Cost of Hisense Refrigerators in Nigeria: New Update


Cost of Hisense Refrigerators in Nigeria: new update

Even though Hisense may not be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of the best home appliance manufacturers, they have unquestionably cemented their place as one of the best in the business today. It is incredible to see how well Hisense has done given the number of notable brands in the refrigerator segment of the home appliance market today. 

In addition to competing with the best in the industry for quality and overall delivery, the brand's products have an advantage over other market heavyweights due to their lower prices.

The fridges made by Hisense that are currently sold in Nigeria are examined in this post along with their prices.


Nigerian Cost for Hisense Refrigerators

In general, determining the average cost of household appliances and modern technology is more difficult than it once was. This is primarily a result of the current global pandemic, which has restricted product importation into the nation and raised the prices of related products by limiting those imports.


Here are the Hisense Refrigerator Cost in Nigeria

• CHEST FREEZER FRZ 260 from Hisense: starting at 186,500.

• From 102,800-yen, Hisense single-door refrigerator REF 093DR.

• From 150,000 : Hisense 121L Single Door Refrigerator 121DR.

• From 165,900 for the Hisense 154-Liter Double-Door Refrigerator (200DR) Silver.

• From 172,900 for the Hisense 205DR 205L Top Freezer Refrigerator.

• From 179,999 for a Hisense 176L No Frost Single-Door Refrigerator with Dispenser.

• From 191,000: Hisense 204-liter Top Mount Defrost Double Door Refrigerator.

• From 194,500 for the Hisense 205L Double Door Top Mount Defrost Refrigerator (REF205DR).

• From 268750: Hisense Fridge Ref 35DC 264L + Water Dispenser.

• From 294,999 for a Hisense 264-Liter Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator + Dispenser.

• From 347,900 for the Hisense 305-liter bottom-freezer refrigerator (308DR).

• From 651,000 for the Hisense Side X Side Refrigerator REF 67WSBG 514L.

• From 83,500 yen for the Hisense 44L Single Door No-Frost Refrigerator, model number REF 045 DR.

• From 93,900 for the Hisense NSE Refrigerator Single Door 093DR in Silver.

• Hisense 121 Litres Single Door No Frost Refrigerator (121DR) in Silver, starting at 94,900.

• Hisense 150L Single Door No Frost Refrigerator-REF RS20S: Starting at $174,999.

• Hisense 154LNo Frost Top Mount Double Door Refrigerator-REF-200DR: starting at 186,500 yen.

• Hisense 176L Single Door Fridge with Water Dispenser-REF 23RSDR-WD: Starting at 183,500 yen.

• Hisense 204-liter double-door refrigerators with water dispensers start at 204,999.

• Hisense 205DRB 204L Single Door Refrigerator, starting at 181,900 yen.

• Hisense 240L No Frost Top Mount Double Door Refrigerator - REF 240DR: From 262,500.

• Hisense 29DCA 225L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: starting at 210,900.

• Hisense 44-Liter Frost Low Noise, Eco-Friendly Technology (REF 045 DR: Starting at 73,440).

• Hisense 44-liter single-door no-frost refrigerators start at 89,000 Japanese Yen.

• Hisense 90 Litres Single Door Refrigerator – REF 093DR: From ₦ 104,280.

• Hisense 90L Single Door Refrigerator 093DR: Priced starting at 120,000.

• Hisense 90-Liter Frost Low Noise, Eco-Friendly Technology (REF 093 DR): Starting at 87,480.

• Hisense 91L Beverage Chiller Showcase: Priced starting at 163,500.

• Hisense 91L Single Door No Frost Refrigerator-REF 093 DRS: Starting at $96300.

• Hisense 93L Single Door No Frost Refrigerator -REF 093 DRS: Starting at $96500.

• Hisense REF200DR 154L Double Door Refrigerator, starting at 210,000.

• Hisense Ref8 205DR Double Door Top Mount Refrigerator: Starting at 265,000.

• Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 093DR in Silver, starting at 104,500.

