New Discovering: 6 Top Business Plan Software Platforms


New discovering: 6 Top Business Plan Software Platforms

A strong foundation of business planning serves as the backbone of every successful e-commerce company. Setting the stage for your new company, a professional business plan serves as an internal and external road map for brand identity, financial planning, project management, and more.

For any business owner or entrepreneur, writing a business plan is a crucial but frequently challenging task. Business planning software can be useful if you're having trouble understanding a business plan template.

The 6 Top Business Plan Software Platforms are LivePlan, Enloop, Bizplan, PlanGuru, GoSmallBiz, PlanBuildr etc.

Business plan software offers all the tools you need to create a business plan, including financial reports, sample business plans, how-to articles, and more, if you think it would be too difficult to do it on your own.

Continue reading for a rundown of the top platforms for business plan software, along with suggestions on how to pick the best option for your requirements.


Here are 6 Top Business Plan Software Platforms

New discovering: 6 Top Business Plan Software Platforms

1. LivePlan

2. Enloop

3. Bizplan

4. PlanGuru

5. GoSmallBiz

6. PlanBuildr


1. LivePlan

Software that is reasonably priced and has sample and template business plans.

Standard plans cost $15 per month; premium plans cost $30 per month; there are annual discounts available.

• Money-back guarantee: 60 days

• Capterra rating: 4.5/5

• G2 rating: 4.1/5

• Integrations: QuickBooks, Xero, open API

LivePlan, one of the most cost-effective tools for creating business plans on this list, provides more than 500 starter pages and sample business plans, allowing users to create an unlimited number of plans. Utilize templates for various business plans and receive step-by-step instructions on how to write your plan to easily customize it to your needs. 

A complete suite of financial forecasting tools is also available through LivePlan, enabling you to turn financial information like cash flow statements into understandable charts and graphs.


2. Enloop

Software for writing business plans for entrepreneurs.

• Pricing: There is a 7-day free trial; the detailed plan costs $19.95 per month; the performance plan costs $39.95

• Money-back guarantee: none, but no contracts are required

• Capterra: 4/5

• G2: n/a

• Integrations<: none

Many of the features found in other business plan software programs are also present in Enloop. Financial ratios are generated automatically, along with data about finances. Additionally, as you write your plan, it evaluates it and assigns you a performance score, allowing you to make any necessary improvements. For simple sharing and collaboration, you can also add users. Enloop is particularly useful if writing isn't your strongest suit because you can enter your metrics and let the program handle the "writing" on your behalf.


3. Bizplan

For startups seeking investment, there is business plan software.

• Pricing: $29/month; $349 lifetime access; annual discounts available

• Money-back guarantee: 3 days

• Capterra: 4.4/5

• G2: 3.7/5

• Integrations: Xero, QuickBooks

Small businesses and startups seeking outside investment can use the business plan software called Bizplan. Users can easily publish a business plan on Fundable, a well-known platform for crowdfunding, and the platform facilitates connecting with potential investors.

Other noteworthy features include drag-and-drop tools for making business plan templates, access to self-guided business courses from, and financial tools for setting salaries, predicting revenue, and tracking expenses.


4. PlanGuru

For planning, forecasting, and scenario analysis, the best business plan software.

• Pricing: 3-day free trial available; app and desktop require separate subscriptions at $99/month each, plus $29/month per additional user; discounts available for annual billing

• Money-back guarantee: 30 days

• Capterra: 4.2/5

• G2: 4.1/5

• Integrations: Xero, QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel

PlanGuru is a great choice if the financial situation and potential of your company are the main topics of your business plan. Along with most of the standard features of business plan software, PlanGuru also provides tools for budgeting, financial forecasts and reports, strategic planning, and scenario analysis.

In spite of the fact that PlanGuru supports more users, each one has a separate $29 monthly fee.


5. GoSmallBiz

Best free business plan software for startups.

• Pricing: plans start at $15/month; Go service plan for $199/year; Guide service plan for $49/month; Grow service plan for $39/month; additional one-time services and recurring subscriptions available

• Money-back guarantee: none, but no contracts are required

• Capterra: n/a

• G2: n/a

• Integrations: MailChimp

GoSmallBiz's solution is a part of a larger business continuity planning software platform that includes tools for everything from human resource management to tax payments, even though its list of business planning features may not be as long as some others. To help you get started with the creation of your business plan, GoBizPlan also provides industry-specific business plan templates. This is especially useful if the target market for your business idea is a particular vertical market.

