The Worst Fruits (and Best Fruits) for Diabetics


The Worst Fruits (and Best Fruits) for Diabetics

The only thing people with diabetes need to do is be smart about their fruit choices.  It's a common misconception that diabetics cannot consume fruit. Fruit does indeed have natural sugars in it. You do not necessarily have to avoid fruit if you have diabetes, though. Simply put, it means you should be more selective about the types (and quantities) of fruit you eat.

Like many other foods, fruit can cause blood sugar to rise. Your A1C, which measures how high your blood sugar is on average, can be increased by frequent blood sugar spikes. Your body is managing the condition less effectively as your A1C level rises.

Nevertheless, if you have diabetes, fruit is not off limits. Fruit can, in fact, be a beneficial component of a healthy diet. Simply choosing the healthiest fruits and eating some others less frequently is crucial for those who have diabetes.

In order to learn more about the best and worst fruits for diabetics, we spoke with two dietitians.


Does Fruit Work for Diabetics?

As a registered dietitian at OnPoint Nutrition, Zoe Fienman, RD LDN CDE, asserts, "All fruits have healthy qualities, even if you have diabetes.". They are stocked with the minerals, vitamins, and fiber that your body requires”.

The amount of sugar a fruit contains and its location on the glycemic index are what determine whether it is better or worse. The glycemic index, a crucial tool for diabetics, measures how quickly food is broken down and absorbed into the blood.

According to Fienman, if its higher, food breaks down faster, which may lead to a blood sugar spike more quickly. However, as with all foods, different foods may affect different people in terms of digestion or response. Bananas may be tolerated by some diabetics without causing a significant rise in blood sugar, while others may need to completely avoid them.

Obviously, the best course of action when choosing a diet to control your blood sugar and diabetes is to speak with your doctor or a registered dietitian.


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Here are  Worst Fruits for Diabetes Patients

The Worst Fruits (and Best Fruits) for Diabetics

For all fruits, especially those with a high glycemic index, serving size is crucial. According to Fienman, the serving size for whole fruits like apples should be the size of a tennis ball, while fruit that has been cut up should be about a half cup. Some fruits have more natural sugars even in these small servings, which may cause blood sugar to spike for a longer period of time.

These fruits have a lot of inorganic sugars in them:

• Banana

• Mango

• Papaya

• Pineapple

• Watermelon


Avoid the Canned Fruit

Although convenient and affordable, canned fruits and those adorable little fruit cocktail cups aren't very healthy.

According to Kim Rose, RD, a certified diabetes care and education specialist, foods canned in heavy or light syrup are not the best option for people with diabetes. "This is because fruits that are covered in syrup contain additional sugar, which the body might not be able to process”.


Be Cautious when Handling Dried Fruits

Fruit that has been dried concentrates the delicious fruit flavor into a smaller bite while also concentrating a lot of the sugars. Dried fruit can push you over the edge even in small doses.

Read the labels of dried fruit carefully because many of them are loaded with extra sugars. Some of them are even sweetened, which makes the sugar issue worse. Keep the amounts of dried fruit small if you must. Due to their lower glycemic index, Rose suggests dates, figs, and prunes.


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Smoothies and Juices can be Difficult to Make

You should also avoid store-bought juices because many of them sneakily add extra sugars. This includes orange, apple, and even green juices. Even home-made juices and smoothies can contain a lot of fruit per serving (a small juice frequently contains two to three oranges), so they aren't always the best choice for diabetics. Try adding a lot of vegetables and something sweet, like a half-banana, to your smoothie if you want to drink one.


The Best Fruits for Diabetics

The Worst Fruits (and Best Fruits) for Diabetics

It is advised that everyone, including those with diabetes, consumes two to three servings of fruit each day.  Fruit will make you feel fuller and aid in portion control if you combine it with a fat or protein, according to Fienman.

Here are some healthy fruits that are low in glycemic index and are also packed with additional vitamins and minerals:

• Apples

• Berries

• Cherries

• Grapefruit

• Kiwi

• Oranges

• Peaches

• Pears

• Plums

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