How to Transfer to a Canadian University from a Nigerian University


How to Transfer to a Canadian University from a Nigerian University

Students in Nigeria have the option of transferring from a Nigerian university to a Canadian university. If you fulfill the criteria for transfer students who are international, the procedure is simple.

Students can continue their education in Canada thanks to the international student transfer program at Canadian universities.

However, you should be aware that a lot of Canada's elite Ivy League schools only have a certain number of spots available for transfer students.

As an illustration, Columbia University accepted 168 of the 2761 transfer applicants it received in 2019.

When you arrive in Canada, you must complete this transfer program in order to avoid starting as a freshman.

It will assist in reducing the length of your course of study and the tuition expense.

You should relocate to the North for a variety of reasons.

You can transfer to a Canadian university as a Nigerian student if you meet the prerequisites, are eligible, and follow the transfer procedures.

I'll demonstrate how the international student transfer procedure operates in this post.

This post also includes a list of Canadian universities that accept transfer students from Nigeria.


Requirements to Study Abroad from Nigeria

How to Transfer to a Canadian University from a Nigerian University

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The prerequisites for transferring from a Nigerian university to a Canadian university are as follows:

• Completion of 12 credit unit load courses (transferable credits)

• Completion of at least one (1) academic session in a Nigeria university

• Must have a minimum CGPA of 2.3 to 2.8 from a Nigerian University

• Official transcript from your current University

• Pass standardized English proficiency test (IELTS and TOEFL) result

• Senior secondary school transcript

• Transfer application essay

• WAEC result



• A certified copy of your most recent university transcript.

For Computer Science, Information Technology, Kinesiology, and Bachelor of Commerce courses to be considered for major, minor, or prerequisite credit toward a degree program, they must have been taken within the last five years. Transfer credit may only be used as elective credit for courses taken more than five years ago.

• The amount of transfer credit allowed for programs leading to engineering degrees is governed by strict guidelines established by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). Engineering science and design courses must be taken at a Canadian institution that awards degrees and is accredited by CEAB. The most credits that can be awarded is 30.

• For a course to count as a prerequisite or toward a major or minor in some programs, a grade of "C" or higher is necessary.

• Several professional programs accept the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) courses as prerequisites for certification. However, not every professionally accredited course taken at another post-secondary institution qualifies for a course credit exclusion in a degree program for a major, minor, or prerequisite credits. 

Courses not granted a course credit exclusion may be used as elective credits.

Transfer Procedure

Universities in Canada follow a slightly different transfer procedure. You must be aware of the prerequisites for the university where you want to change your studies.

For your transfer application to be approved, your current university in Nigeria must send the Canadian university a copy of your transcript.

Application Methodology

• The University of Arizona application system handles the transfer application process.

• The cost of the application is $80.


Universities in Canada that Accept Students from Nigeria

The list of Canadian universities that accept Nigerian students for transfer programs is provided below.

• Brock University

• Hong Kong Baptist University

• Lakehead University

• MacEwan University

• McGill University

• McMaster University

• Mount Royal University

• Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

• Ryerson University

• Trent University

• University of Alberta

• University of British Columbia

• University of Calgary

• University of Lethbridge

• University of Montreal (Université De Montréal)

• University of New Brunswick

• University of Ontario Institute of Technology

• University of Ottawa

• University of Toronto

• University of Waterloo

• Western University

• Wilfrid Laurier University

• Athabasca University

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