Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Nigeria


Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Nigeria

The top 10 hair salons in Nigeria will be examined in this article. In a hair salon, beauticians and barbers tend to customers and clients. Even though they provide similar treatments, a beauty salon offers additional services related to meditation, foot care, manicures, mud baths, facial aesthetics, and skin health.

Hair is fixed, cut, colored, washed, and styled by hair stylists in hair salons. A hairstylist might want to provide advice on how to take care of one's hair and how to wear and maintain a wig. Even nails and skincare may be pursued by some. has chosen to concentrate on Nigeria, one of the largest countries in Africa and the most populous black country in the world with a population of over 200 million, after compiling a list of the top hair salons in New York City.

Nigeria consists of 36 States, with Abuja serving as the national capital.

A country with such a large population as Nigeria has many businesses, both new and well-established. You can agree that with a country the size of Nigeria, there will never be enough hair salons to serve the population.

Basically, a hair salon with some salon-quality services can be found on almost every street. However, we are interested in examining the top hair salons in Nigeria and identifying those with the most positive customer reviews from all over the country. In light of this, let's examine the top 10 hair salons in Nigeria.


List Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Nigeria

Here are the best hair salons in Nigeria that render professional services.

1. Apple and Orange hair Salon

2.  Fro Nation Hair Salon

3. Valerie’s Brand International Hair salon

4. Bruno’s Place

5. Make More Beauty Place

6. Touch of Glamour

7. Bobby’s Signature

8. Sari Signature Salon

9. Lumo Naturals

10. MODS (Mothers and Daughters)


 Apple and orange hair salon

By its name, you might assume it's a fruit store, but it's actually a hair salon. The decor is apple and orange, which makes it seem more welcoming and deliciously natural. The location has two salon rooms, a makeup studio for children, and a brand-new area with manicure and pedicure tools. Upstairs, there is a complete spa area as well.

They have professionals who specialize in natural hairstyles and can work with any length of hair. To make the experience for their customers even more enjoyable, they also serve drinks and chicken. They have a barbering section similar to anyone who wants to cut their hair short.


 Valerie’s Brand International Hair Salon

The Valerie’s Brand International Hair Salon provides a luxurious but intensive consultation and hair care treatment. Hair styling, bridal hair, color experts, ponytails, HD frontal collections, training, and bridal ambiance are Veebeez's areas of expertise. They work with actual raw hair as well as salon supplies and products. They are situated at Lekki Phase 1, Plot 53, Adebayo Doherty Street, Lagos.

It comes as no surprise that they are among the top ten hair salons in Nigeria because, in contrast to others, they provide an intensive master class for those who enjoy learning about hair and who run their own beauty parlor with services like pedicures and manicures.

 Bruno’s Place

Complex female natural hair types are treated by them. Additionally, they provide a ton of extras like a shopping district, a movie theater, and more. They still offer fantastic value for the money.


 Make More Beauty Place

They have been able to win up to 13 awards in the short time they have been in business. The awards come from both domestic and foreign organizations. For taking care of any natural hair requirements, it is among the best in Lagos.  They stand out from the crowd thanks to their talent and creativity in what they do. The location is beautiful and warm. This hair salon unquestionably ranks among the top ten in Nigeria.


 Touch of Glamour

All the different natural hairstyles you might want to try are managed by them expertly. A while back, they were named the year's Most Beautiful Girl in the official peasant salon of Nigeria.

They can also easily accommodate both male and female hairstyles. The goal of their business is to satisfy everyone's desire for beauty. Your face, eyes, hair, nails, and nails will all look gorgeous thanks to them.


 Bobby’s Signature

You'll like going to this salon for natural hair. They are able to control the ingrained need for hair styling. They have been in the industry for a while and have developed into a reputable establishment that draws customers from all over Nigeria, especially Lagos.

They are well known both nationally and internationally.

Every aspect of female beauty is taken care of, not just the hair, which is done perfectly. They are so amazing that we occasionally received contracts to manage the hairstyles of up to 50 models who were taking part in the Native and Vogue fashion show.


 Sari Signature Salon

Many female celebrities and socialites frequent that location frequently while in Lagos. Famous for its hairstylist Sari Ajaj, who rose to fame in the beauty industry when he was named the official hairstylist for the Big Brother Africa television program, Sari Signature Salon specializes in a distinctive style of layered hair cutting and blow-drying, as well as hair styling, coloring, restoring, wig designing, hair care, and spa facilities.


 Lumo Naturals

They provide customers with a wide range of unusual and frequently inaccessible services and goods in the area. They are a sustainable business that uses locally sourced, natural, organic raw materials. They use their salon as a platform to spread the word about the elegance and history of African hair.


 MODS (Mothers and Daughters)

The original goal of Mods Salon was to serve clients with natural hair. Having a setting where daughters and mothers can take care of their hair is the ideal. The skilled staff at MODS salons take excellent care of your hair and educate you on how to maximize the potential of your particular hair types and textures. Natural Hair is their main priority. They also have a shop selling beauty supplies. Weddings, fashion shows, TV shows, and other outdoor events are supported by them.


 Fro Nation Hair Salon

The upscale natural salon and product store Fro Nation is committed to pampering and styling your kinks, curls, coils, and locs the "Au Naturale" Way. A chic naturals hangout called Fro Nation can be found at No. Port Harcourt's GRA Phase 2 is located at 45 Evo Road.

For naturalists, we fill a void in the natural hair salon and beauty services industry.

They help you feel comfortable as we style, care for, and pamper your curls, coils, kinks, and locs in our warm, inviting hangout. Additionally, they will provide transitioning, relaxed, and texturized hair with au naturale hair care, treatments, and styling.

While our vision is to continue to be innovators, trend-setters, and pacesetters in the natural hair industry, their mission is to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. They distinguish themselves from the competition with their individualized services, skilled stylists, convenient downtown location, and inviting salon environment.

I hope you've already decided on one of Nigeria's top 10 best hair salons. Visit a few of the hair salons on the list above, then leave a review on their page or in the space below.

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