• Hisense Side-by-Side Refrigerator REF 67WS 516L: Starting at 525,000.

• Hisense Side-by-Side Refrigerator, REF 56WCB 432L, starting at 650,000.

• Hisense Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Ref. 67WSI 516L: From 475,000.

• Hisense single-door 150-liter fast-freeze refrigerators start at 182,000 rupees.

• Hisense's 176-liter, single-door, no-frost refrigerator costs as little as 187,000 rupees.

• Hisense's 45-liter single-door refrigerator (045DR) is available for as little as 72,700.

• REFRIGERATOR WITH WATER DISPENSER REF 205 DRB (RED) from Hisense: starting at 224,400.

• Starting at $99,999: Hisense 93 DR 93-Liter Single Door Refrigerator.

• Starting at 109,999 yen is the Hisense Single Door 100L Refrigerator REF121DR.

• Starting at 140,000, Hisense 91L Single Door Refrigerator 094DR.

• Starting at 206,900 yen is the Hisense 240-liter double-door refrigerator (240DR).

• Starting at 230,999 yen, a Hisense double-door refrigerator with dispenser (204L).

• Starting at 245,000, Hisense 29DCA 225L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator.

• Starting at 316,900 yen is the Hisense 222L beverage chiller refrigerator.

• The Hisense Bedside Refrigerator 045DR costs starting at 95,000.

• The price of a Hisense 535-liter side-by-side refrigerator (RD-70WS) in silver starts at 675,000.

The place and time of the purchase, as well as the currency exchange rate at the time of the purchase, are some of the factors that affect the prices listed above. The latter is more significant. Nigeria has easy access to Hisense refrigerators. They can be purchased directly from national brand manufacturers or regional distributors nationwide. They are also offered by modern suppliers and online gadget shops.


The Benefits of Hisense Refrigerators

Hisense refrigerators are currently steadily establishing a niche in the market. The fridge ensures value for your money regardless of its size, type, operation method, or liter capacity. These are a few of the things that make them among the best refrigerators on the market.

• Their Products are Reliable and Durable - Hisense refrigerators are incredibly reliable and durable, which is one of the standout features, as attested to by numerous customer reviews. In this area, they compete with the best on the market and have made a name for themselves among the most reputable names. One can be guaranteed to use the fridge for a very long time without the fear of having to constantly repair the fridge.

• They are effective – You wouldn't expect anything less from a brand that has been compared to the likes of LG and Samsung in terms of product quality and general service. While some would argue that Hisense fridges can still not be compared with the likes of Samsung and LG products, it is evident they are reasonable and, in many cases, cheaper alternatives to these products.

• They come in different types – Like many other brands, Hisense fridges are available in different types and sizes. This guarantees that you can get a refrigerator of any size, from a bedside model to a side-by-side double-door refrigerator with a capacity of up to 535 liters.

• Their Products are Affordable - Hisense refrigerators are reasonably priced, especially when compared to brands like LG, Samsung, and numerous other brands in the same category. Given the superior quality of their products, which can compete with those of the "bigger" brands, this is especially impressive.

What You Should Know About Hisense Fridges

Hisense is one of the highly-rated home appliance brands in Nigeria today. Like some of the top-rated fridge brands, Hisense manufactures only a few types of fridges. Their popular side-by-side fridge, which includes a freezer on the left and the fridge on the other side, is regarded as one of their top products. This type of fridge is commonly seen in contemporary kitchens. The fridge combines the functions of both the freezer and refrigerator. Another common type of Hisense Fridge is the bottom freezer fridge. The refrigerated space takes up the entire top of the appliance. Some of their products feature additional buttons that can be used to adjust the temperature inside the fridge.

Most Hisense fridges are Energy Star compliant, which means that they are meant to save you money on utility bills since they take less energy than older fridges do.

Another standout aspect is the Twin Cooling System, which creates air for the fridge and freezer separately. This is particularly helpful since the freezer needs to remain dry while having some moisture in the refrigerated space can help the parts stay fresh for as long as possible.

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