Top 20 Hairstylists and Hairdressers in Nigeria


Top 20 Hairstylists and Hairdressers in Nigeria

Over the years, the hairdressing and hair styling industry in Nigeria has seen tremendous growth. Nigerian hairdressers and hairstylists are well known for their exceptional talents, originality, and capacity to transform tresses into everything from classic African hairstyles to modern trends.  The Top 20 Hairstylists and Hairdressers in Nigeria are, Ugo’s Signature,  TasalaHQ, O’Naturals Beauty Studio, Swish Signature, Tresses by Kojhairways,  Hairven Hair Studio among other in Nigeria. 

Here, we list the top 20 hairdressers and hairstylists in Nigeria who have distinguished themselves in the field and won over a devoted following.


List of the Top 20 Hairstylists and Hairdressers in Nigeria


Top 20 Hairstylists and Hairdressers in Nigeria

1. Ugo’s Signature

Many Nigerians looking for creative hairdressers and hairstylists in Nigeria turn to Ugo's Signature because of its reputation for accuracy and artistry. Ugo's Signature produces exceptional results with attention to detail and client satisfaction, from chic extensions to trendy cuts. Love messages that are romantic.


2. TasalaHQ

A well-known company called TasalaHQ provides a variety of hair-styling services. This salon specializes in protective styles, artistic updos, and natural hair care under the direction of skilled hairdressers. They have a devoted following due to their commitment to beautiful, healthy hair and impeccable styling.


3. O’Naturals Beauty Studio

O'Naturals Beauty Studio is a go-to location for people who are embracing their natural curls because it focuses on natural hair and protective styling. The stylists on their team are experts in locs, braids, twists, and other looks that highlight the elegance and adaptability of natural hair. Reason why bread prices shouldn't rise, according to the president of Breadmiller.


4. Swish Signature

Swish Signature is distinguished by its meticulous focus on detail and individualized approach to hair care. Swish Signature promises a glamorous and flawless appearance for any special occasion. They are renowned for their proficiency in bridal hair styling and hair extensions. Paris Saint-Germain confirm the tre.


5. Tresses by Kojhairways

Tresses by Kojhairways, led by the talented Kemi Lewis, is well known for its knowledge of natural hair care and cutting-edge styling methods. Kemi is a well-known name in the industry thanks to her love of healthy hair and commitment to client education.


6. Hairven Hair Studio

Modern salon Hairven Hair Studio provides a variety of hairstyling services, from precise haircuts to striking color changes. To give clients new and stylish looks, their team of talented stylists stays current with the most recent trends and methods.


7. Make Me by Ugo

A high-end hair salon called Make Me by Ugo specializes in fashioning gorgeous and distinctive hairstyles. Their team of gifted Nigerian hairdressers and stylists has a flair for artistic expression, specializes in avant-garde and editorial hair styling, and is a top choice for those who value fashion.


8. Apples & Oranges Total Body Therapy

An all-encompassing method of hair care and styling is provided by Apples & Oranges Total Body Therapy. To accommodate various hair types, their skilled stylists use top-notch products and techniques, resulting in healthy and lovely results.


9. Studio 24

Excellent hairstyling services are available at the renowned photography and beauty studio Studio 24. Studio 24 creates picture-perfect hairstyles for a variety of events, including weddings, fashion shows, and editorial shoots, with a team of talented stylists and a keen eye for detail.


10. The Hair Whisperer

For those looking for beautiful and healthy hair, The Hair Whisperer is a popular stop. This salon offers individualized services catered to the requirements of each client and specializes in hair care, restoration, and extensions.

11. Dionne Smith Hair & Beauty

Award-winning hairstylist Dionne Smith is well known throughout the world for her superb work. She is a favorite of both brides and celebrities because of her distinctive approach to hairstyling and her talent for creating exquisite looks.


12. Kl’s Natural Beauty Bar

Kl's Natural Beauty Bar is committed to promoting healthy hair and enhancing natural beauty. This salon offers a welcoming environment for customers to embrace their natural tresses with a variety of services, such as protective styling, extensions, and natural hair care.


13. Hair by Susy

Hair by Susy is renowned for its skill in transforming hair color and gorgeous highlights. Susy and her group of talented colorists design distinctive looks for each client that go well with their features and personalities.


14. Hair Flair by Fola

A wide variety of hairstyling services are available for both men and women at Hair Flair by Fola. Fola's team guarantees exceptional results and a positive salon experience for everything from traditional cuts to complex braids and weaves.


15. Unique Berry Hairs

Those looking for distinctive and eye-catching hairstyles frequently choose Unique Berry Hairs. Their team of talented stylists specializes in artistic weaving, braiding, and wig creation, making sure that customers stand out with their gorgeous hairstyles. A lawsuit against Everton has been resolved by Carlo Ancelotti.


16. Foreignbase Beauty Saloon

Abia line, Mammy Market, Ojo Barracks, Lagos. Lagos State's Ojo. Ladies' hair making is one of our professional saloon services.


17.  Kinksnfrosglam

Benin City No. 23 osuan shopping plaza besides Access bank building by vegetable market airport road. By the vegetable market and the Access bank building on the airport road is the No. 23 Osuan shopping center.  We are a mom and daughter hair salon in the center of Benin City. We assist you in treating and caring for your hair to prevent breakage and hair loss.


18. PRB Beauty Makeover

Surulere's Asiri-Akofa street, which is accessible from Adetola Aguda, Lagos. We specialize in many different types of makeup, including everyday makeup, bridal makeup, owambe makeup, wedding makeup, naming makeup, pre-wedding makeup, birthday makeup, and more. A well-known salon in Lagos, Nigeria that offers top-notch hair styling services is called Joy Beauty Salons.


19. T-Wealth Beauty Makeover

8: Kampala World and Fendelicious Beauty Salon in Abuja. No. Number 30 Agadez Street. Abuja. AFCT Abuja. hair braiding, hair fixing, and African textiles like ankara and kampala (Adire).


20. College Salon, Lagos

Hospital Road, Kings College. With a bias toward men's hair, total hair care.


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Final Thought

Nigeria's hairdressing and hairstyling industry is thriving as a result of the extraordinary talent and originality of professionals throughout the nation. Through their talent, artistry, and commitment to offering clients first-rate services, these top 20  hairdressers and hairstylists have distinguished themselves. 

Whether you want trendy haircuts, natural hair care, or glamorous transformations, these stylists will leave you with a gorgeous hairdo that brings out your best features.

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