Users of GoSmallBiz are able to create income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets, as well as financial projections for multiple years. To help users make the most of the platform, GoSmallBiz also provides tutorials, prompts, and step-by-step instructions.


6.  PlanBuildr

Software for creating business plans that offers professional assistance.

• Pricing: free trial available; annual subscriptions available; PlanBuildr uses a custom pricing model; rates aren’t readily available on its website, but one landing page prices the business plan software at $3,500

• Money-back guarantee: none, but subscription may be canceled anytime within the first 30 days

• Capterra: n/a

• G2: n/a

• Integrations: various across accounting, CRM, and marketing tools

For those who are less comfortable with the writing process, PlanBuildr is another user-friendly business plan tool. To help you quickly create a straightforward but effective business plan, this software uses a fill-in-the-blank creator. Additionally, PlanBuildr provides a wide range of financial reports and features, such as graphs, charts, and the ability to make different financial projections.

PlanBuildr offers ten different business plan templates, and you can also hire them for additional business plan writing assistance.


Why Use Software for Business Plans?

To assist them in transforming a business concept into a complete business model, entrepreneurs use business plan software. Only a small percentage of small business owners start their companies because they are better writers than the others. You can get the precise assistance you need from business plan software to craft the language, framework, and presentation in the best possible way.

Similar to how not all business owners are adept with numbers. Financial forecasting can be aided by business plan software by making sense of your cash flow and other financial information. Financial statements may even be automatically generated for you by some software, which will make it simpler for you and your audience to comprehend the numbers.

A variety of business plan templates are also provided by many tools for creating business plans. It's almost always simpler to follow a template or business plan illustration than to begin from scratch. This makes the process of writing a business plan much less daunting.

Additionally, you can use business plan templates as a checklist to make sure you don't forget any crucial details.


How to Pick Business Plan Software

Although most business planning software can achieve the same end result, depending on your needs, each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The ideal piece of business planning software for one owner may not be the best choice for another.

Think about the following when looking for business plan software:

• Spending: It should go without saying that the business plan software you select must be affordable. Basic business plan tools might not have all the features you need, but more sophisticated features are usually more expensive.

• Cooperation: You'll need a business plan tool that supports multiple team members if you're working on your business plan with a fellow founder, an accountant, or legal counsel. It can be useful to distribute the plan to shareholders, lenders, or potential investors, for example, if the software you use also allows you to add users as viewers.

• Reporting on finances: Select business plan software that excels in this area if business financials and reporting are important to you. Look for business planning tools that offer financial forecasting features beyond simple data reporting, such as marketing and performance reports and data visualization through charts and graphs. Consider purchasing accounting software if you require more comprehensive financial tools.

• Interface: A user-friendly interface is required for every tool you use in your business. Making a business plan may become more frustrating than it needs to be if you select software that has a steep learning curve or a complicated user interface.

• Templates: The ability to access sample and template business plans is one of the biggest benefits of using business plan software. The best business plan software options provide a variety of templates, allowing you to create business plans for various audiences and contexts.

• Integrations of software: It would be wise to find business plan software that can easily integrate with other well-liked business tools, such as Microsoft Office and well-liked platforms for marketing and accounting, if you have a tightly connected tech stack.

• Aid: An excellent support staff or library of business resources can assist you in getting back on track if you experience issues with your business planning software. As an added bonus, the majority of business plan software providers also provide online learning resources, such as built-in advice modules and video tutorials, to help you maximize your results.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on 6 Top Business Plan Software Platforms

Which Piece of Business Plan Writing Software is the Best?

Your needs will determine the best business plan writing software:






 PlanBuildr etc.

Are some of our favorite business plan creation programs.


What are the Four Different Categories of Business Plans?

1. Business plan for a new company

2. a single-page business plan

3. Business strategy internal

4. Plan for a strategic business


A Business Plan has a Template, Right?

Each of the tools on our list for business planning has a business plan template to assist entrepreneurs in quickly creating a thorough plan that highlights the objectives and potential of their venture.


I Want to Start a Small Business; Do I Need a Business Plan?

Though starting a successful business without one is possible, a business plan is a crucial tool for establishing your brand, defining your objectives, and convincing investors that your venture is worthwhile.

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