beauty industries, DMD Hairstylist has caught the attention of the neighborhood thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the entire Excel team.

The salon offers hair renovating, hair extensions, and hair coloring. There are colorful, beautifully made wigs on display. The hairstylist has transformed transactions involving hair into amazing games involving color and texture. In 2020, La Mode Magazine named DMD Hairstylist the Hairstylist brand of the year, and it was simple to understand why. The colors produced—Blue, Navy, Pink, Grey, Orange are all out of step with the hottest hair salon trends in Lagos, Nigeria. The standard is on par with a premier wholesale hair supplier!

The hair is thick and comes from Vietnam. All clients enjoy having hair that is perfectly straight because it never goes out of style. Haircuts with piano color, bone straight hair, pixie cuts, water curls, and other customized curling styles are commonplace in the salon. If you're looking for a reputable hair salon, think about DMD Hairstylist, one of Nigeria's best.


2. Make More Beauty Place

They have been able to win up to 13 awards during their time in business; the awards come from both national and international organizations. It is among the best in Lagos for taking care of all-natural hair requirements. They set themselves apart from the competition with their talent and creativity in what they do. In and of itself, the location is lovely and warm. The top ten hair salons in Lagos undoubtedly include this one.

3. Bobby’s Signature Hair Salon

Bobby's signature is another name to add to your list of the top hair salons in Nigeria. Located in Lagos, the country's capital, Bobby's signature should be a destination that hair and beauty enthusiasts can easily remember. Indeed, your first impression of the hair salon will be favorable. In the early 1990s, one of the few male stylists who founded the beauty palace, Bobby Eke, helped to establish professional hairstyling in the nation. The intricate hairstyles and weave-fixing patterns that Bobby is most well-known for. The powerful and elite of society are served by this salon.

We can check out their hairstyles on Instagram to see how gorgeous and artistically done they are. Each status has also received a ton of feedback, proving the top hair salons in Nigeria have a significant impact on the neighborhood.


4. Downtown Hair Salon Dsalon

Dsalon Downtown is a well-known brand in the Nigerian hair-making industry, known for its distinctive professional touch in the beauty industry. Dsalon Downtown has remained at the top of the hair care and beauty industries since it opened in 1992. A network of unisex hair care and beauty salons and beauty products marts in Lagos that employ over 250 people has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its cutting-edge infrastructure and equipment.

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5. Head Masters Hair Salon

Head Masters is the second name on the top list of the best hair salons in Nigeria. In recent years, under the direction of the young and vivacious boss, the hair brand has grown quite quickly. The images of this salon give us a light and creative feeling.

The Head Masters salon, located in the thriving Ikeja district of Lagos, is well known for its sizable clientele base and highly skilled stylists who never cease to astound customers with chic value-added services. The respect of their numerous customers has been gained by Head Masters thanks to their skill and business-like approach to the hair styling industry.


6. Hair Lounge Hair Salon

Because it offers its numerous client’s comfort and professionalism, Hair Lounge is one of the most popular hair salons in Lagos. Its calm environment and friendly staff make a nice addition to its first-rate services. It's not surprising that customers keep coming back for more services. It is located in the Lekki axis of Lagos.


7. Bruno’s Place Hair Salon

In Alausa, Ikeja, "Bruno's Place" offers top-notch barbering and hairstyling services in addition to a wide selection of hair products. It has built up a sizable clientele in a short period of time, and pleased clients frequently return for additional services.


8. Exhale Hair Salon

Exhale is a well-known hair salon in Lagos that offers clients professional beauty services. It is regarded as one of Lagos' best salons because of its renowned distinctive hair finishing. It's located in Ikeja, a neighborhood in Lagos.


9. Valerie’s Brand International Hair Salon

Veebeez (abv. A luxurious but thorough consultation and hair care treatment are provided by The Valerie Brand) hair salon. Veebeez focuses on hair styling, bridal hair, color experts, ponytails, HD frontal collections, training, and wedding atmosphere. They work with real, unprocessed hair as well as salon supplies. They are situated in Lekki Phase 1 of Lagos, Plot 53, Plot 24, Adebayo Doherty Street.

It's not surprising that they made the list of the top 10 hair salons in Nigeria because, in contrast to others, they provide an intensive master class for those who enjoy learning about hair, own their own beauty salon, and provide services like pedicures and manicures.


10. O’naturals (Natural Hair Salon)

It is impossible to find a better place than O'Naturals to take care of your natural hair. Due to their skill and training in handling all hair types, particularly natural African hair types, you'll doze off in your chair half the time. You feel pampered as you leave because the stylist takes good care of your hair. If you like your hair in its natural state, this is a great place to go. 

Expert female stylists in this hair salon are good with natural hair. The recommendation is to schedule an appointment a day before your actual hair date in order to avoid disappointment. In addition, every other service they offer is very competent and good.

The top 10 best hair salons in Lagos, are listed above. You should be able to locate the ideal hair-refreshing location with the help of the information above.

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