Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Nigeria – New Discovering


Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Nigeria – New Discovering

It goes without saying that one of Nigeria's most sought-after careers in recent years has been modeling. This is especially true for young women who aspire to be the next Agbani Darego, Tyra Banks, or more recently, the next Olajumoke Orisaguna.

There have been quite a few success stories, and modeling agencies have played important roles in the success of all these models, even though many of these fantasies never become reality.

Although they have the talent, many aspiring models don't know how to pursue their dream. However, you can pursue it by joining forces with the appropriate modeling agency to begin learning the ropes.

In recent years, the modeling and fashion industries in Nigeria have grown significantly. The most in-demand models in Africa and even the world is from Nigeria.

The Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Nigeria are, Silverbird Group, Wave Model Management, Beige Model Management, ISIS Model Management, Exquisite Models International, Few Model Agency, Beth Modeling Agency among otters.

To keep those professional models performing at their peak levels at all times, a lot of work is done behind the scenes. Many people play important roles, but the modeling agencies in charge of those models particularly do.

In the fashion industry, representing models is the main duty of modeling agencies. These organizations cooperate with organizations from various other industries as well as organizations from the entertainment sector. Between the models and various types of clients, they act as the point of contact.

In order to find priceless gems in the rocks, modeling agencies are dedicated to doing so. They are tasked with finding potential super models and making sure that they are unlocked for the treasure they contain.

By putting their models through a series of training, grooming, enlightenment, and guidance on the professional ethics of the fashion and entertainment industries, they achieve this. These models are generally polished to meet both visual and performance standards set by other countries.

Modeling agencies are adapting to the new demands being placed on their industry as the global fashion industry has done.

Currently, in addition to the well-known Cinderella models, there are specialized modeling agencies that cater to particular types of models. For instance, face modeling agencies and agencies for plus size models are now available.

Modeling agencies are tasked with the task of training and providing models for a variety of events, including product launches, ushers for upscale events and ceremonies, ushers for fashion shows where they provide runway models, and models for magazines and other print publications.

In order to always keep themselves in shape and prepared for the job, these models must follow a strict routine.

They must maintain a proper diet, go to the gym frequently, take good care of their skin, and always be in good health. Typically, they are paid to regularly appear in front of cameras, so they must always present well.

According to the agreement you have signed with the modeling agency, you will be hired as a professional model through your agency for a variety of events, shows, and programs. Models are paid by their agency, not the client.

The payment schedule is expressly outlined in the contract and, depending on the type of contract, may be on a per-show basis, monthly, or even yearly. As agreed, upon by both parties, this also includes additional welfare programs.

Some modeling agencies in Nigeria have recently distinguished themselves as exceptional. They've honed their craft to a fine point and have emerged as role models for other agencies and, consequently, the fashion business.

They continually raise the Nigerian flag internationally and have produced some of the best models to come out of Africa.


List of Top 10 modeling Agencies in Nigeria


1. Silverbird Group

In Nigeria, the most esteemed modeling agency is Silverbird Group. Senator Ben Murray Bruce started it in 1980. The Silverbird also operates a radio station, a television station, and a movie theater, to name a few.  They are in charge of Mr. Nigeria and the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Pageant. Agbani Darego, the MBGN pageant winner, went on to win Miss World in 2001 and still holds the distinction of being the only black African woman to do so.


2. Wave Model Management

Although this modeling agency was founded in Italy, it has also set up shop in a few African nations, with Nigeria serving as one of their main focus countries.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria's Rivers State, is home to Wave Model Management. Their models have the fantastic opportunity to visit foreign countries for international fashion shows. Only models who are women are their only priority.


3. Beige Model Management

In Nigeria, people have a lot of respect for this organization. Additionally, situated in Nigeria's PortHarcourt, Rivers State. They are known for paying their models well.  Because of their extensive professional training programs, their models can now compete with the best in the nation within a reasonable amount of time.


4. ISIS Model Management

Please don't let the name of this modeling agency scare you. Nothing you're thinking right now has anything to do with them.

I learned after making several inquiries that this agency is among the best in Lagos, Nigeria, for finding models. They are renowned for creating some of the stunning female models who are currently making waves. Their models have also previously placed first in some of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the nation.


5. Exquisite Models International

Every organization has a unique corporate culture that contributes to its strength. One of the few international modeling agencies with a solid presence in both Nigeria and the continent of Africa is Exquisite Models International. They are primarily concerned with finding and enhancing Nigerian models to meet international standards.


6. Few Model Agency

This agency is renowned for its success in grooming young models to slay on the runway. Olajumoke Orisaguna, a former bread seller, was famously signed by Few Model Agency after being discovered by Nigerian photographer TY Bello. They are a renowned modeling agency with a base in Lagos.


7. Iris Model Agency

Glam Model Management was the former name of this agency. They are increasing so quickly. They are situated in the Nigerian state of Rivers, PortHarcourt. Both male and female models are the main focus of their training. having several models who are currently shining brightly in the Nigerian fashion scene.


8. Beth Modeling Agency

Beth Modeling Agency has quite a few international affiliates and makes the bold claim to be the most prestigious modeling agency in Africa.  They train their models to the highest standards possible and have some of the most talented trainers. Without a doubt, they are one of Nigeria's most upscale modeling agencies.


9. JC Modeling Agency

JC Modeling Agency (JCMA) is one organization in Nigeria that has continued to get better. To keep their Nigerian models competitive, this agency gives them exposure abroad. They also send their models to various events, such as fashion shows, and they give their recently chosen models a one-year contract.


10. Black Dove Model Agency

Black Dove Model Agency is another esteemed modeling agency with offices in Lagos, Nigeria. One of Nigeria's top training teams works for them.  Particularly for ushering jobs, their models are paid very well for their services. Additionally, they represent and train male models. 

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